Kardashians Expose Blac Chyna’s Criminal Past?

blac chyna arrest record
Just days after announcing her pregnancy, Blac Chyna’s criminal past has been exposed…and we definitely think the Kardashians are behind this one!

Star Magazine did the honors of revealing Blac Chyna’s thieving past by pulling up an arrest record from 2008. Apparently, Chyna and three accomplices stole more than $41k from a Maryland credit union.

Chyna and her goons opened multiple bank accounts and withdrew large amounts of money using fake checks. Chyna was on the hook for $14K worth of fraudulent transactions, but the case was considered inactive after she agreed to pay restitution.

Kris Jenner and ‘nem are really doing the most smh.


  1. And like Kris and em haven't stole enough from everybody. What they just did was gave her more props for doing what she had to do to survive. Damn Dummies!

  2. Oh yeah expose a black woman's past make it seem like rob us dating avfenale thug well chyna wanna stick with this family its on her I would highly advise her to have the baby and run to the next man don't marry rob but gave him pay child support

  3. Didn't Kris and her nasty family steal from the singer Brandy ? I believe Brandy' s mother sued them.

  4. She horrid to look at ….I as a blk man couldn't wake up to that ugly bitch everyday … Let alone have my seed? Gtfoh !

  5. ….Well, I'm not gonna say too much, because I have been called a sh!t stirrer!
    All, I can say is, Blac Chyna needs her mother's guidance!!

    Black women…………Well, damn!

    • Fuck out of here she has reformed everybody talks about give a brother a chance give a sister a damn chance she is now pregnant and engaged. The petty hate you seem like a typical jealous female.

  6. Someone has to "expose" a matter of public record? When people seek fame, there's always someone around to investigate them and attempt to dig up dirt from their pasts. Angela is no exception.

  7. Yall have it backwards. PMK has signed Angela to a contract. She now is in the position of trying to make her look legit and like a good match for Rob.

    The Enquirer does shit like this on their own. They don't do what PMK tells them like Harvey Levin does.

  8. That's what she gets laying with a bunch of bitches expect to get fleas or rabies!!

  9. Please. BM chasing and marrying WW at 25% rates and most BM have been arrested, bm been arrested more than anybody so who gives a damn about this stripper female and her shit? Don't hate congratulate, she gets to carry on the Kardashian name…or are yall really jealous she gets to do what Kanye and Lamar, cannot…

    • And that's what it is. This family has been soul sucking black men since GO!, now a bw is doing the same to their white son/brother. This is called Karma and the baby if it's a boy would make it sweet revenge, if that's what she is seeking.

  10. This is one UGLY ass bitch. Anyone who marries this nigga is seriously asking for it…
    Tranny looking ass…

      • I look far better than her and Iam more than confident to say so. Plus I wear my lovely, natural hair. She is nothing to compete with, but since your so inclined to talk shit, why don't you do that favor first?

        • Nope I doubt you are beautiful and natural I am sure you are obese and mean beautiful nice women don't immediately start insulting other women like dogs so try again you fat girls tend to be very bitter towards females with beautiful shapes.

          • I couldn't be obese if I tried. My health is of the utmost importance to me, and I do all that I can to maintain it, and my nice figure. Lol you made or something? You sound like one of those bitter black bitches from LSA. Anyways, why are you getting so defensive over black chyna? you know her?
            friends with her? Are you black chyna? is that why you're mad? This woman is no one to hold up and exalt. She's just a fake, attention whore and a slut looking for any come up she can manage to grab at. Find better role models please.
            And by the way, why'd you change to anonymous just to reply to me?

  11. These bitchez done stole every thing they can get in they ratchet hands that's y they not gone last bcuz they're built on lies scandal and theft ungrateful ragely goat smelling trout mouf ass hoes

    • Damn bro I'm sorry you got raped in jail the way you talk you obviously hate females so what does that make you? Downlow… roll with it bro.

  12. No more criminal than all the Kardashians running up charges on Sonja Norwood's Black Card back in tha day..Hell Chyna is in good company.

  13. She must started taking Beyonce pills after this cause she doesn't look anything like this anymore lol

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