Nick Gordon Says He’s A Scapegoat In The Bobbi Kristina Murder Case

nick gordon bobbi kristina charged
Nick Gordon is under serious heat with Bobbi Kristina’s life likely coming to an end soon.  While Bobbi is expected to pass any day now, Gordon is being investigated for beating her, and stealing her money before and after she was in a coma.

Now a source close to Nick says he is completely innocent, and is just being used as a scapegoat by the estate of Bobbi Kristina.

“He feels – and we all feel – like Nick has been a scapegoat in this case,” a close relative of Gordon’s tells PEOPLE. “It’s scary for him, because he hasn’t done anything wrong. He is completely innocent.”

“He has always cooperated with police, and he has nothing to hide.”

Fulton County announced they are investigating Nick for an “incident” in January that left Bobbi beat, bruised, and in a coma.

Of course Nick Gordon is saying he’s innocent and not to blame, but someone has been stealing money from Kristina’s estate money.

[Via People]


  1. I think both Nick and Pat has been stealing monies from KB estate. I still wonder if Nick had anything to do with whitney’s death.

    • Feel sorry for the kid !
      He’s been a patsy since day one !
      Next he’ll end up in a coma or some twisted suicide that’s why posted pics with guns he’s getting ready his time is up !

  2. well him posting pics witrh guns on faCEBOOK ISNT GOING TO HELP HIS CASE.




  3. niygga u aint asian! n’s always wanna be rrrthing but indigenous north american black people..the miseducation is gross.

    • They’re all busy watching YouTube videos about the Illuminati and ritual sacrifice.

      Don’t confuse them with facts and reality when there is a goof conspiracy theory at hand.

  4. I don’t know about the rest of the nuts but this one was sure they would pull the plug on February 11th. Technically I think she died on January 31st but hey, what the hell do I know. What’s going to really bend your noodle is what if they have been lying to us about everything and she is alive and well somewhere in hiding (from THEM) . Heck, all we know is what they put out in the media the rest is pure speculation. None of us were there to know the truth. As far as conspiracy theories go this whole situation reeks of weird coincidences, innuendo, and suspicion.


    Godspeed Bobby Kristina

    • You are too cute BE. I agree that there are a myriad of coincidences and unanswered questions, but that doesn’t equal conspiracy.

      Nick was Whitney’s ATL dealer. She also had a “mother figure with benefits” relationship with him. The three of them did everything together including 3 stints in inpatient rehab. When you are operating within a messed up relationship like that, anything is possible. I don’t know what Nick did or didn’t do to BK, but I know from experience that when hard drugs are the center of a relationship, absolute mayhem can and will ensue. Truthfully, I believe that all three of them are complicit in the
      tragic consequences. They did not need a boogie man like Clive Davis to bring the pain to their lives.

      • LOL, I hear you Anon 11:31 and all that addiction makes me think what the hell was so messed up about their reality that they chose to use hardcore drugs to escape it on the daily bases? Aye, there’s the rub.
        And Clive, humph he helped. I mean really, in all honesty, tell me the truth, when he told them to keep her body there while a party raged on didn’t make you question his reasoning? How bout those sarcophagi at the funeral? Fits right into a southern Black funeral plan huh, NOT! That was weird and out of place even for someone with an eccentric taste, Whitney didn’t strike me as being eccentric but to Clive does. His tastes run into, what shall call it? The exotic, no? And who called in the cavalry (Tyler Perry/THEM) to tie it up all neat with a bow for BK impeding death? Pat, Cissy?
        We both have respectfully agreed to disagree on conspiracy theories. The circumstances regarding Whitney’s death is one of the main conspiracy theories that I believe. Her daughter’s demise only solidifies it for me but that is my opinion and I thank you for allowing me to have one without judgment or ridicule.
        Trust me, this will not end well and what happens to Nick will only add to the conspiracy.

  5. People need to wake up, and smell the damn coffee. It doesn’t look good for Nick because as soon as Whitney died he crept his way into
    Bobbi K’s bed. What about the fake marriage??, his spending habits (he’s gonna miss that money)

    Pat Houston put a restrain order on him, because she felt threatened because he was posing with heavy machinery last year.
    but Pat isn’t innocent as soon as Whitney died, she was plugging her cheap ugly candles on tv.

    She would push her daughter on Bobbi K (because the cameras were following Bobbi K) Pat wanted to world to see her daughter

  6. I believe he is innocent, but the world knows its easy to blame shit on a black man, because most of the world has been conditioned to ALWAYS expect wrongdoing.

  7. Golddigging bum ass helped put this girl in an early grave she got played by a pro he plays dumb he ain’t the pasty he the devil thats for real.

  8. why is any time some one who doesn’t believe everything they see or hear is a nutjob. but yet i should believe everything the news like you don’t research anything just go with it. everything is being exposed in front of your face. there is no more theories them days are over.

  9. I am not sure he is totally to blame. They were both young and rebellious and did whatever they felt like doing or not.

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