Not too sure what Puffy was on during the BET Awards, but word is the Bad Boy was “high outta his mind.” Don’t believe me … Take a look at the clip!

“Diddy & Ma$e and them were all flyin’ high last night on M’s!”

Puff’s ‘faded state’ is said to be the reason why he fell on stage during his performance. What’s more? Mister Ciroc stumbled on his own words during his BET Lifetime Achievement Award presentation speech … Just ask Smokey Robinson.

Dig it:

“When Puff is on roids he needs anger management … when he’s drunk or on M’s dude gets sloppy.”


  1. It was funny! But nevertheless, its twenty years later and The Bad Boy Family is still here. I was dancing up sumthin last night!

  2. Good music accept for the dude with gigantic head looking like and old rat pack member! He sucked !

  3. The end is near for Puff Daddy! First he gets arested for swinging kettle bells, next he falls through a hole on the stage! I believe the elite will soon set Puffy up to be killed. Puff Daddy’s days are numbered. When he gets killed, I won’t lose any sleep!

  4. His cocky ass did not want to see anyone else shine maybe if he would have stood back while other people performed THEIR songs maybe just maybe he would not have bust his ass. That was a moment for him to be humble but of course he couldn’t do it; I think the end of Smokey’s speech was directed towards him.

  5. Especially when Smokey said some people don’t need to be full of themselves, that was Puff cue right then and there when he left the stage. I was rolling! LOL!

  6. The stage opened up for lil Kim to pop out, he clearly forgot and walked into the hole. A mistake any one could have made in the midst of performing

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