Machine Gun Kelly Exposed By Amber Rose & Blac Chyna

Machine Gun Kelly Gay Rapper

HSK Exclusive – Machine Gun Kelly is scrambling to pick up the pieces of his bearded cover-up after “the stunt” Amber Rose pulled on the red carpet of yesterday’s BET Awards pre-ceremony. Apparently Muva Rose Bud shelved beard-duty when she rolled out the real deal about her lesbian relationship with Blac Chyna, according to our insider. That’s why the “Till I Die” rapper is now “on a mission” aimed at keeping his MUVAcover-up alive!

“Machine Gun Kelly, 25, couldn’t help but gush about his girlfriend, Amber Rose, 31, on the red carpet at the 2015 BET Awards on June 28 in Los Angeles.”

Amber ROse BET Date

You’ll recall Amber Rose and Blac Chyna showed up to event holding hands, sporting matching white attire. We’re told the white tuxedos worn by Amber and Chyna wore may be symbolic of what the ladies have planned for the near future. Hey … Ya Hear That? *cue the wedding bells*

“Amber Rose fell out of pocket. She was … as in USED TO BE … one of the industry’s biggest beards” – INDUSTRY INSIDER

Blac Chyna Amber Rose Gay Marriage

Here’s what Machine Gun Kelly just put out there about Amber Rose:

“She’s real. She’s amazing and down to earth. She’s an all-around Good Girl. We click. I need a real woman, who’s on some rider shit and that’s her. I’m not with all that celebrity pretentious shit. She’s real. She’s my type of girl.”

The drop:

“Amber and Chyna were rockin’ all white yesterday to symbolize gay marriage … and their planned wedding. They smash dudes too, but Amber and Chyna are in love with each other.”



  1. 2 filthy whores wearing the color of purity from head to toe. How thoughtful or thoughtless? They’re in the same class as Lisa Raye.

  2. 2 hoea nothing more nothing less thats all there good for is sex an there proud of it hoes

  3. Of course Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are friends, they’ve got a lot in common. Both of their ex’s are dating the kartrashian.

  4. Reaching much??!! they are talentless celebrities who are trying every shock value trick in the book in hopes to remain relevant. Dont believe me, just ask Kim Kardashian

  5. Gay marriage is the law of the land, so why can’t they display their attention seeking affection.

    • Plus one. and it’s not like we all didn’t know that Amber was bisexual way before she got with Kanye or Wiz. Remember that documentary about the black lesbian studs? Back when she was just a stripper??

  6. More shit to get blacks without a brain, who easily follow, to buy into a particular lifestyle. Specifically the young since that’s the biggest demographic that mainly tunes into the EBT Awards.

    • While I agree, that’s not the point. There clearly weren’t as many gay and lesbian couples. The homosexual lifestyle is not just being represented (as it should be), but it’s being promoted and headlined, not for the benefit of actual homosexual couples, but as a way to help curb population growth.

      It is not the end game, as homosexuality alone will not help reduce future populations. The homosexual agenda, along with specific price increases, abortions and other tactics are being used to promote a reduction in population on a long term basis. So much, that some LGBT psychologists are concerned that many pre-pubescent children are identifying with homosexuality before having a healthy chance to identify with being heterosexual.

  7. Chyna is not dating Amber lol. Chyna is trying to capitolize off of the tyga/ kylie press. Im sure Amber encouraged her to do it, being that Amber is looking for another industry/ whore to share the negetive attention with

  8. in that red dress amber looks like an albino Vampira! Lol

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