Kanye’s Glastonbury Glimpse: Flag Features Kim K Giving Ray J Fellatio!

Kim Kardashian Ray J Glastonbury Festival

Just in case Kanye may have tried to erase any and all memories of his wife serving up Ray J with a professional … a concert goer took the liberty of helping out Ye with just that visual!

It happened during Kanye’s over-the-weekend performance in Glastonbury. During the concert, a fan was seen waving a flag that featured Kim Kardashian giving Ray J fellatio.

Check it:

“On a flag and waved it about as Kanye performed at Glastonbury ahahahaha.”


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    That’s what he gets and he deserves asshole!!!

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      • velvet

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  3. Kanye is one stupid ass coon cant wait til the day they kartrashians bleed his dumb ass dry he deserves it stupid nigga

  4. Uh, nobody is a virgin nowadays…I’m sure Yeezy sucked special skanky sauce from Amber’s puzzy as well.

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  8. @i don’t have a name

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  10. LMAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Thats some funny shit. Whoever took time to do that is a genious. LOL!

  11. So its ok for Tommy Lee to do a video with his then wife, leak it and still perform and no one gives a shiit about it, they all steal making money, however some how Kim K gets the burn around cause she f*cked a washed up RnB singer and married one of the biggest HipHop Artist in the world, huh, ok

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