EVERYONE Clowns Tamar Braxton’s Crazy Eyes

tamar braxton crazy eyes BET awards

Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle set aside their beef for a greater caused and performed a moving tribute at the BET Awards – but that’s not the story here.  The real story was Braxton’s insane bulging eyes during the performance.

The two often feuding singers were joined by the legendary Patti Labelle, and all three performed moving numbers with Patti giving a same-sex marriage speech afterwards.

Even with all of that touching stuff going on, all anyone could talk about was Tamar’s wild and crazy eyes, as Twitter went to work on her.

tamar braxton crazy eyes BET awards 2

tamar braxton crazy eyes BET awards 3

tamar braxton crazy eyes BET awards 5

tamar braxton crazy eyes BET awards 4

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    • I’m sorry but I’ve never ever seen her in a pic or in person and thought she looked good ! She tries way too hard !

  1. That Janet Jackson tribute was boring and a huge rip off of the tribute that tribite that Usher, Mya and Pink gave about 14 years ago.

  2. Tamar just say NO to any more plastic surgeries. Girl, get a hobby. Self hate is a killer

  3. in the old days studios use to groom their stars on how to look and behave nowadays these hoodrats have no sense of style or morals

  4. She needs to lose the blonde wig/weave, it isn’t doing nothing for her!.
    As for her make up, black women please stop following white women make up routines, Because it’s working for you.
    She looks like the puppet from the Muppet’s ! the one with the blonde hair.

  5. Actually, except for that stare in her eyes, Tamar looks so much better than she did after her botched up plastic surgery. Maybe she went to the Dr. on Botched? or someone like him. Because she now looks human and like a woman. On Real, before her new surgery, she looked awful. They worked hard and long each day to try to undo the ugly face with makeup, hairstyling and glasses. She is making her own money now. But that stare in her eyes! Doesn’t look like she was on booze, drugs. She may have wanted that look–or the makeup was irritating? They use all kind of tricks to help them change their looks.

  6. Tamar looks great. She hardly ever wears blond wigs on The Real these days. Leave her alone.
    A lot of folks including me like her and she’s doing well. It would be nice to support a sista.

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