Nick Gordon Paid $40K To Cry At Bobbi Kristina’s Grave

nick gordon grave

The reason that Nick Gordon snuck in to visit Bobbi Kristina’s grave was because a tabloid paid him $40,000.

News came out that although he is facing a lawsuit from Bobbi’s estate which accuses him of feeding her a toxic cocktail, Nick snuck in to his ex’s gravesite.  The family, especially Bobby Brown, had forbid Gordon from attending the funeral or the burial, but he still went to see the grave.

nick gordon grave 2

The National Enquirer offered Nick 40 large if he would go to her grave and “grieve privately.”  He needs the money as he’s been broke for some time and was stealing from Bobbi Kristina before and after she fell into the coma.

“It was not by accident that Nick was photographed at the site…Nick is broke.”

Nick Gordon needs the money for his legal team in the $10 million lawsuit against him and has recruited Casey Anthony’s defense attorney, Jose Baez.



  1. Oh what ever tabloids are full of shit !!
    As long as it sells its news ! Notice don’t hear shit about the junky white boy toy that got them all hooked !??
    Guess that’s not news ?!

  2. WOW just WOW. so how did the tabloid know that he would be at the grave site on that day. Clearly someone tipped them off.

    • Because they following Nick out there so they could snap a “candid” shot of his weird and ugly ass “grieving”. Basically the pic, all of this was staged and planned. Nick was in on it. They knew he would be there that day before that was the deal.

    • Hi did you read ? The tabloid paid him 40k to go to the site with them so they could take these pictures

    • NICK, (AND PAT) are SHAMELESS!! 😉

      I BELIEVE that THERE’S A COVER-UP!! :-#

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