Chief Keef Names Son After Record Label To Promote Album

chief keef son name 2

Chief Keef has named his son after his record label in order to promote his upcoming album.  The Chicago rapper is pumping out kids faster than he can push out albums.   He was just recently hit with a lawsuit from his fourth baby mama seeking child support.  This comes on top of paying tens of thousands in child support to two other women.

chief keef son name

Now, in promotion of his upcoming Bang 3 album, he has named his son Sno FilmOn Dot Com Cozart after the record label, FilmOn Music, that the LP will be released under.

The album is set to drop September 18th from FilmOn Music and MondoTunes.


  1. This fool is about to play out mamas and u aint puffy u aint lil waynes broke ass

  2. These women are gross and nasty. It is clear they will lay with anything that has a slave contract, really this dude looks dirty and nasty and he’s a gangbanger who probably won’t see any of this kids grow up.

  3. Please Jesus, make them redo this childs name.
    talking about programming for disaster, failure and shame his entire life.
    This is child abuse!

  4. That kid is going to have to walk around with a dumb ass name until he becomes of age and have money to legally change it to something sane. He is going to be picked on all because of his father and the poor excuse of a mother. And why is this idiot pumping out all these kids?!?!

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