Natalie Cole’s Death Sparks HIV Rumors

natalie cole dead hiv

Natalie Cole has died at the age of 65. The singer, best known for performing  “Unforgettable” with her deceased father Nat King Cole, has been suffering from health issues dating back to 2005.

She struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, and required a liver transplant in 2008. She then revealed she had contracted Hepatitis C and was forced to undergo chemotherapy.

Her death is now sparking rumors that the singer was also battling HIV. Numerous blind items hinted at a “legendary R&B singer” contracting the monster after sharing an infected needle while shooting up heroin. Her risky lifestyle definitely put her at risk of coming in contact with the disease.

“In her heyday, she was the ultimate party girl who got paid in drugs (cocaine and heroin) instead of cash. She partied with David Ruffin, Rick James and Ike Turner. She participated in orgies and same-sex liaisons. One evening… she was chasing the dragon and got sloppy, she did the unthinkable and shared a needle,”



  1. This rumor existed before her death. It is odd that Hep C is being blamed as a partial cause of death when there's a Rx now that basically cures Hep C. There was more to it than what is being reported. She started looking bad a long time ago – very gaunt due to a drastic weight loss.

    This news is of no surprise to me. When Whitney Houston died, Natalie Cole took to the airwaves to badmouth Whitney. When those tables turn…

    • Hep c and HIV are both sexually transmitted and both can be transmitted by sharing dirty needles Natalie can't call nobody a drug addict all the stuff she did plus she was a prostitute and well known another dead hooker and we'll known prostitute was Donna summer we know bad girls was about street walkers

      • Natalie owned up to her sh#t so what are you talking about? She has always been very candid about her past drug use,and even discussed it on the Wendy Williams show. Many celebrities are former addicts..don't make me start naming..some of the late greats including,and some still are using. At least she changed her life.Too bad that her prior use came back to haunt her via her health issues in later years!

      • Hell U can get Hep C from drinking. My son's father has it and that fool had the nerved to asked me when my son was 10 years..10 YEARS OLD NOW FOR A LIVER TRANSPLANT!! I told him, "Ask your other two sons whose mothers he didn't ask for a paternity test for!"

        • You cannot get hepatitis c from alcohol consumption. You can develop hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) from alcohol (in excess), but not hepatitis C. The "C" is actually a big difference…read up before you espouse medical advice.

        • Now im sorry about the dad bei g sick . but lady you maxe me laugh so damn hard. So he hàd the nerve to ask for a kidney?? Wow

  2. So sad. The life of being human chasing the life instead of Christ is a sad one. Always wear your Holy armour in this world. The Devil knows how to trick you he comes to steal kill and destroy.

    What a sad way to go.

  3. Natalie Cole didn't die of no H.I.V. I believed she died of complication from HEP C which can cause congestive heart failure R.I.P. Natalie Cole you was very gorgeous, talented, intelligent, and bubbly

    • Talented my ass. Quick name three hits. If her last name was smith she'd be doin karoke

      • this will be, i've got love on my mind, inseperable……. 9 grammys….any other dumb ass questions?

  4. OK people, she lived an unhealthy lifestyle and paid the ultimate price. Learn from it and move on. No need to do this now. She is in a better place now than all of us. Good Grief.

  5. Whenever a celebrity loses major weight and passes away here come the HIV rumors. Natalie Cole has been sick for quite some time. She was very open about her past drug use. Hepatitis can lay dormant for many years and that's what happened. It negatively affected her kidneys and liver..years of long time drug use.. even though she had been clean since the early 80's.She was diagnosed in 2008. She had her kidney transplant in 2009. I believe that she did get better but had some complications from the transplant and never really recovered fully. In recent months you could see that she was very frail. Prior to the transplant she had been on dialysis.. and from what I know of dialysis it can wear on the heart over time. She was a great entertainer and classy lady! May she rip..

    • dialysis is very hard on the body if u survive 3 yrs after starting it you're lucky protect your kidneys at all costs

  6. I believe that a miracle on earth has occurred here: No one has claimed her death was a sacrifice.


    • A few years ago Natalie announced at The Soul Train awards that her son was entering the music industry (true story though)
      So 1 would never know, jk 🙂
      But it is true about her son

    • My dad had liver disease and diabetes. He became very thin and his legs looked like that when he went into liver failure.

      • This is most certainly NOT true. Ever heard of Larry Kramer? See what I mean! During your reading, also check into how often Hep C accompanies HIV transmission during IV drug use…You will be surprised.

  7. Yes she was a decent jazz singer but her reckless life came back to haunt her. She died from complications bought on by aids TMZ wanted to report this and got served by her legal team. Natalie cole was a street walking drug abusing chick who admitted she liked to have sex for drugs.

  8. Too many black are dying from this ish. This has to stop and MFs needs to start thinking with the right head. Sex is quick but HIV and these other white diseases are forever.

  9. Natalie absolutely did not have HIV. She died from exactly what has been told to public. Stop with the rumors already.

  10. Natalie lived like she died a drug addict now her and Whitney are trading drug stories in the afterlife

  11. She served Satan and Lilith she sold her ass she was a f*cking lesbian she did drugs so yes her reward was a std

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