Lark Voorhies Slams Male Entertainers for Sexual Abuse Allegations

lark voorhies martin lawrence bill cosby

Lark Voorhies went on an epic Instagram rant today, and called out a bunch of male entertainers for sexual abuse allegations. Lark started off her rant by slamming Bill Cosby in multiple posts. She urged her followers to stop looking at Cosby as Bill Huxtable, and to see him for what he truly is: a monster!

lark voorhies bill cosby

But she didn’t end there. She managed to dig up some excerpts from an article about her Saved by the Bell co-star, Dustin Diamond’s, memoir. In the excerpt, it alleges that Martin, who was engaged to Lark at the time, would physically and mentally abuse her.

The abuse was allegedly so bad, Lark became withdrawn and would flinch whenever a man came near her.

lark voorhies martin lawrence

lark voorhies martin lawrence

To top it all off, she then insinuated that John Travolta is also down with either sexually, mentally or physically abusing women!

lark voorhies john travolta

Once her handlers caught wind of her online smear campaign, they stepped in, posted a photo of Lark as an angel, and blamed her rant on “hackers.”

lark voorhies crazy


  1. How about acknowleging Frances Wesling's passing instead of focusing on unfounded allegations that haven't been proven. Frances' work was proven and stood the test of time and she will be missed She treated black people who were sick from racism/white supremacy when everyone was afraid to admit the affliction that all black people face.

    • She was a crackpot whose theory has certainly not been proven. Her theories have been disproved by academics of color as well as Caucasians. The albino Afrikan theory is complete bullshit.

  2. Stupid mf's always want to shoot the messenger. That girl has been on the inside the Hollywood game and all these people that are mentioned have had others back up her claims. Hell even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    • PREACH. That's right. I found myself saying for a crazy girl, she sure is making a lot of sense with that saying about comparing apples and oranges! I think 2016 should be a time to air out the laundry in Hwood. People and children are being hurt behind others trying to keep things silent

  3. Male entertainers have been abusing women and children forever. It's part of their sick down low culture. You pay for play, that's it. Lark needs to abandon Hollywood forever. She is unemployable. Move to Texas or Ohio or Costa Rica before the news comes out she was found in a bathtub.

  4. We know travoltas gay ass beat women and we know martins crazy all those crazy spells he had on his show

  5. Isn’t it sad that when a woman brings these allegations, she is called crazy, told to shut up and take a Midol? Told she’s old and ugly and less successful than those she accused (as if that has any relevance towards the justification of abuse)? Especially now in retrospect. She was right about Bill Cosby and John Travolta (and probably Martin Lawrence, too). Really disappointing that she would take it all back and claim to have been hacked.

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