Miss Cleo Dead @ 53

miss cleo dead

You remember Miss Cleo, right? The fraud psychic who told everyone “call me now!” in her fake Jamaican accent? Well, apparently she has died after a battle with cancer.

A rep for Miss Cleo, whose real name was Youree Harris, says the “psychic” died on Tuesday morning in Palm Beach County, FL. She was battling colon cancer, and it spread to her liver and lungs.

Miss Cleo was the face of the Psychic Readers Network, and she appeared on numerous infomercials during the 90s, claiming she was from Jamaica when she was really from Los Angeles.

The company was later charged with deceptive advertising and fraud, and numerous customers opened up lawsuits against the company. Miss Cleo herself was not indicted on charges.



    • I was about to comment the same thing! I can't stand you! Took the words right outvboutvbof my damn mouth! I'm in tears right now! ??????

  1. I remember when every celebrity and their mama was a call psychic like Dionne, Latoya Jackson, Jimmie I j Walker, Philip Michael Thomas and Sherman hemsley

  2. The entire story with dre makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. He comes home to find a random dude just sitting in his driveway and after dre ask him to move the guy just "randomly" starts cursing him out. Dre whips out his phone, and the guy just SOMEHOW mistakes it for a weapon- police called, and then he is arrested and hassled. All too convenient around the time of this impending race war, and martial law setup. This is dre we're talking about. Dre stays extremely lowkey. Wouldn't he have security at that particular home of his, and wouldn't he also have a security with him given his status? And wouldn't that particular malibu home of his, given the area; be in a gated community? The whole story just reeks of BS.

    • I think the dude was a paparazzi looking to get some pictures, They often intentionally try to provoke the celeb in order to get a angry photo. Dre handled it JUST like a billionaire should. If he had done anything in reaction, the dude would have sued him.

      • But that's just the thing. You rarely hear of Dr Dre getting into it with police, paparazzi or anything else. Hell you rarely even hear of TMZ approaching him. That dude doesn't sound like a paparazzi. C'mon man, sitting in dudes driveway, cursing him out for no reason, trying to get a reaction out of him. This was all a set up to further the whole BLM discussion.

        • You are the dumbest sack of shit here…always yapping about getting the full story, then jumping to off the chart conclusions when shit does not fit your warped mental state…what a dumb bitch.

    • On Youtube, there are videos of some guy (PI?) following LeBron James and his mother everywhere. This is creepy and shows how the illuminati is always watching, ready to make a move and take someone out.

    • Yup! It's just more race baiting shit! No one with any sense, is falling for the media's flagrant bullshit! We know that celebrities are being used, and what their being used for…And even if something happens to Dre, do we really care??? Well I don't personally! Miss me with that bullshit! ?????

  3. RIP Ms. Harris…

    Now to all the dumb twits hollering conspiracy about Dre…stop showing your moronic stupidity.

    The white dude parked in front of Dre's Malibu home and wanted him to move. This saltine did not like the fact a black man lived in a house his sorry ass could never afford and then told him to get the f*ck from in front from his property, so he took it upon himself to call the pigs and falsely claimed to 911 Dre had a gun to boot…racism jealousy and hate doe not equal a conspiracy…mental midgets.

    • Nice to see that some here aren't so reactionary and hell bent on making every incident fit their conspiracy theory narrative. It's really very simple.

      Pure envy and racism combined. No Illuminati.

      And I am so glad that Dre didn't go off at dude and have a ni**a moment for the press. He handled it like a rich gentleman.

      • Well the pigs were rolling deep and did wind up handcuffing him and putting him in a car while they did their BS confirmations, so there was not much he could do, except take it.

        I am not a fan of Dre whatsoever, but any one with common sense knows the difference between basic race-filled hate and jealousy vs. a conspiracy…I repeat any one with common sense, the rest of these clowns are just plain stupid.

    • Dre has every right to conceal and carry. The man had no right to sit in front of his property at any time. Dre simply pulled out his phone, which the dude in the driveway "conveniently" mistook for a gun. It's just very suspicious that this all happens during a time in which BLM, and the agenda for the push for martial law is in full effect. Martial law- which I suggest you GOOGLE and look up the various executive orders that obama has signed into effect. Only those call others mental midgets are those who fail to connect dots. If something is fact, where's the conspiracy? Ignorance is bliss isn't it?

      • You would know you ignorant bitch… please STFU you are a complete waste of human flesh.


      • Chris you are right. I saw in her obituary that she came out a a lesbian several years ago.

      • TTS, YouTube conspiracy sites are food served by the elites to sad, disaffected losers in order to create doubt, confusion and paranoia among the weak.

        I have no beef with you like some others here. But if you want to uplift yourself and do something positive, you should avoid all the garbage being fed to you. It does NOT serve to "awaken" the sheep as many claim. It's the opposite. It serves to heard all the paranoid sheep into groups who are paralyzed.
        It's your life. But I can tell you that no person who is prospering and living a good life would waste a moment of their precious time pondering the crap which is presented there. Bless you and try to do something positive!!!

        • No one has beef w that tripe. That bitch puts its nose where it does not belong while saying ignorant shit and just gets checked in the process.

  4. I hadn't heard about this lady since the whole scandal! Chile Bye! R I P! ?????

  5. Of course to comment on the actual article- RIP Ms Harris. May your soul rest in piece.

  6. A fixture of late night infomercials in the late ' and early 20, Miss Cleo succumbed to cancer a decade after coming out. Miss Cleo's late night commericals were iconic for not only Harris's distinctive look and sound, but phrases like "The cards never lie" and "Call me now!" The last commercials aired in the early 20, but Harris had already established a mini-mystic empire of tarot readings, clothes, and even a dating website. 

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