Marcus Vick Accuses Lesean McCoy of Giving His Baby Mama Herpes

marcus vick lesean mccoy delicia cordon

Marcus Vick, brother of NFL free agent Michael Vick, has been hinting on Twitter that someone close to him had been infected with herpes…and he finally let the cat out the bag.

In a series of tweets, Marcus revealed his baby mama, Delicia Cordon, was the unlucky woman who caught the herp…and she got it from her new boyfriend, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy.

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But Delicia didn’t waste no time clapping back!

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Delicia deleted her tweet, but Marcus has gone completely silent after she made her threat. He did recently get arrested, so maybe that explains why his tweets have come to a complete stop.


  1. So much for openin' your mouth around "other, exotic" women 'cuz they can keep their mouths shut — NOT!

    • RIGHT RIGHT!!! They are just so holy and "puritanical" just cause they look a certain way. ROFLMAO! ?????

  2. How disrespectful of him no matter if it's true or not.
    Folks are hearing crickets on his social media pages right about now!
    She politely shut his ass up…?

  3. Oh God! I couldn't imagine, ever getting a diagnosis like that… So sad! Her baby daddy had no right to shame her on social media like that…But that's a testament to all young women out here, get your own! Educate yourself, pay your own way, and get your own life established first. Don't even consider having a serious relationship until you know who you are, and where you stand in this world. Even then weigh your options! Sleeping with men, just because they have money is corny as f*ck. That's what happens when you think your cute, out here showing your ass to everybody. These bitch ass dudes, will infect you, put you on blast,and forget all about you..

    • BQ,
      Honestly, you should repost ^^your comment^^ on every thread on every blog across the entire world. You laid out the ENTIRE truth without any sugar coating.

  4. Why do these men feel the need to expose females like this? Nowadays vulgarity and distastefulness is unfortunately the 'norm'. And some of these males even have daughters! Women are literally playing Russian roulette with their health, just for a moment of good feeling.

  5. If a man doesn't want to wear a condom, kick him to the curb. I've always made men use condoms even long time boyfriends that's right. I never trust any man that way, they sneak off and have sex with other men on breaks, check craigslist to see what I'm talking about.

    • Rem,ember, a condom doesn't protect you from herpes. That's why so many have it. It's unpreventable if a person has it. Sure, the viral suppresants help, but how many are taking them? And even they do not guarantee you won't catch it.

      Condoms are the best thing, but herpes is on the skin area around the base of the penis a lot of the time.(or the vagina if you are a woman.) It's not in the fluids like HIV and other STDs.

  6. This dude is a complete and utter BIH he can't manage to find one shred of decency that says even for their kids sake; this woman deserves my protection and respect even if it's for his kids sake. What a disturbing trend that these so called men put women lower than the grown they walk on but have no issues with going in raw and procreating with them. A large portion of the African American Male population is in serious danger of complete and utter destruction by certain parts of our society but more so by each other and themselves. It is so sad to see that men and women that helped build this country with their blood, sweat and tears have this type of results and to show for all their effort. It is imperative that men with values, morals and principals reach back into their communities to mentor, guide and educate these young boys and men to help them counter the years of neglect by their fathers, family members and mothers and to show them that their are other choices besides living low.

  7. Marcus, what you did in 2012 that may in 2017 get you a bid? LOL!!

    As for these lowlifes outin' each other about who has a Valtrex prescription or not,

    Who cares. You can't tell these lowlifes anything – that would be like teaching a rat to read.

  8. If he's talking that much shit and throwing her name under the bus, if I were her, I'd just expose his ass for all it's worth. But on the flipside, let this also be a lesson for all these chicks out here chasing money, looking for a come-up. You'll get far more than you bargained for.

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