Method Man Quits Social Media Over a Picture of His Wife

method man quits social media wife

Method Man is one celebrity who has proven that if you really want to keep your private life private, you can. The rapper has always protected his wife and children from the media. He has been married to a woman named Tameka since 1999, and she has never accompanied him on red carpets or at any of his shows. Try to search for a photo of her on Google and you’ll probably come up empty handed…until now.

A blogger by the name of Farrah Gray posted a photo of Meth and his wife on his website. When word got back to Meth, he asked the blogger to have the photo removed.

The photo is allegedly still on the site, and because the blogger refused to take it down, Meth has now lost faith in “human decency.” He changed his Twitter avatar to a picture that means “no trolls,” and has quit social media entirely.

method man quits social media wife

Can you blame him?


  1. but method man is gay with red man no ?
    The rumor according to which they are cousins is false : they are lovers

    • Ok DAMN really, GAY? Why, true there are a ton of DL dudes running around, but whoever your are need to grow the f*ck up!!!!!! We're talking about a family man, who took care of his wife in her time of need and your first thought is Meth and Red are gay no? You from France? DAMN man why does everything have to turn into Pure IGNORANCE! your bitch ass talking about the rumor they were cousins? EVERYBODY ficing knows they aren't cousins you wuss

    • they're saying the same thing about Jim Jones and Juelz Santana…that they are lovers. Dipset my tush. that Dipset ish is code for hittin the sheets with each other every chance they get, and them women they're with are yet again nothing but their beards slash cover-ups.

  2. This is terrible & I don't blame him one bit. He has a beautiful wife & family. She's not well & he has been on hand to care for her every step of the way ….QUIETLY.
    He did a great job of keeping his family life PRIVATE as he should. On that note…
    The day is coming when someone hems Wendy "Wendel" Williams up somewhere & brutally beat her ass if they don't kill her first. Even in Hollywood there is sense of "going to far" (or at least it should be) & this is it….

    • Naw I think wendell will be safe for the most part. Remember his platform is controlled by the elites in power, so whatever he releases, he was already given the "ok" to do so.

  3. Well the conspiracy Is MM is really white and an agent to keep blacks down… FACTS!!

    • Really white Dwight? Meth is white!?! See, this is why everyone doesn't need Internet access. This is the absolute Dumbest shit I have heard in a minute – and you actually took the time to type those words, wherever you show Us these FACTS

    • So you're telling me that for 20 plus years we've been fooled, and there is some HELLIFIED make-up that kept us clueless to this agents identity? For 20 something years, don't know where you're conspiracy theory source got that from but negro please. you're finished and done!

    • @DWIGHT……..LMAO, Lawd have mercy, not white. Is he German, Irish, French, Italian or ALL of em, LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL

  4. He should just use his lawyer.

    If that doesn't work, tell Ghost to send wolves. LOL

  5. Farrah Gray is a punk ass closet case with his click bait bullshit page. Speaking of click bait, Jacky I now chose to only access your page on my desktop computer. My iphone 6 plus, not bragging just stating, gets froze and stuck with all your damn ads, just saying, so I'll be viewing less, is that what you want?

  6. Wow! Meth finally lost faith in human decency huh??? Well, I've been there! Method man has always been protective of his family, as he should be……P.S. Farrah Gray is a mk ultra ( mind controlled) agent, for the government. I highly doubt, that he would count as human! ??

  7. I'm 36 and I don't do f.b, twitter or snapchat. I understand networking, and basically handling your business but to socialize with is a No, No for me. The world is already fuxk up, and social networking has made it worse. Hell I'm not even bringing a child in this world. I'll pass so I totally agree with Meth. Some things are private period…

  8. The meanness of these so-called tabloid journalists will come back to haunt them.

    But MM should know that leaving social media won't necessarily stop the harassment – it is just that he won't see it.

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