Tiny’s Daughter Backs Up TI & Gets Disowned by Her Birth Father!

ti zonnique disowned

This beef just gets more and more juicy…remember when we reported that Tiny’s daughter’s step-mom was giving her the business on social media? The woman claimed TI and Tiny weren’t raising their kids, and TI was forcing Tiny to pay all the bills in their household. Well Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique, has decided to speak up, and she’s taking TI and Tiny’s side in this beef.

It all started when TI posted a series of selfies with all of his children on social media. On his picture with Zonnique, he captioned the photo “Mines!!!” This apparently set off Zonnique’s biological daddy Zebo and his wife Cheryl.


Tiny came to TI’s defense and told Cheryl that TI had acted like a dad to Zonnique for years while Zebo was locked up. But that’s when Cheryl started hitting below the belt and putting Tiny and TI’s business on front street.

Zonnique seems to be the only mature person in this whole beef. She told Cheryl, “Anything going on with my mom is not your business.”

ti zonnique daughter disowned

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According to sources, Zebo has since disowned Zonnique and told her to lose his number and don’t ever call or speak to him again!

And family insiders say Zonnique is fine with that because she considers T.I. to be her real father anyway.

Messy messy…


  1. Both Zonnique' s dads(Zebo n T.I.) have been to prison. Now she has a gun case. Ignorance is what keeps these people going. Tiny is the woman and the man of the house if she's paying for everything. Why wait now to get a divorce. She has low self esteem. Tiny is a strong woman she doesn't need a man.

    • Sorry 7:45, There is a good damn and valid reason for that. I will not put their business out there like that, but Cheryl don't know shit about two things. 1) What goes down in TI'd and Tiny's household and 2) Their business affairs. Now she was dead ass wrong and she knows this.

    • I think the only reason Tiny pays for stuff is because TI makes SURE she has cash. Its prob no biggie to him and he likes people knowing she can take care of herself (even though shes spending some of his money too). Seems like the 'husband' thing to do.

  2. THIS is very immature, hurtful & most certainly unprofessional to say the least. Tiny & Tip have a show they're on for which they are under contract. I don't watch it but scripted or not that's enough of their family dynamics shone to the world.

    How trfling & sorry that stepmother must be to have started all this drama-rama via social media especially over a child that is NOT hers & one she herself DID NOT & DOES NOT take of & clearly neither did her husband. Why didn't SHE raise this girl during her husband's absence? She needs to eat a pile of rocks & shut her damn mouth.

    Far as the father claiming he's not wanting to speak to his daughter ever again….
    He was barely speaking to her anyway so GOOD DAMN BYE & GOOD RIDDENS TO BAD RUBBISH. He, his wife & their family are not adding one moment of value or goodness this this young lady's life. Never have & most likely never will.

    • All of this! I don't know what kind of a man cuts contact with his daughter over something so small. Shows he's not used to this parenting thing.

    • Reg, I am clapping like an seal on crack at your post!!! You need to get a Pulitzer prize for that piece!! You covered it perfectly addressing each and every point.

      #Team Tiny

  3. This is probably another one of t I. and tiny publicity stunt so people will watch their boring show and I'm not falling for it. This is the only way to keep people talking. I'm sure all parties were paid off for their parts in this.

  4. In My opinion step-fathers need to stay in their damn lanes, your not the real father, your a step, once you and your wife mash up, your not gonna be a step-father. T.I is childish!

  5. Zebo has been in prison for a lifetime. He's stagnant! His mind is still stuck at the age that he was in the 90's…All that a mature person would've done was, respect the current situation, and try to get in where you fit in. It's not that hard, it's actually quite rudimentary if you ask me…Okay the biological father is home now, so what! The respect and honor, goes to the man that has always been there. Whether Tiny pays all of the bills or not, is irrelevant…The fact is Zebo paid none, nor was he physically there…I swear, black people are mostly pathological children at large! When will we learn, and stop the bullshit???……..I'll tell you when!……Never, that's when! ???

    • So true, these prison kids get out 20 years later and their mentality, mind and maturity did not advance with age. It is the weirdest thing to see and they still think it is 1997 or something.

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