Brandy Cuts Off All Her Friends!

brandy no new friends

Brandy has been going through it lately…and we’re not quite sure what has the singer acting out on social media, but we can’t help but sit back and laugh.

The singer recently took shots at Monica and basically called her a copycat for wearing a hat and using guys as background dancers on stage.

brandy monica beef

brandy monica beefing

And then, she was dragged by her record label after they refused to let her out of her contract. The label clapped back by basically calling Brandy a has been who hasn’t had a hit in years. She’s still under contract, but it looks like she’s cleaning house in other areas of her life.

The singer posted a photo on her Instagram saying she has gotten rid of all of her old friends, and she’s starting over with new friends…in particular, a woman who looks like her and apparently plays tennis.

We hope she’s not on the verge of a breakdown, but this is getting kind of weird.


  1. Isn't Brandy in scientology? Brandy used to be so hot. Now she looks so ashy and dusty.

  2. I f she comes out a drug addict she's going to having little mermaid fantasies in the tub with Whitney and Bobbi Kristina is that note Whitney gave her saying her and ray j next because ray been going through hell since whit died he e overdosed a few times his girlfriend beat his ass hole e can't escape blowing kim up and just crazy

  3. I hope she's not having a mental breakdown. She sounds like a hater going off on Monica.

  4. brandy knows damn well why whitney gave her that note LOL come i kinda feel sorry for her brandy parents pimped her out at young age to clive davis clive along with alot of people molested her and her brother. ray j is little sissy

  5. brandy is going through MK ULTRA breakdown they will put her back to normal soon keep you under mind control 24/7

    • Yup. Ive noticed within the past year, there's been a lot of celebrities having meltdowns/emotional breakdowns. Is there like some massive MK ULTRA chip breakdown going on?

  6. Sounds like she's falling off the rails just a little bit BUT…
    IF her current core group of friends are not loving & supportive of her & her endeavors there's no real need for them in her life. I'm just not getting THAT impression though. I think her "friends" are more prone to telling her she's in no way a diva, lose that annoying attitude that is FAARRRRR from humble & just be cool" all of which she is NOT trying hear. She's also probably tired of paying for everything including all the weed her friends smoke when they're together. It seems as if she thinks changing the echelon of people she's acquaints herself with will somehow benefit her career & lifestyle & she may be right. I'm not knocking her for that, however, I truly feel the intentions of her heart & her motives are skewed & not pure.

  7. There's nothing wrong with cleaning house, or starting over. Monica obviously bit off of Brandy's style, and that's a no no, especially when it's your "friend". I think that Brandy is frustrated, and that she's just had enough..As far as her going off the rails, uuuuuugh meh, we'll see..Now if she starts shaving her head and shit, and acting all wild and out of character, then labeling her crazy would make more sense…Brandy is spoiled, selfish, and likes to have everything her way, so I've heard! It's not easy for child stars when they fall into obscurity…???

    • THIS!!! She just comes across as a spoiled child that is finally feeling the pains of growing up. I wonder if she and her daughter smack strawberry gum while they sit back and talk about the rest of the middle school drama. Stunted!!

  8. They finna throw brandy off the freedom train n kill her off she cant no longer make money for the higher ups its over

  9. I wouldn't expect brandy NOT to cut off all of her friends. Some tea yall have spilled here as well as some tea spilled on LSA has kinda shown her up to be a rather shitty individual who treats others shitty as well. I wouldn't call this a MK ULTRA breakdown per say, just another celebrity who let their mouth and ego proceed them, and got it checked…badly.

  10. Imma need Brandy to cut that mess out, grow up, joined a Pentecostal Church, get saved, saintified , and filled with the Holy Spirit. As long she keep doing what she has been doing, then of course she is on a path if destruction. She failed to realize that she has a daughter to raised. This is the time to do what she gotta do with the label she is in contract with. Finished with them and go on a hiatus permanently, raised her daughter and move on with her life.

    • The last time she went to a Pentecostal church- it was right after a world of Warcraft bender and she ahowed up for a bible study acting a nut- I beleive they had to ask her to leave.

  11. Stephen is right. She is going through the Whitney collapse. Guilt catches you all the time. That NOTE! When you find out you are stuck in your contract forever and lost.

    • Just waiting for her to do something stupid, like die. Then they make money off the albums already made.

    • brandy is worth more dead then alive trust me they can hold her as long as they want to just like the others. people love celebs including when they die brandy is known all over the world way known than monica is. when whitney , prince etc were killed those record companies made a huge profit. brandy is too old according to those record executives brandy still get huge money off her moesha show and her mother and father too get money off of that show and also clive davis. alot of these old acts from the 80's and 90's will be axed off the map especially if the record companies and movie executives need money.

      • Y'all crazy. Brandy isn't worth squat dead. She is NOT Michael Jackson or even Whitney. And if you notice, Whitney's estate hasn't blown up like MJ's did after he died, because Whitney didn't own any of her music.
        No one is plotting against this ad trouble child. I doubt she could sell out a large club these days.

  12. WOW brandy come on now, your new friend does not look like you at all! and Monica already apologized for assaulting Brandy! THE ENTIRE GLOBE CANT WAIT FOR YALL NEXT ALBUMS! PLEASE JUST KEEP FIGHTING THESE RECORD LABELS

  13. A 14 year old and her friend are abducted and taken to a house in the orange groves outside Vero Beach, Florida where they are repeatedly sexually assaulted. Two men are horrifically burned in a plane crash in Alaska .

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