Paternity Test Confirms Prince Fathered a Son

prince paternity test son

Sources claim DNA testing has proved that the late singer Prince fathered at least one son.

The Santa Monica Observer claims genetic testing done at a Santa Monica lab has verified that an unidentified man in his 30s, whose mother had several sexcapades with Prince in the 1980s, has DNA showing a probability of 99% that Prince is the daddy!

The woman used to perform in the same clubs as the singer, and that’s where the two met.

The man, who has never met Prince, is set to negotiate with the singer’s estate. The court must approve any payout or settlement, so expect the man’s identity to be made public soon.


  1. So, if this man is the only child he'll inherit Prince's whole estate and Prince's sister will get nada? Man, this is going to be like the Steve Harvey Miss Universe 2016 scandal for Tyka.

    • He might have never known…or he knew there could be multiple ones running around, maybe that is why he did not have a will.

  2. I remember them saying something about a women living in Toronto in one of his properties, I wonder if she the alleged mother that wants anonymity?

  3. Why now? Don't trust the media. They want us to believe Prince has a kid just like Michael fathered those three kids. Lol. I'm not buying it.

  4. Just because he was his son doesn't mean he deserve millions. They should givehim a settlement & send him on his way. Like Afeni did with Tupac's father

    • It does when there is no will…the law is the law and if Prince wanted his $$$ to go to whoever he should have solidified it on paper, video, shit anything someone could reference now that he is gone.

    • When there is no will, the children get it ALL. Being that there is only one child, he gets it all. If no children, the siblings get it. If the siblings have died, the nephews are in line next. He may want to share some of that money with aunts and uncles he does not know, but he owes them nothing. The law is the law. Nothing to do with coming on the scene late.

    • The law is the law. If a man dies intestate, ALL monies go to the child or children even is he never met them and his mother and siblings are alive.

      That's why you need a will.

    • It wasnt like the mother or the son was golddiggers. They never harassed Prince when was
      alive , kept their mouths shut, or try to sell a story to the media
      Plus he is Prince's kid
      I dont see what the problem is (imo)

    • why you a hater? his blood is still Prince's even though Prince may have not been in his life. He is owed to have say or share to his estate. If this son don't get it, the state or some stranger will so why not let it be his offspring that has been found after his death. People just best be more careful with how they spreading their seeds.

  5. So when are we going to know more? I'm sooo excited about this! Ow by the way, i'm from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I remember when Prince would come to Amsterdam and be at a club over here in the 80s. Girls would be lining up sort of in the hope to be asked to sit with him at his table.
    Not my thing do…
    I did here some story about a girl from here being pregnant by the purple funk.

  6. OMG. I wonder if Prince knew? I wonder if the mother is white? I wonder why she didn't tell her son before? I wonder how Prince's sister is taking the news? So many wonders…so little time

  7. What is there to negotiate? If he's proven to be Prince's son, he is entitled to it ALL.

    • Apparently Mayte is doing just fine. She has about a trillion personal videos of her & Prince on YouTube. I'm going to believe that if Prince was so in love with her, he would not have annulled their marriage

    • Ummm….well, she'll feel even worse then if it's proven that this other 17 year old boy turns out to be his too.?

      • @Ms Reg Says, I didn't know about the 17 year old boy. I hope a lot more children are proven to be Prince's.

    • …..Of which she would NOT be doing or allowed to do if he were still here with us & she knows it.

      • @Ms Reg Says, EXACTLY. Also, I'm still confused as to why Sheila E. had her on stage during the BET Prince tribute.

        • I also don't understand !! The way she peeps her head around the corner each time Prince is mentioned is annoying! She act as if she is the widow. If the love was that big she wouldnt sell any of the stuff .

  8. *My bad, another site said that his alleged son was biracial not SMO.

    *crawls back down into rabbit hole*

  9. Media makes up stuff this is all a lie to get his estate back at sony that he died for

  10. I believe he has a few sons. He had a lot of women over decades, and do you think a rock star in the 80s used BC? Do you think the groupies did? I don't believe he didn't have a will because he's so particular about everything. He fought his own fans legally, so he definitely had a will.

    • @anon06:04, I believe he had a will also. The media claimed that Prince had sent a message b4 he died. However on the Arsenio Hall Show he said he wasn't computer literate. This show was in 2015.

      • FM and AG, He could be Bill Gates literate, but I don't think he wanted a will.

        The great mystery is WHY?? I guarantee you there is a reason, but we'll probably never know what it was. Some have speculated that he didn't really feel his sister and kin, and this was his way to get back at them from beyond this life. Sure, they' still get the money eventually, but it would be after many years of fighting amongst themselves.

  11. I wouldn't be surprised if prince knew about his child. He might not wanted the world to know because of obvious reasons.

  12. I can't believe this lady had a son by one of the most famous people in the world and never said anything. Unless she was paid off a long time ago to keep it quiet. Then Prince has been gone for over three months and all of a sudden she comes out with this news, you would think Prince had someone he confided in about his business. I think Tika is being greedy , I saw where her and Prince had gotten into it about one of his houses ,so he had it torn down.

    • Tyka is going to have a DNA test!! WOW!! Alfred and Omar don't need one because it's none they have the same mother as Prince.

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