Keshia Knight Pulliam Talks About Divorce & Ed Hartwell’s Cheating!

keshia knight pulliam ed hartwell divorce

Keshia Knight Pulliam is finally speaking out about her divorce from Ed Hartwell, and the child actress confirms she was blindsided by the news.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Keshia says Ed left their home in the morning, just like always. He said goodbye to her while she was still asleep in the bed. Moments later, she received a text from him saying their marriage was over!

“He left like any other day. He said goodbye I was still sleep in bed and he text me like, “Hey can I talk to you for a moment,” which wasn’t weird so I was like ok and then all I heard was “ This is not working. I filed for divorce this morning and I’m coming to get my stuff….”

Keshia, who is currently pregnant, was emotional throughout the entire interview. But she really broke down when addressing Ed’s request for a paternity test.

“I don’t know if it’s the hormones… no, it’s all of it, because it’s fresh. And it’s hurtful. And I knew I couldn’t be silent, because this isn’t about money. This isn’t about fame. This isn’t about social media likes or follows. This is about my character — my integrity as a woman being attacked — and that’s not OK.”

Keshia says she never cheated on Ed, but she alleges that he had been unfaithful during their seven months of marriage — and SHE was the one who wanted to get a divorce before deciding to give him another chance.

“Early on in my marriage when I was faced with this, I was ready to leave. It’s not OK. In the process, I found out I was pregnant. And I had to take another hard look and decide if I wanted to try to work through this and forgive him for the sake of the child. Like, I had divorce papers ready. I presented it to him. … Once I was pregnant I did decide to give him that one last chance.”

Keshia said Ed asked her to give him another chance…but then turned around and filed for divorce himself! She has no desire to remain married to Ed, and she’s no longer wearing her wedding ring.

“There’s a baby in the middle of this! And regardless, if we don’t want to be married, that’s fine, because we agree on that. But this baby is what’s important, and I feel like that’s being lost.”

She has not been in contact with Ed since he filed the papers. But in the end, she blames herself for giving him a second chance after he showed his true colors.

“I love who he pretended to be,” she says. “I love who he portrayed himself as, and the one mistake I made was, when he showed me who he really was, not believing him. Not believing him the first time. When he said he wanted our marriage, he wanted our family — I believed him. That’s why I gave him this one last chance, only for him to pull the rug from under me and blindside me.”

Damn, poor Rudy.

Watch the full interview here.


  1. Cut the cord girl…never beg a man to stay with you if he doesn't want to be with you! raise your child and don't hold the child from him and move on. when you love a man he's supposed to love you back and if he doesn't wash your hands. your better than that.

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  2. I agree Keisha can do bad by herself. She's a beautiful intelligent woman. I felt bad for Ed when he was cut from that nfl team and Lisa Wu dropped him like a hot potato. He spiralled into a deep depression and drinking. His net worth isn't a lot. Women need to stop lowering themselves to these broke bums who have nothing to offer except their penis.

  3. If I were her I'd get him to sign away his full parental rights. This man will do nothing but give her grief for the rest of that child's life. He won't pay child support, there's no values he can teach this baby, there is simply no use for him.

    • When another man steps up and loves keshia and that baby like they deserve, this man will run to the court's like future. Just wait & see. The only role he will fulfil from here on out is that of a pest.

      • aint NOBODY EVER claiming that! she dont want the devils SHE CAN GET from the islands. She wants a decent man when she is not capable of being a decent woman. Something in their genes.

    • white men dont want that either. if she could have gotten one she wouldn't be running Ed down.

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  4. I'm surprised she didn't go down that route dating white men like Halle, Tatyana, Garcelle Beauvais, Stacy Dash, etc. She should have had better judgment. I don't know if she has daddy issues. She needs to get out of Atlanta because there's too many down low brothers out there. She was rumored to be dating big tigger before she got with broke Ed.

      • she isn't even qualified to get a gold digger white man like those other idiots you mentioned. they're all divorced and ALONE

    • practically all the black american men (never real Africans/Caribbeans) in ATL are down low. Keisha's mistake is not doing a background check to see his credit, schooling, finances, if he's broke (like most black american men), baby mammas, prison records, etc.

      • If the BM in ATL aren't down low gay that got that Monster and are infecting clueless sistahs with HIV! I know a lady who got played by a BM who said he loved her, he was clean, etc. when he knew he had the bug. Thats how BW get the bug, from bum BM.

        • That's why you gotta physically test together. I know a dude who faked hiv negative results.
          Also the contraceptive injection depo provera is what's putting black women at a higher risk of hiv infection

          • OMG!!!!!!! No!!!!!! I did not know that!!

            But I have always said that while there are plenty of white gay men, and I men lots, they are less likely to be DL. They seem to be more able to be open about their sexuality.
            I ain't been the same since I learned about that boxer from Philly Yusef Mack that Jacky did a piece on last year. Dude has 16 kids from almost as many mothers, and he was caught doing gay porno films. At first he denied being gay. He said he was gay for pay. But then he came out and admitted that he was full on gay.
            If a man can father 16 kids while being full on gay, how can you ever be sure who you're dealing with? And you just KNOW he's poz. I mean gay gang bangs bareback? Chile please.

            • Me? I assume most Black men are getting dick on the side because they can't be honest about their sexuality like white boys are white boys will come out and tell you they are bisexual where as many black males lie about it! And with the high number of black males who have been incarcerated also known as male sex spas… Face-to-face I get along with black males great because I do not coddle them I don't give them special privileges I expect them to behave at the same standard as non-black men basically I treat all men the same no passes.

              Ladies never have sex with any male withoutproviding your own condom for him to use never trust a male and his condom he could be sticking holes in it especially if you have your own house and a good job.

  5. She just wanted to be a mother. So she selected the first non-gay guy she could find

  6. She needs to sue his behind for defamation because he clearly lied on her trying to protect his image. I hope she had a prenup so this fool doesn't get a dime.

  7. She got played and set up by a bum buck! This is what Kevin Federline did to Britney Spears he played her and used her for her money. Ladies it's real out there you can't rush and have a whirlwind relationship those are usually the sociopaths who are fast forwarding the relationship because well they want to play a chick! Word is he was banging his ex all along!

    She was too thirsty she should've done a complete background check and still had private detectives monitoring him just to be sure she had too much to lose she was too thirsty she should've done a complete background check and still had private detectives monitoring him just to be sure she had too much to lose!

    I love men but I don't play with them and it takes a long time for me to trust a man. Too many bum bucks out there who want to get into the sisters house and bank account I'm not the one. Who's the real Golddigger ?? we BW know!!

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    • What Kevin Federline did to Britney was a real heist. Most successful golddigger of all time!

  8. She looks so cute like the movie she starred in when she was pregnant. God wanted you to have a baby. A girl. God bless.

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    • @ 00:54 PREACH!!!! Try tellin them! It's all about what mental "station" you're tuned into. All you see is all you see. Try focusing on something else. But they bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker and then like the crazy bishes they calling keisha, they want to be bitter cause they reaping the same result. Stupid ass broads can't figure out the mind over matter. This devil got their heads deep in the propaganda. Some of these black klanschicks on this board deserve these defeatist bum ass dudes they are attracting.

  10. Damn what kind of black men yall screwing bcuz my black man is beautiful and he break his neck for his. He dont spit stutter or stir when it comes to being a 100% man for us and i love him for it. Expand your horizons and stop fuqn b4 you get to kno some1.smfh and stop bashing black men wtf is wrong with yall. Stop pucking wat u dont want and complaining about. Visualize wat u want your life to be like so u can c ut. Manifest Destiny.

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    • Anon you know damn well you're a single never married mother and your man is living off you. You also know damn well good BM, that is, BM who marry, are monogamous, protective, WORK A JOB… are called PURPLE UNICORNS cause usually, that type of brotha takes his money right back to the slave massa aka Becky. I don't do any BM any favors, I date character, not color.

      • All of this! Until black men start to believe in real "black love" the concept will just be one sided and unrealistic. I couldn't be bothered with a man who hasn't married me and more black women need to follow suit. When I emphasize marriage black women say things like "you think a piece of paper will make him stay?!" My answer is always "no it won't make him stay but if he f*cks up, leaves or dies, I have legal claim over his assets". We need to start thinking smart.

        • Sarah, I believe that we are in a cycle now, and it hasn't peaked yet. I think that the pendulum will swing back in another 10=15 years, but now BM seem hypnotized by the idea of a ww. BW cannot afford to wait for them to come back.
          It's all on the table now, and if someone wants to marry and have a traditional family, then f*ck color. It's weird, but ww who are strongly attracted to bw like the very qualities that bm don't seem to like. WM love rich skin tones and natural hair. They are drawn to the very features that ww don't have. And like you said, marriage is a legal contract: if it does not work out, then at least you will move on with your dignity and some assets.
          My bff is expecting her third child with a wm she met in college, and his family loves her like she was blood. Oh, and he spoils her like no other.

          • You sound smart. I never understood why bw hold themselves out for BM when BM date and marry whomever they choose. Maybe my racial background (black mom, white dad) lends me to be more open minded but I say life is short. Good luck!!!

  11. Wow at these comments. I'm falling out of my seat laughing. You all are going in.

    Here's my take on this, Keisha desperately wanted to be married and would have married any black man who popped the question. There are so many black women who stay loyal to dating black men that they significantly lower their standards. She seriously could not find a better man? Was she not aware of his past? This man owes the IRS over $60,000. He probably married her so that she can pay it. Now she wants everything back from him that was acquired within the marriage. Sounds like she may have promised him financial assistance and reneged on it.

  12. Breaking New: This airhead married this man with No PreNup? Really? Come on Rudy! Was the dyck that good and knocked the common sense out of your head?

    • The hope of the vanishing black love, that's why she did it. BW need to get clues and date like BM. BM are cold blooded, biggest gold diggers walking, no mercy. I'm like that, too. I do no man no favors.

      • Most of the black women I know living instagram & Facebook "dream" relationships with black men are fronting! They pay most of the bills and their man has tons of female "friends".

        • Girl you are right. I don't listen to any female talking about black love and she has a good man if she is not married or divorced or widowed!! Where is the self-preservation where is the protectiveness? if she is just a baby mama giving her woomb and her home to a man that doesn't want to make a legal family with her she's an idiot and clearly many of us black women are fools.

          Black women are the only race of women who deny the fact that marriage matters they will cuss you out and tell you that it's just a piece of paper and then when their baby daddy dies they had no insurance they can get his self a security they can't get his benefits and they're asking you to help pay to bury their baby daddy because they were too dumb to get married and buy insurance.

          It's a different though for millionaire black women they are total targets even more than the average sister.

  13. Jacky where's the dirt? I remembered when you had the "juice". Use to have the info.

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