Mayor Marion Barry Checks Out At 78 Years Old

Marion Barry Dead

Former DC Mayor Marion Barry has passed away.

The 78-year-old Barry had just been released from Howard University Hospital where he had been admitted on Thursday.

Barry had told a reporter by phone that he was there for observation.

“He sounded very weak when we talked Thursday evening; but he sounded better when he called me Friday morning.”

Mayor Marion Barry leaves behind his wife, Mrs. Cora Masters Barry and his only child, son Marion Christopher Barry.


  1. I genuinely like Mayor Barry. They tried so hard to destroy him. But he kept fighting. RIP Mayor Barry.

    • Yep he did a lot for DC residents providing bus and metro passes for political internships to low income students, kept the heads of law enforcement black and also kept rent controlled before Adrian Fenty and co reversed everything. Had his flaws but did what he could to help the disenfranchised. Some former coworkers benefited from his efforts. Its ironic that a white male colleague who once lived in Dupont broke this story to me and told me that he will be missed.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear this R.I.P. Mr.berry and family you will be remembered but not forgotten.

    • You dont know what your talkin about.!!!!!..Mayor Barry is the reason why the youth had jobs the ederly had protection…Mayor Barry went to Fisk University and has a PHD in Chemistry maybe you should call him Dr Barry instead of crackhead Barry..clearly you are not from DC..or you just dont know you HISTORT you know HISstory

      • so what you’re saying is you love a convicted FEDERAL criminal who was indicted on FEDERAL drug charges who spent time in a FEDERAL prison…and you have the audacity to call him Dr. Barry, who obviously forfeited any rights/privileges from a 2nd rate university (sorry…Fisk is not Ivy or Public League)who will be forever known in history as the mayor who was filmed smoking crack & cavorting with prostitutes.
        You’re definitely a D.C. Democrat, aka the joke of the party & nation.

      • He was a PhD candidate who was a thesis away from his doctorate

        He was brilliant but just too imbued with poverty.

        As for the comment below bout Fisk not being Ivy League, Fisk was a very good college and one of the few med schools Blacks could go to.

        You are definitely a victim rather than an achiever of integration

  3. “Checked out ” seems a little flippant , but…rest in peace. His reputation got ruined for a while there too, but most seem to be focusing on.more positive aspects of his legacy. RIP

  4. This man did a lot for the Blacks in DC before his fall from grace. How soon people forget that. The Zionist controlled media wants us to hate him and see his drug addiction issue,but truth be told most politicians are messing with drugs behind the scene. Bush was a big cocaine snorter.

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