Bill Cosby Greeted With Standing Ovation

Bill Cosby Ovations

Here is what NBC News is reporting:

A day after performing at a benefit in the Bahamas, Bill Cosby took the stage here to a standing ovation — even as he battled a growing scandal.

The sold-out crowd Friday night was overwhelming supportive. Many told NBC News that they viewed Cosby as an entertainer and simply did not believe the sexual assault accusations against him. “I think the things that have come up now is just nonsense,” said Nathan Rigaud, who said he was one of the first to buy tickets.

Cosby has not been charged with any crime.

In a statement released Friday, Cosby’s attorney, Martin Singer said: “The new, never-before-heard claims from women who have come forward in the past two weeks with unsubstantiated, fantastical stories about things they say occurred 30, 40, or even 50 years ago have escalated far past the point of absurdity.”

“It is long past time for this media vilification of Mr. Cosby to stop,” Singer said.

On Friday the Choctaw Casino and Resort became the latest venue to cancel a planned Cosby show. NBC on Wednesday pulled the plug on a sit-com it was developing with Cosby next year, TV Land said it would no longer show “The Cosby Show” reruns, and a planned appearance on “Late Night With David Letterman” was canceled. Netflix also decided not to stream a Thanksgiving Day special featuring the comic.

Cosby received a standing ovation both at the start of the hour-and-a-half-long performance at the King Center for the Performing Arts and at the end.

He did not mention the allegations. Instead, he stuck to his comedy routine, which included bits about his childhood, religion and family life.

At one point, an audience member yelled “We love you, Bill Cosby!” He held up his fist to sustained applause.

Over the loudspeaker system, officials at the King Center on the campus of Eastern Florida State College warned audience members to be prepared for a possible “disturbance.” A local radio show had promised $1,000 to anyone who heckled Cosby and captured it on video.

There was increased security throughout the venue — but in the end, no hecklers.


  1. 4 Dried Up Saggy Breasted White Bitches Came Forth And Said, Bill Forced Himself On Them

    White Women Have Been Known To Lie In The Past, They Will Dick Tease Black Men Flirt With Them, Touch Them Or Even Kiss Them

    Then, When These Black Men Want Sex, These White Bitches Will Turn Them Down, When These Black Men Cuss Them Out

    That’s When White Women Will Run Their Dried Small Lips And Tell Lies

    It Takes Two, Too Tango

    If Bill Was A White And These White Women Were Black Women, Nothing Would Happen Because They Would Call Black Women Liars

    • this mediocre actor and comedian gets nothing done to him and the greatest rNb singer of all time r kelly gets put through a long trial with no complaining witness, and chris brown gets ruined for a slap. these old n8ggahs stick together in their dirt and try to slaughter the young for little or nothing

      • Mediocre!?!? I understand you might not like him an all, but he is far from mediocrity.

        Chris Brown and R Kelly got f*cked by Evidence. White people get on TV and tell you what the secret is All the time.. Remember this “it’s not what happened its what you can prove” Chris browns, when you got a white lady calling the police to report a beat and battered girl, to show up and find beat and battered girl. That’s a lot of evidence. And R kelly was a dumb son of a bitch to record and keep said recording of himself having sex with and urinating on unde aged girl. I’m quit sure if Bill Cosby had filmed himself drugging and f*cking these drugged out white girls, he would be cell mates with The Juice right this minute. And If they could they would bury Bill Cosby behind the allegations of these white women. But If they had to go to court they would tear these women’s asses up with these stories. if we sitting here reading this shit going “This is some weak bullshit”. What do you think will happen if you give a Lawyer named Feinstein $1,000,000. To tear these stories apart

      • @Minora, Where you from??? Sound like the streets of some backwater town.You have a very warped way of thinking.
        All these SUPPOSE IT rape victims should of come out 20, 30 years ago, credibility is lacking. Secondly, R Kelly was VIDEO TAPED committing STATUTORY RAPE on a 13 YEAR OLD.

      • R Kelly is a pedophile and pervert He should be under the JAIL! How anyone can stand up for him is beyond belief! He’s far from the Greatest R&B Singer of all time. All his songs center around Sex. The Greatest singers sang about love, romance & marriage.

  2. Well ladies look like your allegations have been shot down, I guess he did what he was told and like I said before you helped him get away with raping you, by not saying anything guaranteed his escape, are you happy with yourselves?

  3. I think he had sex with them, no rape involved. Blacks in the islands and Lands of Africa know to stand up for their own.

    • Speak for yourself Cosby is BOULE Sell Out. Those in the Bahamas don’t have the same relationship with him as we do. Just a year ago he was running around denigrating and degrading Black people. Even though white people murdered his Son. I don’t care what happens to Cosby, Karma is a Bitch!

  4. Where is the proof?!!!! These women are just talking about something that doesn’t make sense. And the media is calling him a rapist which doesn’t help. Blacks just don’t stick together. A black comedian is picking on him. Wendy Williams blast him on her show. White people knows that Bill is loaded in money and they want it! Bill is too smart for them and they ain’t gone git it! How can you take a pill, suck a dick and call it rape?

    • Did you notice that too? The only way this gained any traction is bc a black comedian riled shiz up. If it were a white comedian, I don’t think it would have had much weight. But because a black comedian announces it with such surety–as if he had the inside scoop straight from the black people meetings they think we all go to–to a predominantly white audience, it became a thing. Now because of this, Hannibal Buress just went from a D list comedian to B list if not higher. Little bit of black crab syndrome, it seems.

    • When the story came out about Jerry Sandusky and the young boys, did you also ask for proof? There were no rape kits or DNA in that situation either.

      What if that was a case of TPTB or the Illuminati wanting to take Penn State down and destroy his 60 year legacy?


      • Are you saying there is no difference between a desperate star struck female and a poor impressionable young boy? Tell me that’s not what your saying. I am a woman and I would of never gone to a room of any sort with Bill Cosby, let alone taken any pill from him. Come on, why has every woman that came out was at some point trying to pursue an acting career. Go Figure That!

        Also the same goes for the young lady Kobe tossed up. She had a pair of dirty undies with Kobes another mans semen and had the nerve to play innocent. Stop the press! Then got desperate when he didn’t call her back.

        • You laid it down, that was my exact thought when I saw the comment.

          We can also add that, before they let that Jerry Sandusky story fly, not only were there accusations but they had already found witnesses that said they went to the Universiry years ago about stuff they had seen, a dude said he told Joe Paterno, the athletic director and his own father about what he saw with his own eyes. Those boys have nothing to gain but these women could have a nice payday I it works in their favor

          But the girl that accused Kobe had a total of three different peoples DNA in her drawers And none of them were kobes, because he wore a condom.

          • Thanks! Didn’t proof read sorry for the mess but you get what I’m saying. Also one of the assistant coaches caught Sandusky having sex in the shower with a kid. There is no denying his doings. As for these women their credibility goes down the drain with their drug habit. It’s prob hard to remember if you gave it away if your coked out. Just saying

            • All of these women were not on drugs.Where did you get that from? The only one that is a actual drug user is Janice Dickinson. The others claim that he gave them pills (which they either believed to be a pain reliever or something along those lines..) I wouldn’t have willingly taken a pill from him without knowing for a fact what it was myself but that’s me.I can’t speak for the women who did, because they obviously trusted him enough to accept and take it.

      • Jerry Sandusky had no legacy, joe Paterno had the Legacy. Sandusky was a defensive coordinator and a linebacker coach who never wanted to leave the college realm because he got new booty every year.

        • Of course it was Paterno’s legacy I was referring to when I said “60 year legacy.” Sandusky wasn’t even 60 years old. But the scandal DID greatly shade Joe Pa’s legacy after a lifetime of seeming to be a good man and doing the right thing.
          The reason I said this in the first place is that folks were saying on all the different Cosby threads that you can’t believe a woman with no police report or rape kit. And I believe the Penn St case shows, yes you can believe a victim without those elements.

          The majority of the 13 original women have been talking publicly for over 10 years about this. They were the reason why Cos settled the one case out of court. His atty assured him that a court trial could bring all of the complainants out into the open..
          Now, as Just_Joi keeps saying, the question is: why now? Why did the women who’ve been talking
          for over 10 years suddenly become credible and relevant? Why were their stories no longer being swept under the rug?
          Therein lies the real mystery.

          • I See but you are loosing me with needing proof in the Sandusky case. And reason being is when you and I heard about the Sandusky case, the Pennsylvania attorney generals office had already accumulated the evidence for us. We found out about it in 2011, but the investigation began in 2008, by the Pennsylvania AGs office. See unlike the Bill Cosby the only reason we found out about the Sandusky case is because Penn state was trying to distance themselves, they blew the whistle on themselves because they saw a shit storm coming and it was going to be BAAAD and ths is why. Jerry Sandusky has not coached football at Pennstate since 1999, but he developed a program or a foundation that was like an outreach program for at yout risks that eventhough he was not employed by Penn state, the university gave him an office to work out of because as long as the outreach program was on the up and up, it was a god look for the school. But one of the kids in the program wasn’t having it and told one of the teachers at his school 08 and that’s when everything started to unravel. The school was trying to save face because they painted a picture like the program was a penn state organization that was giving back to,the community. How would it have looked if penn got accused of having a program that was used to for predators to lure kids and sexually abuse them in the Name of community service. Point being, when you are black, He say, she say will get you business out in the streets. If you at white, you only get exposed if another person, group or organization stands to to take a fall and that’s who you will be sacrificed.

            • Eddie, as always you are very informed and you state your points well. I’m not debating anything you said, and it’s not that big of a point I was trying to make–I was merely countering the statements that without a rape kit a prosecution could not be won by the state. But you make a good point about the DA;s office building a case so I’ll just concede the point to you.

              Today on Melissa Harris-Perry’s morning show, there was a panel of mostly black intellectuals who were pretty hard on Cosby. Most said they’ve been done with him since the “pound cake” speech anyway. However all agreed that even though he has made many donations to worthy black causes over the years, this story trumps the good he has done. One woman who is a professor of Africana at a university said that even though he gave 20 million to Spelman College, it is possible that through actions which we won’t even hear about(hard to believe with so many women coming forward lol) it is possible that he stalled/halted the brilliant contributions of a young black woman, so she refuses to see him as a benefactor of black women. Harsh huh? On Meet the Press, Michael Eric Dyson could barely contain his glee over the mess. He and Cos have been at odds since 2004 and have sniped back and forth at each other in their books since then.
              So Cos isn’t getting ANY love from the Black Intelligensia.

            • First and foremost we can always trade information and opinions. I might be coming from a point of view and not looking at everything . Like just now, my point of view was Sanduskys actions as it pertains to why and how we got the information. This is dialogue so I understand that me making my point is some what tunnel visioned and in some ways biased, so i try to be mindful of that and appreciate anything that is given to me and accept it with open ears and an open mind, unless some one is saying some outrageous stupid stuff. But I understand your point on Bill, I appreciate this information, I never knew much of this stuff about bill Cosby and all I can say is wow. And its toaly believable as to what you are eluding to with the huge donations to Spellman, I dont put it past him. And now I’m hearing more and more that he is an asshole and I believe that. And I don’t put that much emphasis on donations because I found out that a lot of their accountants know how to get 80% of all donations back in their tax returns.

              I’m going to be honest and tell you why I’m taking the position that I’m taking. First off its has been a long time between what happened and now, that’s first, I know that these kind of wounds take a lot to get over if this really happened, I do understand this. But the drugs and the fact that they all had aspirations to be in entertainment is why they did it. I think that he took advantage of them as they were looking to capitalize on giving him some cooch. i think thy gave him booty because they were doing what so many people know you have to do in this business, sleep your way to where you want to go. We know that this is how things are done in Hollywod and I’m not going to act like I’m suprised that he screwd some chicks that wanted to come up, this is how things work in this industry. I’m not suprised, I’m not shocked nor am I pissed with Bill Cosby. Because I think that 95% of everything and everybody in entertainment is screwed up and evil, I have no faith in the industry nor do I have faith in anyone in the industry. I put nothin past the people in the industry, I have come to expect this from people in entertainment. Am I suprised, no. Do I expect this stuff, yes. Is it still interesting, yes it is. As bad as this is, I’m sure that this and much worse ges on on a daily basis in the industry. Like I said before, I would ake them serious when they round up all ne pedophiles, rapist and murders in the industry, until then, this is nothing more than a miserable attempt to ake it seem as if they care about peoples well being in the entertainment world and I know that they don’t. I honestly have become a pecimist and I think almost all entertainer will do any and everything. I see them as egominiacle, psychotic, megalomaniacs and I expect to hear about them doing all kinds of unthinkable stuff. I have no confidence in an entertainer.

  5. Also, the person that needs to get a standing ovation is Bill’s wife Camille! She is smiling and standing at Bill’s side thru it all. I am so proud of this black strong women. Black men need to notice the backbone that black women still have. A women would have left him and sued for alimony. Camille has been going thru this for years during their marriage and still smiling with him! What a women!

    • And that is what you consider to be a “strong” black woman? A woman who allows her man to disrespect her, their vows and their reputation.

      Please miss me with that “strong” black woman ish. It is the mental bondage of black women from which I hope we will soon be loosed.

      • We already are! Babyboomers are divorcing now. They used to be like Camille. The spell is wearing off.

      • Camille is not going to divorce her husband of 50 years. For better or worse, people, that’s the oath. After all, they have been a power couple and been married for fifty doggone years..Do you really think that a white women would leave her husband if allegedly did the same and he had power and she enjoyed that power?? no and no. Look at Hillary Clinton, Look at any Kennedy. (Maria Shiver excluded- Arnold messed up and got the help pregnant, but then again, before that he was accused of groping and molesting many women and she stood by him.) Do you think this is Camille’s first time at the rodeo? Believe me, thus scandal does nothing to ruin her reputation… She comes out smelling like a rose.



      • Stop putting black on it like white women dont stand there through all kinds of bullshit. White women are worse than black women when it comes to this type of thing. The only time white women leave in the midst of a cheating scandal is if her ass is married to a black man. If she is married to a white guy, she will grieve and grieve, and stay through everything until the white man decides he is leaving her. The only white woman that picked up and left after her old man cheated was Sandra Bullock and she was already trying to go lesbian. One of the worst cases I have seen is this dude who was running around with Naomi Campbell. HE DID NOT GIVE A FUCK!! Everyone knows he is married with two daughters, no intention of divorcing yet and still he is seen every week Jet setting with Naomi Campbell, buying her houses built into the shape of he all seing eye and shit. They tabloids asking the wife every week, how she feels about what’s going on and all she can say is that she does not approve of it. Then this dirty motherf*cker take Naomi Campbell home and puts her in the family holiday picture. You can’t say anything about black women after that.

        Plus you cant compare how you would feel to the way camile feels. First off, if the accusations are true this shit happened 20 to 30 years ago, how do we know that she hasnt known about this this stuff for years and years now? this could be old news to her, she might have forgiven him. And stop acting like act like women get cheated on and just grieve, women get cheated on and get even, they can get you 10 times worse than you can ever get them. And these people are in their 70s, they been married since they were in their 20s. People who have been together that long get connected spiritually and stuff like this doesn’t effect hem like I will effect couple who have 3, 4 or 5 years together. If they go their seperate ways they won’t last long. I seen it a 100 times, one goes n the other is right behind them. At this point why would she leave him? Why didn’t anyone say that Cookie should have left Magic when he got that gangster STD…..nobody called her stupid.

            • Oh….lol. So you see where I’m coming from. We tend to hang our emotions or points of views on other peoples situation and its cool until e start attacking people without considering all of he dynamics. I mean why leave bill now, i guess the dating scene for 77 year olds is popping right now. Man at his point they are companions more so than anything else, friends like Ray and Claude on Life….lol

        • C’mon Eddie, while I agree with 98% of your post, we all know why Sandra really flew the coop with the quickness after Jesse James was exposed.
          She could not afford to have her spotless reputation as “America’s Sweetheart” tarnished by a Nazi loving freak. She may well be a lez, but that was the real story(see immediate adoption of little Louis.)

        • I did! I wasn’t dripping before & damn sure better not drip or drop shit after. Money, position make folks do crazy shit, i’ve heard that statement all my life, & after the Cookie & Magic Show, damn if it wasn’t so.

        • Speak for yourself and people you know.You don’t know all white or all black women.Life isn’t absolute.Its not one size fits all. Whether a woman will choose to stay with that type of man or leave is an individual decision that has nothing to do with color. Some women are simply too comfortable in their marriage to make moves. They don’t want to start over so they over look things that they probably shouldn’t just to remain the MRS..and all that goes with that. None of us are in Camille Cosby’s head and because she has chosen not to speak on what she does not knows, or how she feels we can only speculate. There are many women who would..and actually do leave,because the disrespect to them as a spouse is more than they are willing to tolerate.

        • I don’t think people in a 50 year marriage are necessarily connected spiritually, maybe more complacent and tied together by Christian dogma. Many older couples act like they hate each other and stay together A. thats what they were taught B. They are afraid of being alone(more so the men) C. Divorces aren’t cheap.

          I was shocked to learn that many older women have separate bedrooms from their husbands(which in my opinion is nonsense). When a man steps outside of his vows he is opening his wife and family up to all types of diseases. And didn’t Cosby pay for his mistress kid’s college tuition at one point, that’s money coming out of the household. Basically polygamy without the title. Nothing spiritual about unhealthy relationships with lack of trust. Or maybe Bill and Camille practice polyamory like Ruby Dee and Ossie, who always looked like a loving couple.

    • To me she looked like a brainwashed hostage. Sad.
      That smile hid decades of pain and humiliation.

      • i think you were reading into that a little.. maybe projecting what you would feel if you were in that situation? to me, she just looked uncomfortable for him and a bit awkward at the fact the that they went just laughing about African art to unexpectedly discussing if her husband is a serial rapist. strange segue, indeed.

      • Exactly! I don’t doubt that she loves her husband.I do however doubt that he has really been the loyal and loving..faithful husband that has been portrayed over the yrs!

        • you may have a point…he does seems to have had some trouble in the fidelity department….

  6. Innocent until proven guilty. We do live in America, after all. Everyone wants to jump all over Cosby, and say he is guilty when they don’t know anything for sure…There are plenty of brothers and sisters who are incarcerated right now because of that same problem he having… False allegations, false testimony, false eyewitness accounts take away years of life. I’m reserving my judgment until I know more b/c this rabbit hole may go deeper that anyone knows.

    • Innocent until guilty is only a courtroom precept.
      There will be no courtroom or trial. This is being tried in the court of public opinion, and the verdict isn’t good.

      • @ anonymous 10:13 The court of public opinion is rarely good for black people, my friend, and everyone in America likes to see a bigger-than- life personality take a fall. I think it makes them feel better about themselves somehow. My point was that it should be innocent until proven guilty in all facets but it is not. The same standards that hold up in a courtroom hold up in real life, for sure. That is why we have so many innocent folks in jail.

        • This is not the same scenario as innocent people in jail.Cosby isn’t in jail and isn’t facing jail.Many years have passed. This has come down to public opinion and to some he will always be viewed as innocent , while there are others who will view him as guilty.These women will be labeled liars and gold diggers out to destroy Bill Cosby ..even if that isn’t the case with every single woman who has come forward. People will speak of all the good that he has done and and use that as confirmation that he could not possibly have raped or drugged women..after all he is the one and only Bill Cosby. Meanwhile I’m still waiting for more details to come out. Its not that I don’t think that innocent until proven guilty applies I just don’t buy into the idea that because he is who he is he’s 100% innocent. Most of the people commenting don’t know Bill Cosby out of what they grew up watching on TV.

          • You have some great points, @MissK. All I am saying is that the same mentality that gets people locked up for crimes they did not commit starts in a court of public opinion with allegations that turn out to be false. Otherwise why would they be in jail in the first place? Scenario-man gets arrested for rape. Eyewitness puts him on the scene, the victim swears it was him, public opinion believes because he is black, he is hyper sexualized and prone to violence(cause that’s is what they are fed in the media) which taints the jury pool. He is found guilty. Man goes to jail only to find out twenty years later that another man committed and confesses to the crime. If you don’t think that happens on the daily, you are not living in the real world. Cosby does not face jail time, but he faces something that is important to him-his reputation and legacy. And his race does play into this…do you think the folks would believe this about Tom Hanks?? I don’t have to know Cosby to know that this will hurt him in some way…it already has. He is being punished for something we don’t even know if he did. This viral world we live it puts the “news” on blast before the facts are even checked, which is dangerous. That can unfairly sway opinion. That’s why the tenets of innocent until proven guilty should be applied in the day to day so that it can be applied properly in the courts. But its not, so it won’t.

            • If I may interject, he has permanently damaged his image as a good role model, father, husband and general “credit to his race”(as my grandmother would say) because even if every rape story is false, he has obviously been alley-catting around with every women he can get his mitts on for 35 years. That in itself
              has damaged him in the eyes of many.

  7. Sorry it no way in the world a Black Man no matter how much money he has can get away with raping atleast 10 white women, sorry but he doesn’t have that much power, especially back in the late 1960’s, the media would have loved to have brought him down downing his tv “I SPY” television series days, but he most definitely slept with these women, he is a MAN WHORE if he ain’t anything else

  8. ezactly! WHY do bitches wait until a man is old and defenseless to finally speak up about what happened smh Money is too funny! and the government is probably doing this to distract the attention off of the 7TH HEAVEN situation that was all over the media last month lmfao Nobody Forgot!

  9. When is Bill’s next lecture to Black America going to be?
    Stuff about how we are to blame for racism because our pants are sagging and we all know sagging pants makes white folks blind racists.

      • Black men will never process it in their minds so he came up with another way to say it. Read in between the lines.

    • Tonight on SNL, Micheal Che(the new black Weekend Update anchor) said “Here’s something I’ve been wanting to say for years: Cosby, why don’t YOU pull YOUR pants up?!”

      • It don’t have to be the pants or draws, keep your dick to yourself. Frankly, I’m not even pissed w/ the man, if the bitches like taking pills from strangers AND give him head, DON’T be mad at the stranger, I don’t care WHO he is. ALL this years old semen stories is making my throat hurt. Gotta go gargle.

  10. You guys look so stupid taking up for a man like Bill Cosby. Have you forgotten all the crap he talked about young, Black men over the years? He can’t stand you all and yet you take his side because his accusers are White. SMH

    • Bill donates to black colleges, his money goes into black pockets. I think he does it out of love. When you love your people,you criticize and help them.

      I call this the PILE ON EFFECT. Everybody says he’s a rapist therefore he’s a rapist? How can it not be true when so many women are piling on? That’s basically the mind set of an average person who can’t think critically. All those women and their stories sound exactly the same if they were to admit the sex was consentual. So how do you distinguish consentual sex from the testimony of rape sex? After all, we are going strictly by “testimonies and stories”, not evidence, not a rape kit, not physical bruises, not a blood test for drugs and pills, simply “words”. Where are the hospital records of these women immediately after the incident? I would be worried about stds, pregnancy etc. so you mean to tell me you were raped and then just rolled over, went to sleep, and woke up for work the next day?

      • In the days when most of the “rapes” occurred, the only STDs were syphilis and the clap. People did not fear for their lives after unprotected sex because they knew anything they contracted could be cured with a pill. Whether he is guilty or not, you are viewing “rape” through a 1995+ prism. In truth, at that time it was viewed as an embarrassment by most women therefore many chose to internalize the fear, pain and shame rather than deal with it in a healthy manner. The one “victim” who seems most likely to have followed that course is the comedy writer from NY Ms. Tarshis. I do believe her. She shows all the indicators of truth and her life went straight downhill following the “rape” and never recovered.
        The BEST thing to ever happen for the Cosby side of the story is Janice Dickinson. She is on every show now acting like the mentally unhinged attention whore that she is. She is made up and coiffed to the gods and it’s obvious she sees this attention as just another audition. She is so repulsive that she makes people feel sorry for Cosby. I myself have gone from strongly believing he was a rampant serial rapist to believing he has drug raped a few women. And that Ferrigno woman didn’t help the truthful womens’ cases either. Who gives a f*ck that he kissed you? We all know Bill is/was a major horndog, that’s a given, but we are talking about rape forced on by drugging…not kissing.
        The more that loons like Janice Dickinson come out to the press, the better for Cosby. That may sound counter intuitive, but it’s not.

        • You are so right about Janice. The allegations have been out there for years and it’s telling that Cosby didn’t speak out (through his attorney) until after Janice started talking. She may have been added to the fray as a strategic replacement.

      • Cosby can donate to as many HBCU’s as he wants but that doesn’t take away from the comments he’s made.
        Speaking from personal experience I will tell you that it’s normal to try and forget being raped right after it happens.
        I’m not saying it’s right but my thinking was putting the incident out of my mind and focusing on school was a better option instead of going through the embarrassment of admitting to other people what my boyfriend did to me. The problem is it’s now almost 20 years later and the pain has never went away, neither does the constant fear of it happening again. My biggest regret in life was not reporting my rapist to the authorities because I found out years later he raped another girl and I could’ve prevented that from happening. So while I don’t think his accusers were right to hold on to their stories for so long, I understand.
        I do however believe Bill was being protected from being exposed for a number of years and now that protection has gone away.

        • Me too Cheese, me too. Whether anyone believes the original complainants(those before “Look at me! Dickinson) or not, folks NEED to understand that not coming forth at the time is not unusual or suspicious in the least. THAT part we both know. And you are right about Marty Singer remaining mum until Janice appeared. The idea of him hiring her to eff up the credibility of the
          the true victims is not as bizarre as it initially sounds! If anyone could do it, she could. smh

        • Thank you for your story, Cheese. Someone needs to be the voice of reason around here. In the words of Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair, “He did it. The smug son of a bitch did it.”

        • @Say Cheese,

          Thank you so much for being so open & sharing this very personal & private part of yourself with us.

          I don’t have the time right now…girl, I have to get my cleaning done, hit the gym by noon, take my son to the barber & get back home to get ready for the Pacquiao fight. When I get back I will share with you & @Just-Joi what an exec from CBS Studios told us 2 days ago in our office. She’s an older white lady & she pushed ALL the white girls from back in the day UNDER THE BUS!

          • Thank you Ms Reg, Just Joi and Anon 8:44 for the support. Only two other people knew my story up until now. I can’t wait to read your tea Ms Reg while sipping a glass of wine later on tonight.

          • Walks in with my cup of boiling water, looks around for Ms. Reg, walks out. Drops cup.

        • Thanks Say Cheese. People need to hear the voice of rape victims so that we can erase our “know-it-allism”. Rape is head trip an the guilty usually go free. Things are changing on college campuses nowadays. Someone is taking it seriously.

          But the 1970s put the weird in Hollywerd. The more I hear about Cosby, the more I think he was slangin’ pills. He made good money back then, but he had 5 kids. I know he needed a side hustle somewhere.

          Just like OJ, this is a dope thang.

          • Good Lord that is the stupidest comment yet. The man has houses in Pa and Ma in the country.
            Who pray tell is he slangin’ to? And do you really think that with all his preaching about avoiding falling into stereotypical pitfalls he would really be a dope dealer? FOH.

            • How do you think he got that bank? He was a black actor in the 1970s, successful, but still facing barriers.

              I said WAS not IS. You really don’t know enough about the dope world to be so outraged. And yes Ms. Thing, the people screaming don’t do drugs to the masses are the high-profile folks with the private air strips and cargo container ships that move the weight.

              Selling pills without a script was NOT A FELONY CRIME back then.

        • Of course TPTB knew about Sandusky. He’s connected. He had a charity. They had to have known…

        • I’m sorry to hear of your ordeal, thanks for sharing what must be still a very raw issue. Please never blame yourself for the next girl that was raped after you, some men have been jailed and come out only to re-offend repeatedly. What’s really sad in these types of cases is that often the victim thinks that it has only happened to them, only to find out in future it has been many others. I think that has been the case with Bill Cosby and Jimmy Savile in the UK. Stay strong lady.

          • Thank you Chica for the kind words. You know the saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I’m a pretty strong woman. I never heard of Jimmy Savile so I looked him up. These stories make me so angry. I just don’t understand how some people can be so sick.

        • Finally a comment from a survivor..who actually can add something valid to discussion of this and the possible minds set of at least some women who have experienced that.

      • So what he gives to Black colleges and what are they doing? There are just as many whites in them as Blacks. And what else does he do other than talking down on Blacks calling our children such endearing terms as “It”. Funny I don’t feel the love from his lectures and LIES.

        People say the same about Magic Johnson, he does so much for the community, like what? Rip them off with his business schemes. And I don’t think he ever had AIDS. He’s just another COON pushing an agenda, he’s pushing that homosexual agenda hard. Just look at his Son, that’s a damn disgrace. Magic’s running around saying he’s proud of his 300 pound, 6’3 son, running around with purses and finger nail polish, dating a white guy. Talking about he told him to have safe sex…WHAT?? He and Cookie both need to be ashamed!

        Also we don’t need COONS lecturing Black people on the National stage, showing off for white people. Bill Cosby bought sagging pants, playing in the junk yard, talking ebonics, Fat Albert and the crew. So sagging pants and ebonics was fine when Bill was getting paid for it?

        Bill Cosby was used to pacify Blacks after the Civil Rights movement, Malcolm X and the war with the Black Panthers. He’s a COON and a Sell Out. I’m glad he won’t take his hoary head to the grave in peace. Good Riddance.

        • What are YOU doing to give back? That is the question! Its easy to discount what someone else is doing. I’m not impressed enough with Cosby to think that he’s totally innocent, but I don’t put down the good that he and others like Magic Johnson have done either! They likely have done bad like everyone else and have to deal with the consequences of their behavior..and answer for that in time. As far as the comments are concerned some of what he said about the black community was/is true but we don’t always like to hear the truth.

          • Well I certainly didn’t push White companies who conducted predatory business practices in the Black community like, Jackson Hewitt and Rent A Center, like Magic Johnson did. Jackson Hewitt is nothing more than a lending scheme much like the “Old Company Store”. A practice whereby the VICTIM can never get out debt. And Rent A Center charges three times the amount of what normal appliance stores for the same or even sub-standard products. In addition to this Magick, who I never believe had AIDS, pushes homosexuality on the Black community, even sacrificing his own son on the altar of Sodomy. But if that’s your idea of person you want your children to follow, have at it.

            Bill Cosby and serial adulterer is no position to chastise anyone. Bill Cosby was picked at the end of the Civil Rights era to pacify the Black community. His show was to signify the end of Racism…LOL. Now for the third time he steps forward to aide his massas in perpetuating the negative image of the Black man as a sexually, out of control fiend, lusting after the white woman. While taking the attention off of white supremacy racism. If he was real he would address School closings, school to prison pipeline, disproportionate prison sentences, unemployment, under employment, homelessness, police brutality/murder…and on and on.

            Maybe he speaks the truth about you and your family. But he in no way speaks for the Black community. I would never listen to anything a rapist had to say and homosexuality has nothing to do with the struggle of black people. And you must be a very shallow or deceptive person to support either of these COONS.

    • All he said is the truth…that the black family unit at times is failing to raise its kids up right so that they have other goals than becoming a rapper or an athlete or some common thug selling drugs on the street. He was giving us a secret code… Use education and the system to infiltrate and defeat. Strive to become engineers and computer programmer and mathematicians, scientist, doctors, lawyers, etc- to take our great minds that are capable of building the pyramids at one time and use those great minds for great things and take over the world that way. Use those minds now instead of our bodies they way we did when we were enslaved. Unfortunately, it was taken wrong and people called him smug. and condescending. But the truth is he came from nowhere and he made it. His whole “pound cake” speech was about where how when a black man is incarcerated, it’s not just about the system that locked him up but all the things that led to him being locked up, starting from his home life. The Black family unit has been so destroyed over years of slavery, Jim Crow, and the new Jim Crow-incarceration. I think Cosby was saying don’t get caught in the trap that is set for us. So if you believe he can’t sand black men, I don’t see it that way.. he just doesn’t want us to squander any opportunities because of our own actions to ourselves, family, community.

      • Well said Anon, that’s why I have great respect for him. You want to be great In life?dont listen to your friends, listen to your haters, your critics. They tell you the truth. I love art, but il be damned if I’m a struggling artist using the casting couch to survive, or the pole, or whatever., so I took the education route. Black people need to get back to the books. Those goons on love and hip hop ain’t making it, these wack rappers ain’t making, and athlete money dries up pretty quick too, buts firmly built career with education and degrees leaves your dignity in tact, it leads your family name intact, it leads your community intact. People can look at Keisha or Jeniffer or Michael or Tray and say wow they come from a family of successful people, they all have degrees, that’s a good family, and so forth. But now the urban black family consists of ghetto single mothers raising fatherless black men to disrespect black women. I blame single black mothers and the bum ass negroes they lay with, and the brain washing white establishment that controls economic racism.

        • and let’s not forget the exodus of black men who are marrying white/Asian/latin women and taking their dollars and sense to other communities.

          Oh, but we’re not supposed to talk about that. We are supposed to act like that has no effect on the black community.

          Cosby’s socio-economic class is just as culpable as Tasha and her 3 kids from 4 different drug dealers

          • Thanks for the cosign on my post above on Cosby, @Lucid and IHABWIA. @ anon 10:20 here’s the thing…when a black man or woman get with someone outside of their race guess what?? Their child is still considered black- BLACK FYI. No matter who we go to, we still make ourselves:) Why do you think that whites are now the minority??? The Black community is everywhere Black people are–what you are talking about is economics. I’ve got news for you–not every person who intermarries moves out of the hood. And here’s another point. Would you stay in the hood if you were driving a Lambo? Making 300,000 or 400,000 or even a mili a year? Walking in da cut and around the way with fine suit/designer dresses and expensive jewelry everyday? You might come visit but you wouldn’t live there, don’t lie. You might find yourself got if you stay cause these young one are thirsty. The key is not to think of those higher socioeconomic communities as separate.. the real key is to make those communities OUR communities.. let our faces, our business, our culture be a presence- a force. Make the Jones have to keep up with the Jenkins. Let’s lay it down further…Do you know Rodeo Drive– the most expensive zip code in US belongs to Lionel Richie? Dude owns the real estate, buildings, LAND. Same goes for that OG Diana Ross. There is a need for our face to be represented in the stock market and real estate just like there is a need for our faces to be in the lab, in the operating room with a scalpel and in the board room at the head of the table. BTW Tasha can always get herself in gear by taking some of that baby daddy drug dealer money and going back to school part-time online so she can be an computer network engineer. That’s what my sister did and I’m proud of her. And her drug dealing ex? he’s with a white girl now…. still peddling in the deep hood.

          • They can’t have much sense to be taking elsewhere though or they wouldn’t be doing that.

        • @Lucid I love the way you think because everything you said is truth…I just wish I could shake some people and let them realize that our strengths as a people lies in our bodies, our minds, and our spirit. And those things have more power than we realize. Blacks are the proverbial Samson from the bible that let the white race be our Deliah , a betrayer and cut off all of our power in seven locks. But that power is still there, because it was God-given, waiting to grow back so we can use it to conquer the right way.

        • All Valid points.. Now this kind of constructive and well thought of dialogue I can get into.

      • You really believe those played out cliches. How can address black problems without addressing white supremacy racism. I think the people who built black Wall Street did all those things and what happened..White people Bombed them for it.

        Bill Cosby was selected because he was a hungry, thirsty opportunist and they needed a Colored to take our minds off of white supremacy, racism. WE are adults and don’t need no Coonin Nigga lecturing or denigrating us on National TV. How about addressing Ronald the Beast Raygun, his Thug sidekick, Olie North and the CIA flooding the Black community with CRACK in the 1980’s. How about the first Black Prez, Bill Clinton, with Three Strikes Your Out, and Welfare Reform. There were Boogie Blacks involved this treachery too, they’ve played a big part in our demise. What’s so funny is their going down with us…LOL. We know what the problem is in our community. And we don’t want to assimilate and be White people lite. That Nigga Cosby didn’t go anywhere near Ferguson, nor did he speak on it.
        But keep believing the Fallacy that a good education, which teaches nothing about you, and a Career will stop what’s happening to our people in the United Snakes of Amerikkka.

        • Demised? I’m thriving. So are my friends and family stop projecting your misery and harping on the past.

          • You sound so IGNORANT! Those who forget their history are destined to repeat it. What do think is going on in Ferguson right now a Damn Picnic? If you’re black your included I don’t care how much you think it doesn’t mean you Negro…LOL!

            • Do you still wear bell bottoms and do the spank? No because they’re played out just like your rhetoric.

            • You’re just a self hating scared negro thinking we all gone get in trouble. Khalid Muhammad called you buck dancing, knee bending, jigaboo, Coons. The only rhetoric that’s played out is the COON talk. Even white people have let you know you’re know you’re no longer needed.

            • And your solution is what exactly? You’re mixing apples and oranges. Jumping from crack in the 80s and Ferguson today make you sound authentic but hollow. Both are examples of whiteys boot on our neck but you’re just loud bitching about any black public figure. Since you’re so smart answer the question. And after you lay out your solution do us all a favor and name one just one black who would be acceptable to give the message Cosby, Barkley, Collin Powell, Barack have given. Prove it’s only the messenger. Tell us who could say it and you would accept it. Bet you won’t answer either question. Bet you’ll only further attack me the messenger.

        • Nobody said anything about assimilation. that’s on you Knowledge is knowledge- you got to know theirs to get ahead, you got to know ours to keep ahead…I know all about the systems traps, son. Just cause Reagan flooded the streets with crack doesn’t mean you have to take it and sling it for him and the man and make the cartels rich and untouchable. I think you are drinking the Kool-aid of disinformation that keeps us squabbling over bullshiz. The divide and conquer effect. What do you suggest?… would we all go back to the Motherland since we should not or can’t try to make it in America(according to you??)?? Should we fight like terrorist in out own land? Like it or not you’ve fallen into the same trap that was created the day that the first slave owner separated a house Nicca from a field nicca and separated family members from each other. Using the term coon, colored. jigaboo to talk about your own brothers and sisters just white supremacist do??? I think you are the self-hating one. Sounds to me like in a way you are still thinking and bitching about what “massa” is doing and not figuring out how to get yourself free. Do you think oppression is exclusive to just our race?…Look at the Jews, son. Look what they did-from genocide and wandering to their motto “never again”. They believed that rhetoric and check out those peeps now. Nobody wants to fuch with Israel. So before you sit there talking about cliques, what are you DOING to make things better for for us? My guess is nothing except bitching. As for me, I’m driving back to Ferguson tonight to stand up for what’s right. Just cause I believe in the best in us doesn’t mean I don’t know the worst in others. Strength in knowledge and in numbers, son. Don’t you forget it.

          • We already know their His-Story it’s ingrained in us the day we are born into this World and follows throughout the rest of our lives. We don’t know our true history because we are so busy learning their and putting on a pedastool and trying to imitate their artificial way of life. I want to learn about MY people. If you want to continue to study and assimilate with your enemy that’s your problem not mines.

            Typical white racist apologist, you say we didn’t have to take and sell the Crack but you give Reagan a pass for the crime of putting in the community in first place. He was damn President and you give him a pass. Yet you tell the hungry, homeless and unemployed the same his Sneaky wife did…JUST SAY NO. Yeah okay that logic is stupid sorry I can’t think of another word for it.

            What’s wrong with going home. Just because some blacks have Stockholmes Syndrome and don’t think they can make anywhere except sucking up to whites to accept them, doesn’t mean we all have to feel that way. The Whites sure love it in Africa. But you don’t get into matters of Black empowerment outside of the White race. What we can’t make it America, we built America do you even know your History in America? Did you even see Blacks protesting in most major Cities about police dogs on two legs shooting down unarmed black men women and children. Oh it’s okay to you right. I guess we should be happy to have children murdered so white people sycophants can enjoy their second class citizenship in Amerikkka. Well maybe that works out for you but not for others.

            They were called COONS, JIGABOOS, Sambows, Aunt Sallie Maes in Slavery and they’re still that today. I call them what they are. They’re treacherous lying dogs, like the ones who helped with Tuskegee Experiment and the ones who Aide white supremacy, racism today to make sure their comfortable existences continues.

            I can’t believe you used the Jews as an example for anything. Are you talking about Khazars and Ashkenazi people from Europe and Asia? The same ones who slaughtered and are slaughtering the Palestinians to set up a fake homeland. You using them shows you’re either deceptive or extremely ignorant. Have a nice life loving and serving white people.

            • Oh my son, you are a young blood. Don’t dare call me a white racist apologist. I’ve never served white person in my life but I would expect insults from the likes of you. I guarantee that I know more about the real black history than you son, it’s what I’ve studied my whole life, teach, and live. I’ve lived in Nigeria for 7 years. I just don’t talk the talk. You have a lot of anger which confuses you and set you on the path that the massa wants. You’re a puppet that doesn’t think rationally. The Knowledge you do have, you use the the wrong way. So, fall in the trap, son. I pity you and really don’t have to justify anything to you because despite your knowledge, you are blind. You are like a man with a key roaming around a forest looking for door-you are in the wrong place. I serve no one but God the Father, Most High of Heaven. Who do you serve? And you never answered my question. WHAT ARE YOU DOING for our people?????

          • I applaud you for standing up for what is right in a peaceful and constructive way.

            I think that they wanted more violence and wide spread rioting. The timing they chose to release the verdict is also suspect. It would have given them a perfect opportunity to say they were right, we are senseless, destructive people and come up with state and federal funding at the same time huh?

            Be safe and God Bless!

          • Anon, I suppose your long winded response was to me. However you said nothing at all. You’re driving to Ferguson okay and I should believe you why? Because you said so I don’t think so. As for you living in Nigeria So, what does that have to do with anything? You’re still here gossiping on a gossip site.

            You’re so smart huh? We have great Scholars some known and some not so well known. Yet you state who will follow we listen to Lebron? And to use Bill Cosby words as some one to take advice from is real intelligent. Although, it sounds like you picked the Wrong one since every time he opens his mouth another rape victim falls out. He should have taken his own advice to pull his pants up. You don’t sound so smart to me. Just a lot of talk, talk, talk.

  11. Corporate YT RACIST have been using Cosby for years as a surrogate to demean and caste blame on black people for their subjugation….He was asent out to say what a white person would be called racist for saying and the shit he was saying is just as ridiculous as when a racist says it….It takes away all responsibility and accountability from white people for the Racial Caste system they have created…He gives them a pass because “OF COURSE WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL, WE JUST GOTTA STAY AWAY FROM THEIR CAGES BETTER” defense.

    • He was sent out by racist whites to demean black people huh? How does that gin up with the fact that his show did more to change the image of black people in the yes of white people than anything over the past half century?

      • All of the characters , played by the children of Heathcliff and CLAIRE were losers…

        Think about it…
        The oldest daughter married a wimp had to live in his wife’s parents home….FAIL

        The other daughter got molested by her school ROTC officer who was also an UNCLE TOM… She became a teenage stepmom and were unfit parents who lived in a shithole.

        Theo was lazy and wasted his parents money for school and just wanted to wear sagging clothes.

        Rudy was promiscuous…

        You would think a family with parents who were a lawyer and a doctor would produce a SENATOR, ANOTHER DOCOTO OR LAWYER, A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PERSON, etc..

        The show had a very anti-climatic storyline which saw the generations regress to white racist stereotypes and not to what would be expected of a family with such a sound academic base…
        Fuck Cosby and the Hebrews who backed him

        • Wow. You saw the show through a different set of lenses than most of us. His “backers” Carsey/Warner aren’t Jooish either.

        • Herein lies the problem, you have been brainwashed on two levels. First you think that “white stereotypes” which one can only presume include stable gainfully employed two parent homes equals white. And second successfully navigating life with all it’s complexities with the family unit intact equals acting white. That’s the damned problem, too many blacks think doing anything white folks makes them less white. If that were really true we could walk or drive through any ritzy neighborhood with no drama. It’s not true. And what jackass made the rule that our blackness should be measured and or debated anyhow? That’s some stupid shit to me right there. If you’re speaking correctly you’re acting white. No nigga I’m acting successful. Fuck you. I’m acting like I don’t want to wear a hairnet at work for the rest of my life. I’m acting like I want more out of life than this crack infested gunsaazin ass hood can offer me. We need to reprogram ourselves that success is okay and expected and should be the new norm. We’ve been brainwashed to have low expectations and don’t even realize it. There are no stereotypes when it comes to laying a successful foundation.

          • Don’t you realize the gangster rap movement being televised was part of the plot to get us to turn away from stable home life, education and living legal. They own the networks. Why else would they show it? The money they made was secondary to the two lost black generations they destroyed. They fanned the flames of blacks being so called whitelike was bad. They pushed street cred as having value. Only a black under thirty five thinks that shit has value like currency. It only matters to losers. It takes money and credit to get ahead in this world. They tricked hood niggas into trading for corners and respect and street cred whilst they trade in commodities, stock options and land. Ya got hoodwinked again and shot a few of our soldiers along the way too. White folks and fake joos wrote and directed those gangster videos making that life look glamorous. So don’t blame Cosby for saying what he said. He did his best to fight to get the other way for blacks on television to show black youth what was possible. Poor blacks missed that point. He realized they missed it so he said it in plain English. They missed it again. And reading these threads this week niggas still don’t get it. Quit judging the messenger and LISTEN TO THE FUCKING MESSAGE!!

            • Living boule could turn our community around in twelve short months yet niggas resist it like the plague. Hell we been living gangster for twenty and what has that got us? You think that worked put well? Really? If you do then the white man aint even our real enemy. Our communities need to be embracing boule like it was missionary baptist. Try anything but this bullshit we been living. Question: since you denounce acting white, living legal and all things boule what do you suggest we do? What is your solution to our crime ridden undereducated existence?

        • Interesting points, but people who actually watched the show are laughing at you, fool… Just cause you say it so to prove your point doesn’t mean you are based in reality or truth. I think you just wanted to use this for your real agenda…spewing hate against the Hebrews and Cosby. P.S. the show was only on for 8 years, not a lifetime.

          • Most of the mofos on here talking Boule this and Illuminati that don’t have inside info about sh*t ..Just rehashing and repeating some sh*t you read on a gossip site. STOP IT and maybe we can have real dialogue.Every topic never fails someone creeps in with their conspiracy theories about every celeb.When someone dies the talk of them being a blood sacrifice.Take you heads out ya azzes and get REAL!

        • Were you watching the same show as everyone else.Even with all of these rape allegations and my own opinion about it aside I still say that the Cosby show was an excellent show that portrayed a black family in a positive light. At the same time it was a show that man kids from all walks of life could relate to because they went through similar things. They were still normal people..just educated ..with a DR and Lawyer at the head. They need more programming like that.

  12. Update, Lisa Bonet Tweeted: According to the karma of past actions, one’s destiny unfolds, even though everyone wants to be so lucky… Nothing stays in the dark 4ever!

    • @JJ,

      Oh MY….well, damn!
      For such a statement of few words that damn sure says a whole lot. Wow!

      I got one for you though…
      So, since Bill Cosby is being so “exposed” WHEN does Debbie Allen get to her trip down “Exposed For Your Past Indiscretions Road?”
      Now, THAT’S the one I’m waiting to see!

      • I don’t believe that everyone’s secrets come out. Bill pissed someone off. Hers may not.

        I know someone who used to date Tempestt Bledsoe and he said she HATED talking about The Cosby Show. As far as Malcolm, people used to joke that Bill Cosby was really like a dad to him. MJW would ALWAYS abruptly correct them saying Mr. Cosby is NOT my dad. He was respectful about it but he wasn’t comfortable with that association. It always struck me as odd. Of course Cosby isn’t his dad, but one would think that after all those years they would be extremely close and they weren’t. It was a job. That’s all.

        • @Just_Joi. I read the same thing in Jimmie (J.J) Walker’s book. I thought since these people worked together all these years they would be close or always keep contact with each other but it’s not the case.

          In J.J’s book, he stated he saw fellow co-star John Amos back in 2006 at the TVLand awards prior to that he hasn’t seen him since he (Amos) left Good Times. He (J.J) didn’t even go to Esther Rolle’s funeral because although he admired her they never really along. So what you post is true, you think they are close with one another when it’s all just a paycheck/ business.

          • J.J, the issue on good times was the pay. Esther Rolle and John Amos felt some kind of way because they were trained actors with experience and resumes and jimmy walker was a struggling comedian but he was getting more money per episode than they were. They complained about it for a while but were blown off, then John refused to continue the show anymore and that’s when they had to wright him out of th show.

        • That’s not strange to me. Tempest probably most other child stars grew tired of always answering questions about her time on Cosby show when she was trying to move on and do other projects. Her career after Cosby never quite took off like she wanted. MJW probably just wanted to set the record straight that he respected Cosby but didn’t identify with his as a dad outside of the show. Theo after all was a character he played on TV. His reality was that he was raised by a single mother ( I think).. correct me if that isn’t the case.

      • @Ms Reg…Whaaat?!? Debbie Allen? What the heck is her deal? I remember she is a part of that Cosby camp.

          • In her day, Debbie Allen was to female dancers and actresses what Cosby is alleged to be to women. You had to pay to play. She is notorious for her casting couch.

            • I have heard those things but mostly from gossip boards and blogs like this.. I have not heard any actress mentored by her come out and say these things..nor people who really worked closely with her,so perhaps that’s why nothing much has come of that story..

    • Uh oh the Cosby kids are starting to drop hints now. This isn’t going to be pretty.

      • I knew this was going to happen. When none of them stepped up to defend him, it was as good as an indictment of their feelings about him imo.

        • Why are people expecting the Cosby crew to come forward and defend Bill Cosby. Why is anyone even expecting them to make a statement about it when it has nothing to do with them. Truthfully they can only speak on their own relationship and interaction with him nothing more. They don’t know what he did when he wasn’t in their presence any more than anyone else on here does.

      • A black actress from SVU and Gossip Girl has come forward as well. She says that she and another actress were both stand ins on Cosby Show and she didn’t fall for Cos’s game but the other actress did and woke up vomiting. She says Cos looked at her and informed her that her cab was waiting. Cold.

        • You are talking about Michelle Hurd. A major druggie, but she was pretty serious about her acting game.

          Again, the connection was drugs.

          Now, he might have got wit her if he had coke instead of pills… IJS

  13. according to these reports this ain’t rape.

    read these statements again.

    how can you take pills willingly then go in the bathroom and lean back and notice bill phukking you from the back and say you are drugged she didn’t say bill forced himself but she was aware of the situation regardless OF SHE WAS HIGH OR NOT.


    • I have never been drugged so I can’t answer that question but perhaps a person who has been can. I would however assume that being drugged would impair your judgement or ability to react to a certain extant.

  14. Did’t Some White Bitch Accuse Lil Wendy Of Sexually Assault?

    White Women Are Dangerous When It Comes To Black Men……These White Bitches Can Have Them Black Sellouts

  15. His fans have the right to dismiss these allegations, but, the damage is already done. Right Now, it’s he said she said all day long. This is not going away anytime soon.

      • I respectfully disagree Joi. They COULD have stopped it, but at this point the damage is done.

        Americans do love redemption though, and history shows that a beloved figure can regain some support through showing remorse and coming clean. Time will tell.

        • When’s Beyonce’s album coming out? That will kill this story. Or, they could just ask Kanye to come out the closet. Another Ebola patient could emerge. Marion Barry died, so that leaves two more celebs in the next month. There’s still hope.

          • The only thing that will distract us from this story is the holidays. Cosby will probably get a reprieve around Christmas time and the general population will forget all about this by the time 2015 hits.

          • LOL @Just_Joi. It’s funny you should say that because I was wondering something along the same lines….When will the next story come out to distract us from this story?? Or (drumroll, please) is this the story that is distraction us from something else?? Like the grand jury decision coming in about the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown (RIP)? Or something else that we don’t even know about yet?? HMMMMMMMMMM?????????? You neeeva know…..

        • Americans do love a redemption story, but, it depends on who the imperfect person is. If it was a personal failing like drugs, alcohol, anger, and other shortcomings—I would agree wholeheartedly. Rape is a very very serious crime, so, Cosby has to beat these allegations outright, otherwise, his legacy is adios. At 77 years of age, this is too much.

      • @Just_Joi

        The media could sweep this under the rug, but, it’s too juicy to pass up. Cosby is a cultural icon in our community and outside of it as well. No evidence has been brought to our attention that is concrete in nature. All we have is a group of women saying he did such and such. Honestly Sis, I don’t know what to think? If he did wrong, he should suffer the consequences of his actions. If he is innocent, he deserves to have his reputation back.

        • Right now, the idea of him living this down doesnt even sound feasible. Even if he is innocent. And the fact that he isnt adamantly denying this makes me wonder. He’s old though…maybe he feels like this whole situation in beneath him .

          • Whatever evil deeds we do in life will make us uncomfortable to say the least. All we have is our reputation and integrity to carry on when we die. His life on this planet could be destroyed because he has a sexual addiction. Hollywood amplifies any vice a man may have before he jumps in the pit. We need black entertainers to push the cultural assets of our people to the masses. But, if many persist in tearing us down, we can do without. Joi, brothas in hollywood gotta be about more than just ego and sexual stereotypes. Chasing whitewomen to piss-off the suits at Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Universal, etc. This same pattern has been at play since I was a jitterbug. It’s always bothered me. As for Camille Cosby, she gotta do what’s best for her. She may stay, might not… I Can’t Say? I hope he did not commit these crimes, but, my gut is telling me otherwise!!!

  16. people sometimes forget that Cosby literally played the devil in a big budget movie…1982’s “The Devil and Max Devlin”…

    Now you know he had to take the oath (at the Playboy Mansion) in order to be given such a role…

    And how many wives lets their husband bang chicks at the Playboy Mansion…His wife is just as trifling as he is…Maybe more…What kinda woman is she?

    • WHAT OATH? ARE YOU SERIOUS? You do realize by pointing to Illuminati affiliation with every single celebrity you are diminishing the talent that they have? Why can’t they land a role or get a record deal because they are talented? STOP IT PLEASE!

  17. “Uncle Bill” was AWOL during the entire civil rights movement when legendary black athletes and entertainers such as Dick Gregory, Richard Pryor,Jim Brown, Ali, etc., etc., were putting their careers and lives on the line speaking out for global black self respect where was jello pop..?

    Cracking safe white friendly jokes and putting white folks at ease about sicking dogs on us, he chose instead to mimic his entertainment masters…sucking on long brown dick cigars while golfing with the racists bob hope’s and johnny carson’s of the world.

    So all these years pass bye after the cosby show is over and bill is no longer relevant in the public eye what better way for Bill to get that feel good white approval he got in sixties and also from the legendary success of the cosby show in the eighties? Publically attack poor and uneducated black people in the late nineties in an vicious manner.

    So Bill figured out in the nineties that he could get pats on the head and extra corn bread from white folks if you attack poor black people over a mic while not using any capital implimenting tangible changes, so now we have chris rock, barkley and obama running around here doing the same thing to us.

    Every race has a so-called embarrassing under class, but please someone tell me what established white entertainers go to an all black venue and attack white trash residents in a SERIOUS finger wagging manner to the delight of a black audience?

    Cosby did not go to the hood and chastise the black under class to their face and offer solutions or set up schools with all the money he sitting on Cosby instead decided to go to all white venues and cnn and just rake us, he also said the trayvon killing had nothing to do with race before the verdict came down really bill?

    The lesson in all this to me is this if you side against your own people and allow yourself to be used by white folks dont think for a second they wont turn on you once you are no longer of use to them. White folks have no use for bill now and that is dangerous to your health and career if you fall in love with needing white approval and dont realize when its over..peace to Mike Brown and the Ancestors..

    • Preach!!! And that is the just of it***puts the james brown cape on you and walking you off the stage****

    • Dynamite Post! They did the same to OJ they created the Orange Juice man, running through airports. They let him sleep with and marry as much white trash as he could buy. Then they through him right under bus. The funny thing is he didn’t even kill her.

  18. Sex Is Sex It Takes Two, Too Tango

    When It Cames To Sexually Assault In Hollywood, People Need To Careful Especially Black People
    White People Have A Tendency To Lie On Blacks, There’s Been Dozen Of Case’s Of Black People Getting Wrongly Accused Of Things They Haven’t Done Based On Skin Color. No Damn Evidence!

    What About Black Women Getting Gang Raped, By A Group Of White Men Back In 50’s
    While Her Boyfriend/Husband Had To See Another Man Fuck His Girl Or Wife

    These Black Men Couldn’t Do Shyt While Their Wife/Girl Was Getting Rapped. These Black Men Had To Stand There Or Beaten Up By White Men, Remember Blacks Couldn’t Tell The Cops Nothing

    When It Comes To White People You Need Evidance Not Mouth

    • I am well informed of the fact that some white women in history have lied on black men accusing them of crimes that they didn’t commit. they were wrong then and the ones who do it now are still wrong.Actually its wrong to accuse anyone of something that they have not done. I’m also aware that everything isn’t white vs black. Should I put support behind someone just because he shares my skin color even if he may be guilty though? You gave an example but its just an example.We don’t know what happened for a fact.What we have are stories and individuals will base their opinion of who is to be believed off the stories. Women who don’t come forward right away are ostracized for not doing so. When they try to speak out later they are labeled liars because the evidence later isn’t always sufficient to back the accusation at a later time. Some women who come forward right away are still ostracized and talked down to for daring to accuse a man..a rich and powerful man at that of such outrageous things. He is rich so why would he need to drug or rape a woman to get sex? Good question..why would he? Some men thrive off the taking control and over powering someone to get what they want. When they have a reputation for being wholesome and having a fatherly image, held in high regard it can be difficult to see past what can be a facade. Now some of the women may or may not be opportunist I don’t know but I don’t believe that every single woman is lying on him. Yes some of the women seemed enamored with him, and believed that he would help them with their careers.. that’s very likely that he made promises.I too have questions about why one of the ladies continued to deal with him for 4 yrs I believe , after he allegedly drug and raped her.I would have never allowed him near me again, because clearly if he did that he wasn’t the man he pretended to be. Even with those questions there is so much to this saga that its really not all that cut and dry.. I’m just watching to see how this plays out.

  19. Wow, ya’ll left some impressive knowledge on this thread with all your different but valid points. Nice read.

  20. I don’t like to make disparaging remarks about our black elders especially one who is 77 but God has transformed Mr. Cosby’s physical form tohow what he has been inside along…

    Mr. Cosby looks like a MONSTER and it has very little to do with his age…He looks like a Reptoid.

  21. Another Michael Jackson situation is brewing. Remember 10 years ago? then five years later what happened?? The same can happen to Cosby. It sound silly but hollywierd has killed all our black celebs. Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson, David Ruffin, Florence Ballard, Pac, Biggie, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, Whitney & many more. Don’t care what no one says they were all murdered!

    Look at Redd Foxx, IRS drove him to his grave & this will drive Cosby to his.

    • So according to you none of those people are responsible for the actions that lead to their demise?

      • Yes I was going to say the same thing. I believe that some may have been let down by Hollywood in more ways than one..Many even became disillusioned with Hollyweird and the industry,but some of these people died as a result of choices that they made(substance abuse). Some were murdered, and some died of disease. Red Foxx was sanctioned when he didn’t pay taxes as are all people whether rich, poor, black, white..IRS doesn’t give a damn. Don’t pay your taxes and the will come for you period. He actually was rebuilding his career..doing some movies, and a new sitcom at the time of his passing.

    • This was en excellent thread until I read this…

      I’m sure the Boules made David Ruffin abuse cocaine and alcohol for 30 years… Seriously…

    • Great another Illuminati conspiracy.

      Dude was exposed because of the viral video of HB standup act. Social media has changed the game. Whether it’s Michael Richards or Bill Cosby, folks will continue to be exposed on a regular basis from now on. IF there had been social media, he would have not gotten away with his shit in the first place.
      If there were an Illuminati he would have been taken down when he was an influential figure. He hasn’t been one for close to 10 years now. He lost so much of his support in the black community following his speech, why on earth would TPTB wish to destroy him now when he isn’t even relevant with today’s black culture?
      They’d be far more invested in continuing to erode the legacy of BHO, which actually has some believability. But Cosby? 80 year old cockeyed sick looking Cosby? n*gg* please.

  22. …He may be a late-to-the-party Armchair revolutionary with Boule, Jack & Jill, etc. connections who needs a new PR team like super-obese people need mobility scooters, but this all may indeed be a setup.

    • Raheim I think you are one of the more level headed people here in that you don’t holler “conspiracy!” at every damn thing that befalls a black celebrity.
      Here is what I was told by an acquaintance who writes for The Washington Post: the media, even the more high minded press has known about Cosby’s predilections and problems with various women since the early nineties. Ten years ago when he settled with the 7 Jane Does, apparently none of the women who have come forth in this most recent group, the legit press had no desire to cover the story due to the residual good will which Cosby had banked over his long career. They knew how difficult it would be for his wife and family, and frankly, they had no desire to tear down an icon who meant so much to so many. The settlement was treated as a non-story- there was an unofficial gentleman’s agreement to let sleeping dogs lie at least for the time.
      Fast forward to now. Hannibal Burress’s stand up video went viral fast and at that point they could no longer pretend to speak, hear and see no evil.
      My friend said that in this age of social media, there will be more and more stories which are broken in this manner, so even if the press turns a blind eye, the general public’s vigilance will leave very little swept under the carpet.
      I don’t think this was a wicked “Illuminati” type plan to destroy the legacy of an elderly man once considered the go to role model for the Boomers and Gen Xers. I honestly think that years and years of sketchy choices made with little discretion or thought just finally caught up with him.

      Or he could be a late to the party armchair revolutionary(love that meme.)
      Shout out to all my homies in Jack & Jill! lol

      • lol Yeah, I recall hearing of a few instances of Bill’s alleged sexual misconduct, and recall someone on here (Maybe you? *wink*) talking about how flirty/thirsty Bill was with women period, though this whole situation still strikes me as a little strange, and not ‘conspiracy! (lol)’ strange. I believe Bill, like every other human & celeb past and present, has done his dirt, but the sheer number of women coming forward is both on some Tiger Woods shit and, like I said above, strange.

        In any event, it’s good to see his hypocritical, faux-‘holier than thou’ ass in the hot seat, considering he has ALWAYS had a (low) opinion of others and used his public image as a shield against any retaliation/censure.

        • You guys are still focusing on the messenger just like the Charles Barkley thread a couple of weeks ago. Both of their messages are valid but because black people as a whole refuse to accept responsibility for f*cked up choices and their own destiny we look for ANY excuse. This time it’s we don’t like who is giving the message therefore the message invalidated. Dumb ass logic if I ever heard any. A murderer can drop a dime on another murderer. It doesn’t invalidate his intel. We have f*cked our community up point blank period and attempts to blame it on anyone else is irresponsible. Bill is flawed but his words were painfully true. Young blacks needed to pull up their f*cking pants and make something of themselves. Bill coulda been wearing a dress, roller skates and a yarmulke. His words still woulda been true.

          • Coon talk that’s all you Coons do is come with your stupid messages about black on black crime. We hear enough of that from whites, the most horrific criminals in the history of the World. What do you think about Ronald Ray-Gun, Olie North and the CIA dumping Guns and Crack in the community in the 80’s? Then giving different prison sentences for Crack and powder Cocaine. What do you think about the Mortgage Scandal, the biggest redistribution of Wealth in the Black community ever? What do think about privatized prisons and outrages Prison sentences? What do think about Three Strikes Your Out? Oh you probably don’t think anything about those issues. Just pleasing your white massa at the expense of Black people. You, Charlene the cross dressing ex basketball player, Cosby, who cheats on his wife with white whores, can go on your merry way. You’re in no position to be passing judgement on anyone with the all the ignorance and stupidity you display. By the way Bill started the Sag with his Fat Albert cartoon, but you’re kind overlook the facts.

          • I’m not ‘you guys,’ what I and Michael Eric Dyson said was valid, and you didn’t address a key point of my post–If he cared so much about urban blacks, then why did he wait 40 damn years after he basically got rich off of black struggle to say something?

            • Who says he has to care so much? Who decides who must carry that burden? In our community we re damned if we do damned if we don’t. It’s like when u see a homeless black dude begging. You can’t feed them all and damn sho not everyday but some of them act like it’s your responsibility to make sure they eat. It’s not. I refuse to judge bill or anyone else on how much they are supposed to care. It aint my call. Fame and riches come with some censorship on your personal views. Ppl here say f*ck bill cus he wasn’t in the 60s struggle but dick Gregory was and yall say f*ck him too. There’s no consistency here at hsk so there’s no credibility. Ppl like who they like and say f*ck everyone else. Honestly I was right when the 60s ended so I don’t know who was and wasn’t down but truth be told I don’t really care. If that was the last time they did something to uplift the race their equity would be used up in my book. It’s 2015. Where will the next respectable voice come from? Lil wayne? Beyonce? Them reality hoes? No shade I just share a different perspective. No one can meet the impossibly high standards of black folk. Not Barack. Not Michael. Not lebron. Is there anybody niggas here like? I mean other than Kenya.

          • What imaginary ‘impossibly high standards’ are you talking about? My post above was an extension of my original post on this thread (You know, the one that indicated that this whole thing may in fact be some kind of setup–Doubtful, yes, but still possible), that Bill decided to take so-called ‘urban/ghetto’ blacks to task when he has several closets full of skeletons his damn self. I’d like to see you type a paragraph about that one.

            • Are we saying only those without flaws may speak out? Jesus had a few himself. I’m only dealing with bills words because I am a flawed work in progress myself. How many of our greats in society were secretly alcoholic or coke addicts or closeted? We agree that bill has sexual proclivities but I just am trying to look beyond that because I believe his words have validity and show wisdom. Malcolm was different after his return from Mecca. He grew. It’s okay that we disagree. I’m a grown up. I can handle that. My response was really to ackotee more so than you. Someone needed to tell black youth to get their shit together. If not bill, who? No one has an answer for that one. We pretend our problem is with the messenger but that aint our only problem. We cannot accept constructive criticism.

            • Impossibly high standards as in no one black and famous is universally liked and respected on this website. We rip celebs and so called leaders daily here. Our standards are impossibly high. Lebron is the greatest but if he passes we say he shudda shot. If he shoot and miss we say he shudda passed. We have a black man in the White House and niggasvhere hate him. They actually suggested last month Romney wudda been better. Impossibly high standards indeed.

            • Anon 8:15,

              I don’t need your patronizing BS. People like you make me SICK! And for the record I don’t believe in jesus, but according to Scripture he was perfect and without Sin!

              How many of our greats had flaws, Are you kidding me? I didn’t say anything about anyone’s personal life. We’re all human and as humans we have flaws. I was talking about a severely flawed human being the pudding pop man, thinking it he was in position to judge or throw Shade at anyone. Bill Cosby who is always talking about the value of education, goes and makes a cartoon like “FAT ALBERT” which has ZERO educational value, I know why he made that stupid cartoon, which only served to dumb down, not educate. And all the while he’s cheating on his wife 90 going North. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. In addition to that White people killed his Son and he hasn’t mentioned word about them. He even agreed with Zimmerman murdering Trayvon Martin. Don’t try to sell me on the virtue of a man who has NONE!

              Oh, so you’re so happy that Malcolm X was different after he came back from Mecca. Is that because he didn’t hate white people anymore? That must have been the only thing you took him. He said a lot more than that before and after Mecca. He knew Blacks were living under a RACIST SYSTEM OF OPPRESSION and on that point he NEVER WAIVERED!

              We have Great Scholars and Historians we can turn to for answers and truth. People like Mumia Abu Jamal, The late Dr. John Henrike Clarke, the late, Steve Cokley, Assata Shukur, the late Harriet Tubman, the late Sojourner Truth and many others as well as those we don’t yet. Because their not given the same opportunities to air waves as the COONS get. We don’t have to turn to sports stars, celebrities and entertainers, to lead us anywhere. Also the truth you speak of is YOUR Truth, not THE Truth. You CANNOT address the problems of the Black community without addressing White Supremacy Racism and Black COONERY and BUFFOONERY!

            • Ackotee you have trouble staying on topic. You also put words in my font whenever u feel like it. You also double talk with the best of them. I don’t even know where to start. Your rambling is annoying. I’m not happy about Malcolm doing anything. You inserted that bullshit then commented on it. Tactic of ppl who can’t make points on their own. You say my truth is only mine then you scream your own truth like its gospel. Losers harp on white supremacy. This is because they actually believe whites to be superior. I do not so I will never discuss white supremacy. They are not superior or supreme to me. You speak like a defeated little black girl. Carry on.

              I don’t need anyone to provide answers for me. I have a brain and objectivity and discernment. Answers are what losers seek. Winners don’t talk. They apply winning strategies to win and continue winning. Fuck bill cosby. You tried to make me a bill supporter so you could make a lame ass point. I could give a f*ck about bill or you actually. I merely stated bill spoke truth about those saggy pants hoodrats. And you do not get that you deserve whatever life has in store for you. In fact by not speaking out against hood mentality you tacitly approve it which makes you just as culpable.

  23. bill should of kept his nasty dick in his trousers.
    this is the same guy who phucked both of his co-stars lisa and phailica, he done mentally phucked up lisa she looks awaful
    her mind ain’t right she seems sad.

    bill’s wondering dick is infamous is Hollywood his wife needs to drop kick his ass. bill is a walking talking dick
    those white women know what their doing because white people love money more than black people.

    do’t have no respect for sellout black men, once you phuck the white man’s daughter your doomed

  24. Waiting for the tea Ms.Reg, I’ve got my shortbread cookies on a plate. Just need that hot tea to go with them lol

    • My shortbread cookies taste HARRRIBLE!! They taste like bland little dough bisquits. They need some chocolate chips in them or something. Thats what i get for going to Big Lots. Lol.

  25. Best thread I have seen on HSK in 3-4 years… The only thing that troubles me is that some people play both sides. Meaning… If a person was involved in civil rights you trash them for their personal mistakes. If a person was not involved in civil rights they are a sellout.

    Take one side or another. You can’t just trash people eregardless of what they do. It’s weak and intellectually wasteful.

    Other than that… Lots of great commentary

    • The only reason Bill is being called out is because he was quiet as a church mouse regarding Civil Rights for DECADES and built his fortune & fame/stature off its success, then all of a sudden he wants to play black revolutionary with little knowledge of what he was talking about, while allegedly paying off his little harem. Clearly the only person who needs to ‘take one side or another’ is him. You can’t be ‘Holier Than Thou’ while doing your own dirt, it doesn’t work that way.

  26. Bill Cosby is being set up by the illuminati for eating a turkey sandwich on a Thursday in the month of October on the year of 1985, the boule require you to abstain from turkey in October to honor the turkry demon, Bill Cosby swore and took an oath of sandwich meat and broke the rule and is now being set up by the dark lords of poultry, they have sworn take him down at all costs

  27. What Cosby supposedly did to all those women is the tip of the iceberg compared to what some of them in Hollyweird have done and still are doing. For the life of me cant understand how someone assaults you but you let him give you money and then cry foul many years later. What, did the money stop or something. This seems like a big f*ck you Bill parting gift from Hollywood to me. Can someone say NBC?

    Beyonce has the youth practicing how to not drop their drink while shaking their ass to make iPhone videos, Kim K parted her hair different, Kate M’s maternity dress is a little too racy for the Queen and Oh, by the way, forget Thanksgiving empty out you bank accounts instead because Black Friday is 3 days away. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ferguson is gearing to be ground zero for the starting martial law., a broad stoke of a pen has brought us one step closer to becoming The North American Union and the biggest land is happening right before our eyes disguised as war and epidemics.


    Excuse me while I not give a damn about Bill Cosby right now.

    • Cut off the leg to save the body…much love @ Black Enga for that post… my group’s here just time to get us to ground zero in Ferguson just in time for the grand jury announcement…. truth be told, it’s looks like a police state outside of where I am at now…. Home sweet home indeed…

      • God Bless and keep you and yours Anon 08:27. I pray it’s peaceful whichever way they decide because I have been stuck in the comments section on my email and it breaks my heart to read some of the the things that people have posted. here is one of the worst:

        Kay M 5 minutes ago 0 4
        I hope the grand jury let’s the cop off.
        And I hope the locals go crazy and riot.
        And I hope that the authorities move in and BUST SKULLS.
        I want the hospitals overflowing with rioters, handcuffed to their beds, being treated for multiple broken bones.
        Teach them a lesson in PAIN, and then wheel them into the courtroom and convict them of rioting.

        “I watched a black celebrity get aquitted of butchering two white people. I watched African Americans all around me cheer the TV when the verdict was read.

        I think it’s about time for a bit of payback.”

        It’s a shame that most of them want black people to riot so they can kill them or watch, SMH.

        Praying for your safety and well being along with the people in Ferguson.

  28. Let me break this game down to you. When you’re in the entertainment industry and somebody comes along and says they were raped or sexually or assaulted it is usually swept under the rug because they are a celebrity’s and that would kill their image and they did report it just didn’t get attention like it ‘s getting now. My point is he know he did it and the victims know it doesn’t matter if it’s just coming to the light it doesn’t matter because you and I would want justice for what’s been done wrong.

  29. the same people who protected and enabled Cosby are the same ones exposing him now. It doesnt matter “why.” What has this man done for you and yours that you are defending him?

    • That’s a good question… but you know people will always take sides in situations like this. People are divided on it.

  30. Did Cosby phuck everybody on his show but Phylicia Rashad? I mean he must have a maximum age requirement.

    • TainoBoriqua, Your damn right!, Bill had an affair with Phylicia They even have a child Together.

      • What child is that? Phylicia Rashad has an older son from a prior marriage in the 70’s. She also has a daughter by former football star Ahmad Rashad who she met through Bill Cosby and later married.Now what the f*ck are you talking about?

        • MissK: Bill and Phylicia Were f*cking on/off the camera’s. Phylicia’s Husband didn’t think He was the Father to Their Baby

  31. Well I can say that whether I agree with all the points made on here today or not..This has been some of the best dialogue in a long time…

  32. nobody takes pil;ls willingly and bends over and let a guy phukk her and then cry rape 20 or 30 years later.

    who would wanna rape Janice Dickinson’s crackhead ass.

    swear when white girls crty rape.

    bill or his tv executive otr whoever must have been making seriouys bank opff bill.

    somebody paid some serious cash cause this could have destroyed cos’s career back in the 70’s and 80’s.


  33. @anon

    I did stay on topic just not the way want.

    You claim you someone had to tell them the truth, if not bill who”. Bill should have paid attention to his own saggy pants. And I told you he is in no position to tell anyone anything. And he obviously couldn’t keep his pants from sagging any time he seen a white woman he wanted to cheat on his wife with. You assume no other men are talking to the Youth. In that assumption you’re the ignorant one because there are men, men who are far more virtuous and have greater integrity, who are talking to the youth. It’s obvious you know nothing about the black community.

    As far as Malcolm X goes you said he changed, Changed what, changed how you just left it open. Much like Obama’s Change a word with no meaning what changed about Malcolm?

    Then you say you won’t discuss White Supremacy, well that’s like having a boxing match with your hands tied behind your back. You can’t have a REAL discussion about the many issues plaguing the Black community without discussing White Supremacy. What the hell do you think is going on Ferguson right now along with other major cities? Not just in the US but in other Countries. The President of North Korea just addressed the Racism in America and the Unjust decision not to try a white cop for once again murdering an Unarmed Black teen. Maybe you don’t discuss it but everyone else, including people of different Nationalities know it’s a problem. It’s ignorance or deception to say white supremacy has nothing to do with the conditions Blacks are in today.

    I have to wonder if you’re white. I don’t sound defeated about anything. But when black people even mention racism or the truth they’re accused of whining or sounding defeated. The only people who are feeling defeated are racist whites and COONS. They both know their way of life is soon coming to an end.

    And what the hell are you talking about, “Answers are what loser’s seek”…Huh? That statement doesn’t make any sense, so I’ll just leave you to your twisted logic.

    • You’ve had a week and still can’t identify WHO. could’ve delivered Bills message so that it could be accepted by you. You have responded three without naming one name. If you go back I predicted you would not and could not answer this question. You also continue to put words in my font to fit your lame and unfounded position. I merely said I refuse to discuss so called white supremacy. Why not ? Because it’s a fallacy. Look at the meaning of the words. You may as well discuss swine aviation while you’re at it. I won’t discuss either cus whites aint supreme and pigs can’t fly. You have been brainwashed to think whites are superior to you. They tried to get me too but aint fall for that bullshit. Whites like to believe they’re supreme but I will never accept it so why would I discuss it?

      I say you sound defeated cus you’re stuck focusing on the past. You’ve memorized all the cliches about doomed to repeat blah blah blah. I don’t know about you but I drive my car looking out the front windshield. I glance back occasionally but the real action, the real danger is out in front. We have new challenges facing our race. The civic rights period was important but there were no 12 yos with guns on every corner back then. A dr king today might be shot by a chief keef supporter during a march. Today’s issues are much more complex and your feeble ass i distance that we focus on sixty years ago reveals your ineptitude at grasping what’s required. That coupled with your refusal to acknowledge our role in our dangerous, uneducated and ill prepared for the future communities makes you dangerous because you fail to see the big picture. Any solution you arrive at will be inadequate because you blame the white man for all of our shortcomings. You simply don’t get it. I strongly suspect you’re who Bill was talking about and that is why your pride will not allow you to see truth. I do not need to call you names. Your ignorance shines through. This is not a battle I take pride in winning. I wish you were open to seeing another perspective.

  34. I would never minimize nor demoralize any victims of rape but what baffles me & continues to leave me a little perplexed is that most of these victims were victimized by Mr. Cosby during a time when he wasn’t “America’s Dad”. It was actually during those years when he was starring & producing predominately “Black” films. So I’m curious as to know what type of power/pull did Mr. Cosby have in the 60’s & 70’s to make these victims (all caucasian so far) remain quiet about a black man raping them especially when during those times all a white woman had to do was insinuate a Black man looked at them in appropriately & their ass was grass? To add insult to injury in what films were these women looking to star in (Uptown Saturday Night or Fat Albert) ijs.

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