Freddie Foxxx Held a Strap To Birdman’s Head

Freddie Foxx vs. Cash Money Founder

Rap Coalition founder, Wendy Day, helped broker some of the biggest distribution deals in Hip Hop history including the unprecedented $30 million deal between Cash Money Records and Universal. But when Day was not properly compensated for her efforts in helping the label, one of her friends took it upon himself to make Birdman offer an apology.

Day spoke with Nah Right about her dealings with Cash Money. During the interview she discussed how New York rapper Freddie Foxxx ran up on Birdman with a weapon.

Here is what Wendy Day revealed:

“At one point, one of my artist friends bumped into Birdman and put a gun to his head and made him call and apologize to me, which he did.

Birdman, called me up and said ‘oh, your friend just pulled me out of Hot 97 and I’m here on the street, on my knees and I want to apologize to you.’ I really didn’t care about the apology. I wanted to know, why would somebody s**t on someone that changed their life for the better?

He said to me, ‘Sue me, when I have to pay you, you’ll get paid.’ He said it very nonchalantly and very matter-of-factly, and as time wore on I saw that he didn’t pay anybody. He didn’t pay the t-shirt manufacturers, he didn’t pay the Fruit of Islam for security, he didn’t pay security guards for security, he didn’t pay his staff, he didn’t pay his office rent. They didn’t pay anybody.”


  1. Too Much Damn Sex Will Make You Dumb….
    That’s Why I Sit On My Washing Machine When Is On, Because Is Better Than Sex

  2. Yeah, “FREDDIE FOXX” is no one to play with and he is one of the most realist MCs on the mic, I own two of his independent albums that I had to wait for years to drop after hearing dopeness on the “BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS/KRS-1” ALBUM “SEX & VIOLENCE”. I always wondered did “FREDDIE FOXX” step to “CASH MONEY” because Wendy Day had did an article about 10 years back reporting on how “CASH MONEY” brothers “SLIM” and “BABY” didn’t pay for her duties in helping them land a 30 Million deal with “UNIVERSAL RECORDS”. Wendy Day is the 1st person ever that publicly spoke these guys not liking to pay people

  3. Oh shit! The industry is about to crumble down! Oh off the topic. Monica works at a hospital! Yes! Monica is now working third shift at a hospital! There is a God and He is so awesome! We are going to make it! If Monica can do it, I know the rest of these celebrities can!

    • I believe it. The industry is a joke and a prostitution/escort ring. Only a handful people have legit careers. It’s the people behind the scenes that have stable money, and even that is questionable.

    • Are u sniffing glue or nah?? Monica has a HUGE catalog, not to mention a Basketballer for a husband and a trapstar for a babydaddy i think she’s straight in the financial department!!!
      Perhaps she does it because she wants to give back in her own way?? It’s not ALWAYS about the money playa!!! If her life is content why wouldnt she want to bring joy to someone elses?? LMAO she hasnt put an album out in years but im sure it’s by choice because she has a BEAUTIFUL voice and a STRONG fanbase…

      • That don’t mean shit. U see all them fools were fighting over MJ’s Beetles catalog. As just as soon those boys turns 18, bye bye child support. Husband, his money ain’t guaranteed money. So she is doing the right thing. Its not so much of giving back, its more of I am tired of this bullshit so Imma get my shit together and have a backup plan just in case. There is always a job in he Medical field.

        • Yes that is so good that Monica became a registered nurse
          Knowledge is power 🙂


          • Exactly. With digital downloading taking over who wants to buy CDs? Now Brandy and Ray J looks like they should go back to school as well. They have that book smart presence about them.

            • Ray J,school and “booksmart presence” should NEVER be in the same complete thought…….Unless it’s with sarcastic undertones…..

  4. If all those people named continue to work for Birdman and he is known not to pay, well shame on them. Just stay the hell away from him. His reputation is horrible, yet people still sign with him. Dumb and desperate.

  5. Wow!!!!! @ the tea about Monica……so much for conspiracy theorist bullshit. Bottom line is if your music don’t sell then no devil’s gonna turn round that shit…….

    • Wendy told this on her show on Friday. She has a point, when did Monica go to nursing school? How can she be a real nurse? I bet she is a respiratory therapist or something that takes a short time to get certified for.

      • Damn even if she is a Nursing Assistant or a volunteer the point is SHE DOESNT HAVE TO DO THAT SHIT!!!! She’s doing it because she WANTS to!! If she wanted to pursue an RN or something more substantial im sure she could do that also!! How does Wendy Willams know what kind of grind Monica has?? damn did she enroll with her in Nursing school? Is she at home studying with the bish?? Yall dont know WHAT that lady has been doing, so instead of speculating BE HAPPY SHE IS BEING PRODUCTIVE AND COMPASSIONATE INSTEAD OF BARING HER ASS CHEEKS AND OTHER NAUGHTY BITS FOR PUBLICITY!!

      • Lol..i was going to say the same thing…but hell, maybe she did go to school…we don’t know what this woman does on a day to day basis.but good for cracks me up, tho.

  6. Birdman: Queens always want something for free. Good for Freddie Foxx for steppin’ up and bein’ real.

  7. One of my all-time favorite LPs, Freddie Foxxx Is Here(1989). This brotha is the real deal, nothing plastic about him. Him putting the fear of God into Birdman… I Believe That!


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  10. Wendy Day is an organized plant !!! If she really want to make a change dealing with anything black, she can definitely do better than this. But I’m sure she knows better and will play her part, doing what she’s doing. Black women please be smart, cause black men like the ones she helped is blind and all for their pockets.

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