Maya Angelou Dead at 86

Maya Angelou is dead

Maya Angelou has died at age 86. The former poet laureate and novelist’s caretaker found her this morning at her home in Winston-Salem, NC, WGHP reports; the town’s mayor confirming the news. Angelou’s health had been failing recently; last week she cited health reasons in bowing out of an appearance this Friday at which she was to be awarded the MLB Beacon of Life award.

Angelou had a fascinating life. She began writing following a traumatic childhood incident in which she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend, who was then beaten to death by a mob after she testified against him, according to CNN. She never went to college, but holds more than 50 honorary degrees. She spoke at least six languages, and once worked as a newspaper editor in Egypt and Ghana, where she wrote her famous autobiographical work, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

As a prominent member of the Civil Rights movement, she counted Martin Luther King Jr. as a friend; in December, she paid tribute to friend Nelson Mandela. “I created myself,” she once said. “I have taught myself so much.”


  1. That’s so sad to here rip Ms angelou there will never be a poet like you you will be missed by a lot of people rip.

  2. I’m seeing SO much unexpected love and admiration from so many different walks of life. Even known racists are showing such great respect! Rest easy Maya Angelou.

    • Really. Does it matter who she married or what name she carried? What matters is her legacy and all the important things she did for black men and women. Why do you always seem so bitter and angry?

      • What Legacy?Blacks are in the worse condition than we’ve ever been in so what are you talking about?How can she stand for us and than reject us all at the same time by marrying the oppressor?Give Me A Damn Break!

        • Ecclesiastes 7:7 Surely Oppression Maketh The Wise Man Mad.(Take that for my bitterness @ Sunni)

          • Is there ever an original thought in your head? Besides, that scripture clearly says ‘wise man’ not ‘dim-wit with pseudo-intellect’. Stop reaching

          • BA, I don’t like to lecturer or preach but feel I must point out that there is a time and place for everything, ok, so no need to critcize woman while her “framily” and fans still mourn her. Besides marrying a Caucasian is not a sin.
            Then too, you seem like a man with a spiritual mission but you simply cannot make the rapture, or be amongst the 1/3 that will survive tribulations, or of the 144,000 if what you preach is laced with hate. You know what I’m talking about, man. We all know what many whites have done but we don’t ha ve to waste time hating them. Let the Most High judge all thenations accordingly. Preach your Israelite message- you have woken many to this forgotten reality and I am grateful to you for it. But when you spew hate you are emulating your oppressor more than you realize. Hating people based on skin color, now who does that sound like??????

            • Marrying outside of you’re nation is a sin Duet 7:3 substantiates this.I don’t respect black women whom date whitemen because they hate black men as well as themselves.Ask Heather Headley.

            • Btw,Anon 11:41 God hates the White man who is Esau of the bible.Romans 9:13 As it is written Jacob have I loved but Esau I have hated.(I rest my case.)

            • @Thee 1 MJ’s wife is Cuban from the tribe of Manasseh and Kobe’s wife is Mexican from the Tribe of Issachar so barring these women are not of Spaniard descent they’re both Israelites. Step you’re knowledge up before you address me.Shalom

            • Love is has no colour ba. It’s a gift for the soul. Doesn’t matter what colour the wrapping paper is.

            • @Anon 17:46 Nations were created to be seperate and never to come together.There’s a reason Mt.Everett and Mt Sinai are bin two different locations because they were never meant to coexist amongst each other and the most high feels the exact same about his chosen people the Israelites and race mixing. Its prohibited in the bible.

            • God is truth. God is love. True love. As I said, love is a gift for the soul. Nothing to do with race, creed or colour.

            • @Anon 17:46 You say Love has no Color,right?Show me that verse in the bible and then I’ll believe you.

            • If you wanna make people lower than you bcuz of where their born, bcuz of their heritage, bcuz of their colour. So be it. Your lost.

        • Black ASS you a damn hypocrite. BM swirl marry 3x more than BW and you not calling them out. Kanye, Kobe, Micheal Jordan what you got to say?

    • She married two white men. Her second husband was Paul du Feu, the Welsh ex-husband of feminist author Germaine Greer.

    • Ha ha ha! What is this? The 1950’s in the south! Lol. I’m guessing you don’t have a white counterpart. With that said, how many people have you inspired/influenced of the black community? You have yet to even quote the bible in its right context yet your all up in this woman’s love life. Clearly she has had more positive influence, even with her white husband, than you have. So show some respect. Were here to celebrate a great women’s life. Not hear about the lastest sermon from your cult meeting.

  3. 86-90 seems to be the life span of drug free black women who die of natural causes.

    • who do not have diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney disease. Leave the drugs alone, but also leave the fast food an sweets and dyed junk on the shelf!

      • Fast Food restaurants were set up by those Satanic”Knights Of Malta’members to give the public heart disease and in the the Medical Industry would benefit from the surgery/ procedures via insurance companies.Its all a set up.I agree keep away!

  4. Wowowo!!! Rest on angel!! Thank you ms maya for gracing us with yiur presence and amazing talents and efforts! U are truly loved n missed!

  5. We’ve truly lost a legend. She will be greatly missed.Rest in peace Maya Angelou.

  6. Fascinating indeed!

    Gone are the days when a woman like this did the most with her life.
    Spoke 6 languages, had friends who are Billionaires, Kings and Queens as well as regular folks

    Gracious, always carried herself with dignity

    What we have representing us now makes me furious. The Media has hijacked our image – and thenks to BRAVO and REALITY TV. The image of a blackwoman
    Is far from what Dr Angelo represented.

    If nothing else – WE NEED TO FIX THIS.

    • You know thanks for saying that yesterday I was walking down the street and these two men were talking and one said out loud I will never merry are be with a black woman never because how they are seen on TV is how they are starting to be like in real life and it’s sad because of the images that are on people are thinking we are really like that we need more women of color on TV to have a positive image.

      • Why the hell he said that out loud as you were passing? he trying to make you feel bad or something. His loss! I know many phenomenal Black women today, women with grace, class, and beauty. The loud Black woman represents a minority, she does not represent me or the people I hang with. The loud woman is in every fold, I have seen her in my doctor’s office causing mayhem, I have seen her at the restaurant, at the drugstore, in school, and in none of these instances was she Black

      • That’s just an idiot you passed by who can’t tell the difference between real life and TV.

  7. When Grandma said GROW UP and BE SOMEBODY.
    She did not mean the brawling brash witch on RHOA or LOVE and HIP HOP.

    Times may have changed, but classy, elegance and dignity are forever.
    Thank You Dr. Angelo.

  8. She lived a good life, and was well loved by many near and far. A truly phenomenal woman who hard life and evil did not conquer

  9. Psalms 94:16 Who Will Rise Up For Me Against The Evildoers(I will rise up for the most high and come against any black woman who thinks is cool to break Yah’s Laws and marry a white man including MA)

  10. No disrespect intended, but Traci404, you might want to brush up on the life of Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou had quite a checkered past. There are many brilliant black men and women out here who are self-taught in just about any discipline you can name. They just never got the opportunity to shine and no one knows their names but they’re out there. I’ve met many of them. I’ve met homeless geniuses who We don’t have to put everyone else down to lift up Maya and her accomplishments.

  11. *interrupted by Jacky’s page counter. Sigh*

    I’ve met many brilliant people who are self-taught in the arts, sciences, and history. We are a brilliant people. RIP Maya.

  12. Do u want ne to come now. Because I would have to leave pretty soon to be there by 6

  13. R.I.P. , Maya Angelou. Such an inspiration. So rare. You will be truely missed.

  14. When all of the educated, elderly black scholars pass on, black Americans will be in serious trouble! The ruling white class continues to brain wash and condition our youth to act like buffoons and criminals. These young black Americans never didn’t live in the Jim Crow era. They don’t know the struggles of Maya Angelou and other elderly black Americans. Maya Angelou was a legend; a hero for human beings worldwide. Soon other heroes like Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali and Kareem abdul Jabbar will pass. What will we do? Most of us (Especially our youth) are completely lost. I am scared! I am scared for the future of the black man and woman in Amerikkka!

  15. Instead of us looking for guidance from those aforementioned individual we should return to the most high and keep his laws statutes and commandments. After all Maya’s great heroics she still married the enemy and the oppressor so she was the women of perdition.All black entertainers are nothing but paid sellouts Maya included.

  16. Not a fan of her works liked her as an orator. Only person of color besides Obama that can move a crowd of all colors. Spoke at the Virginia Tech shooting and was moving. Her interview with Dave Chappelle should be watched by all.

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