Fiddy Goes Left!

50cent Worst Pitch Ever!

Rapper 50 Cent threw out the first pitch for the Mets / Pirates game Tuesday night. Let’s just say it didn’t go so well!

Here’s what fiddy had to say afterwards:

“I’m a hustler not a damn ball player. lmao”

Sound off…


  1. 50Cent is that Nigga!JaFool or Clith Ross would never get this Invite.Ggggggggg G-Unit.

  2. Bizarre! If sports ain’t your thing leave it alone. I was always the kid picked last, and I know why, because I sucked at sports and still do. Fiddy, know thyself, and to thy ownself be true

  3. To whoever said he throws like a girl…don’t put that ish on women. I played softball from elementary school through early high school and I’ve never thrown a pitch like that. I guess he never had time to learn sports between being shot and being a hardcore thug and all that. Can’t stand this man.

    • …as proof of your theory, a young girl threw out the first pitch yesterday. She did better than Obama and ‘that man’ ..

  4. I’m no supporter of 50 cent missing his sons graduation. I think he’s pitiful for it. But he’s even more pitiful for having a child with his babymama, she is an idiot. I just read her response, she said 50 does not pay for the school, he pays child support. She is really garbage from that whole interview. 50 grow up and get you a real woman and stop impregnating below basic bit**es

    • “50 grow up and get you a real woman and stop impregnating below basic bit**es”

      He is a below basic bastard manchild so how can he grow up and stop dating himself.

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