T.I. Sets Record Straight, Tiny Xpose Ho’in In Vegas!

T.I. vs Mayweather

T.I. has surfaced to revealed an unscathed face… just one day after the Sunday melee in Sin City that he’s said to have sparked.

“What they say… I got two black eyes? Where they at though? These ones I’m lookin’ at huh? Is they black, fa real? Damn! Been like that all my life. Fuk my hand up… that’s about it.” -T.I.P

Now… Tip’s over-the-weekend brawl may be a beef that was intentionally set off by the rapper’s scorned wife. Know why? Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris’ last set of IG posts are revealing!!! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Jhene Aiko, whose “The Worst” remix T.I. laced.

“But if it isn’t worth shooting me in the head don’t/ Take to social media to try me/ Putting folk all in our BI all on IG/Nah, I don’t believe it, I don’t wanna see it/ Maybe I wake up tomorrow it’ll be deleted/ You out the country in bikinis on beaches/ While I’m in the studio doing features.” ~T.I., “The Worst”

Just take a look — and read of — at MajorGirl’s most recent social media blasts….





Dig the drop:

“T.I. and Tiny are done and the whole thing completely unraveled over the weekend.”

Did Tiny meet T.I. at a local mall? Of course! Just ask Shekinah.



  1. TIP u A Lame For This One,Nigga Should Slap Himself,U Been Sniffin Iggy Tail,Now U See Ur BM With Anotha Man&U Wanna Fight Him!?! #Fail #PlayazGetChose Lucky Floyd Is A Pro,And Can Lose His Boxing License Behind Fighting A Civilian….

  2. It’s very obvious she is starving for attention that T.I. wasn’t giving her at home, and it seems like she posted those pics to get a reaction from him. The sad thing is the reaction she got was a very messy one, and in doing so, she dragged Mayweather into her drama. I guess since T.I. is rumored to be laid up with different women publically (which she addressed by lamenting how she has to “put up with” his alleged public transgressions) Tiny wanted to make him think she was laid up with Floyd Mayweather too. It’s a childish cry for attention, and if you have to go through all that, you may as well even not be together. It’s a bad look for all both of them, especially in front of their children.

      • Tiny has done a lot to please T.I. and now she feels like a fool because after all that he still doesn’t want her. I believe there is love there but there is no respect. She has allowed too much mess into her marriage and I don’t care what anyone say…a man has a hard time respecting a woman who will do ANYTHING to please him. Tiny is too desperate and grimey. T.I. is no better but because he is a man he feels entitled to his bullshit.

        • I think T.I. is just another sad case of a man settling for the girl that was groveling and kissing his ass. Some men think that’s the respectable thing to do….and it is if you truley are in love. I think he appreciated her and grew to love her, but was never attracted to her outside of her willingness to participate in 3somes and cater to his every need. I think it was in her to do everything she did for her man and I respect that about her. But had she demanded more respect, this marriage would’ve never happened.

  3. I’m no fashion icon. But that is one farrkin stupid looking bikini. Maybe if he was fighting over the girl on the left, this would make some kind of sense.

  4. We got the biggest AA boxer, and one of the biggest and best rappers who is also AA acting a dam fool like this. When will this madness end? Wake up my people, wake the #!@* up!

    • Best Boxer.. Yes! Best Rapper… Hell to da Naaaaaw! He aint even top 10! Real talk. I wished Money May wud have Rocked his dumb ass! Ti a punk ass nigga an a snitch! Money may wud kill dude! Enough said!

  5. who is tiny tho bad look for floyd didnt u hear all the heat we gave ti for mrs piggy now u fryin bacon too come on u had ms jackson….. mmmm jus sayin

    • Floyd doesn’t want Tiny’s used up ass. If he wanted her he would have had her by now. There are few men with real money who would want T.I.’s raggedy leftovers. And some men actually prefer a woman with a natural body.

  6. T.I. u can’t take your own medicine? And tiny u don’t look that good ma LMAO u o.k. but the cosmetic surgeries did help you out some but you not no dime anyneee way t.i. Floyd mayweather would take your head off get in the ring wit him I’d pay to see that both you and tiny need to go to a professional counselor or sum get yall shit together t.i. you especially you can not take mayweather bottom line

  7. Miss Piggy setting the pork out. Let me find out Tiny bustin it open for some damn lime a rita’s. Lol..

  8. Tiny is very thirsty for attention. Floyd is not interested in Tiny like that. Ive seen the women Floyd dates and Im sorry Tiny your not even close.

    • True. And supposedly FM just set his favorite boo up for life, gave her that Vegas lifestyle with all the trimmings including house, car and spending money. Unless it was all photoshopped she posted it on Ig so I really don’t think he’s checking for Tiny like that.IJS

  9. T.I. needs to be checking his wife and not Floyd. If this was all a publicity stunt why endanger the lives of others? I see the thirst in Tiny’s eyes. It’s time to call the divorce lawyer. The tv show ratings are low so it’s time to throw in the towel. T.I. has cheated on you Tiny and possibly fathered children while married to you and that must hurt.

  10. T.I.P. is country as hellll…that was funny, but his nostrils all flared out from that ya-yo…SMFH…

    • Irk! His nose reminds me of an arrow pointing downward. All he needs is a sign below his nose saying, “Herpes bumps will show up here.”
      Bow and arrow nose ass!

  11. T.I. has been aging miserably. T.I. you could use some visine and some lotion. There’s no reason to be looking that dusty with that complexion.

  12. Men go to war over women every day…
    Remember Helen Of Troy? Cleopatra?

    It’s the weak ones who can’t have what they want who cause the ruckus, if he had been where he needed to be, this might not have happened.
    Then again, ya can’t turn a ho into a housewife, so if it was in her all along to play him up, she did her job.
    And he fell for it.

  13. Merryfeather, he ain’t go no real friends, he buys them. I really really think he doesn’t like women like that. 50%cent sure of that.

  14. I saw somewhere that tiny’s husband will be dropping three new albums back to back. I think within a years time according to the article. Thats a whole lot of work, maybe he just stressed. Js

  15. Fuck you Mayweather dick riders, Stop making excuses for his sorry ass. T.I. smacked him up and he didn’t do shit. END OF STORY.

    • You a gotdamn lie! Ti stupid an dumb an Money May aint gon waste time knockin a box of spaghetti down! Bitch shut up! Mo ey may goy too much to lose messing around with this goofy ass nigga! Ti did that so he cud try to sue but if ti hit money may? May shud have the right to f*ck him up! Go eat a dick bitch!

  16. Save that messy drama for a private talk together no one really needs to know whats going on in their private life.Social media is not to be used for hurting your KIDS .They both need to grow up and be discreet for their kids sake.

    • Grown mature adults with kids don’t do these kind of public displays going back and forth and involving others.It’s childish on both ends save it for the counselors .

  17. T.I need to sit his featherweight ass down before he go back to jail I know he got a rifd chip in him. Dont nobody want tiny ugly ass so calm down bruh.

  18. he’s bussy dipping his light skinned cooney dick in that pasty white wanna be black girl iggy azeela

  19. Still trying to figure out if they are fighting about Tiny or Nelly. Nelly and Mayweather got into it some weeks ago over Mayweather’s ex and T.I. and Nelly are besties.

  20. All those body ‘upgrades’ has Tiny looking deformed. Those little stick legs can’t support all of that fix-a-flat she has pumped in her rear. So glad I am not cursed with vanity

    • Cursed with vanity is exactly what some people are dealing with.You are absolutely right .Some of us know the importance of life .

    • Wether man or woman, cheaters don’t like being cheated on. Men usually get pissed lash out, women get mad but they dont lash out, they just give up more coochie to different people.

      • I agree. I should I saw my friend’s reaction when I told him a friend (male) was coming into town. Talk about jealous? Yes?

        • Hahaha, yeah buddy, when I comes to this kind of thing, women can never be faded. Most times women will get the last laugh. I have known a few cases where women have thought they were doing heir thing and playing the game but they ended up playing themselves. 2 HIV cases and 3 out of wedlock kids. That shit right there proved to me that vengence is the Lords.

          • see it’s bad enough to cheat but to not use protection and catch a disease……just triflin’.

          • I agree. Women cant do what men do. We receive men an they dont receive us! Our wounds are sacred an we only end up playin the fool Double. Real spit right there… im bout to start charging fools! Lol

          • OMG. I would feel SICK to cheat on a dude and give him HIV. I would probably jump. Seriously! How does one even have that talk!!??? Hearing your story has scarred me for LIFE. YOU KNOW THEM? Woah.

  21. Exactly Ms B. You can always spot a fake behind based on the absolute lack of thighs to match the booty. Personally I like a nice plump behind but I’m more than happy to work with what I’ve got.

  22. Where are all these ass-less girls at that need butt injections. Here in Inglewood, I see no candidates for this procedure.

    Question: Is it like eyebrows? Shave em off and draw them back? Are they lipoing the ass then re-inflating? Or are they losing so much weight on the coke diet that they have to re-inflate their ass?

    The girls i see on a daily are in no danger of needing more ass. Ijs.

    • @Just_Joi- Really big in the Latina community. My Puerto/Mexi co-worker just went to TJ over the weekend to get gel implants. ( By the way- they felt sooooo real!) Lololol. Feels real but looks uber fake.

    • Lol @ “here in Inglewood.” Joi, in Inglewood, those heifers are eating Southern fare. Everything is fried, smothered in gravy or cheese, the vegetables are cooked to the extent that the nutrients have been depleted… They need to visit the Zumba studio on LaBrea, South of Manchester.

      • So, then thats the answer! They get rich, eat food that rich white people eat, and their asses just fall off! If thats not sexy, and eating that way is bad then why they wanna look like they eat that way. Oh nevermind, cause they just want to look like they slapped that ass on a skinny girls body. Wait, oh! I get it! Woman with a fat ass rather than fat ass woman!! Makes sense.

        • You know there are women who are stacked (booty, boobs, hips and thighs), yet proportionate. You can be thick and have a flat stomach and waist. The problem with too many women today, particularly young women, is they would rather see Dr. J. Curves to get butchered than they would a personal trainer and do the necessary work via diet and exercise to achieve the results they desire. Shekinah (sp)

          • Shekinah didn’t need lipo. She isn’t 30-years-old. She needs to see a doctor and a nutritionist so she can be taught how to eat properly. If she ate clean and exercised regularly, she and a lot of other people would have awesome bodies.

  23. T.I. was a teenager when Tiny started messing with him. She is a foul, foul-mouthed, gross little creature. Amazing nobody calling her out for being the chester that she is. She know damned well that Floyd don’t want her and had ZERO intentions towards her. She ins

  24. Tivy is a beautiful woman. She love and takes care of her kids, his kids, and her mom. I hope that she divorces him and get childsupport. If he wants to come back and she wants him fine, live with him, but keep the child support. That way if he comes back then its for love not money. Plus Tiny is multitalented. I would not be surprised if she writes some of his lyrics or advises him on his lyrics. He loses, but I think the kids will be okay. She loves ALL of them.

  25. I’ve always been told that Marriage is 3 rings.The Engagement Ring,The Wedding Ring and the Suffering.

  26. All that cheating t.i. and now he mad that she moving on. On the other hand she too public with that f*ck you I’m moving on statement. All in all, T.I. take this L.

  27. First of all, they all need to have a whole lot of seats and stfu, how immature is it tog at each other social media instead of bringing their issues directly to one another AT HOME! they both need to grow up

  28. And secondly, those chickens is finally coming home to roost because T.I. been out here being maadd disrespectful to tiny having side chicks and doing all kinds of ish,now he mad cuz she hanging out in vegas?!?! Gtfoh!!!!

  29. Tiny creates her own suspicion by being in the company of hard dicks,alcohol,and Rich blackmen without her husband present.That’s a recipe for disaster and she should be home with her family instead of posting pics to Instigate not Gram,of her and a damn 14 year old looking for attention.

    • I was wondering why a grown azz woman is posting up for a child’s birthday……..Tiny knew what she was doing. She knows Tip is a jealous man. I hope ole girl don’t come up missing.

  30. thinks its in every athletes contract that he must embarass themselves by making a rap album.

  31. tiny looks like she’s into women no pics of her and floyd just her and floyds daughter and a girl in a bakini who tiny might be smashing.

    tip has’nt gotten over her yet.

    but tiny and floyd were lovers at one point.

  32. Something in me fills like TI deserves this! And he does look like he got the shit socked outta him in that pic, he looks shook all up in his eyes..

    • tips mad because hes thinking bout all the child support money he gonna give her.

  33. tip been in jail numerous times and prison so he has that prison mentality.

    tip was out of line him and tiny are not a couple and tiny is free to do what she wants he’s lucky she did’nt leave him while he was in prison all those times.

    • These thugs ain’t loyal. She held him down just for him to get out of prison and go back to chasin hoes. That’s gratitude for ya.

  34. T.I.P lucky he did get beat down. Floyd was with his kid at Fatburger for her birthday. How pissed would u be u spending time with your kid?

  35. Big asses FAKE asses and ass shots don’t matter just CLEAN those asses very thoroughly and WASH good .The bigger the harder to clean lol

  36. Tiny is such a ho, yet Clifford is the one who has umpteen children by umpteen different women. Tiny held his lackluster ass down while he was in prison. Tiny has helped him build an empire that he likely never would’ve had without her.

    I can only imagine how horrible she feels going above and beyond the call of duty for a so-called man who doesn’t appear to love, respect or cherish her. Tiny has the right to take a break and enjoy herself after attending to a house full of children and multiple business ventures for years.

    • Not sure who Felicia is, but I changed my handle from Bella (and noted the change to the rest of the forum) because one or more people have been using the same handle lately. Oops.

      Thank you, Anon. 222 is probably my imposter of last week.

        • Pot, meet kettle. You’re annoying and a coward. Go take your e-thug ass on over to Everest and attempt to make something of yourself rather than sitting on your futon harassing me.

        • Bitches with unnecessary vowels in their names should never: a) pop shit about another person and b) go on Wheel of Fortune.

        • @Rachael: So you’re saying the face fits the personality? Hmm…but how exactly do you know that? Not doubting you, btw…..just curious

  37. Don’t know what ti was thinking aproachin that man in las vegas. He needed to pump his brakes on this one,mayweather is not apollo and you were not in atlanta.

  38. Christina Milian…I Can Picture 2 Brothas Throwing Hands. The Bar Has Been Lowered…Indeed!

    • Why would anyone throw hands over Christina Milian? She has been bounced around from entertainer to entertainer. Her marriage to The-Dream lasted all of 6 months. I would not be surprised if the reports of her messing with Wayne are true. Jas Prince needs to go elsewhere. He and Bria Murphy would be interesting together.

      • Buffalo nickel:

        My comment was specific to Christina, no one else. She was called out re: fcking for tracks. If you think that is suitable behavior for any woman, that speaks volumes about your character.

        Then again, I’m sure you perform BJs for 50¢ bags of chips. Get back on the track before the Frito Lay truck drives off!


      • @B Stiviano

        Tiny is not fine enuf for any sane brotha to fight over…Period! Miss Milian i would kick some ass over…Real Talk!!!

  39. One of these days, TI is going to run up on some real gangsters and he will get something worse than a beatdown at Fatburgers. One of these days Floyd will f*ck with the wrong man and his money team won’t be able to save him. Both of these black men have had their n***er wake up calls. A second one might result ibn prison or death. Tupac and Biggie Smalls ran up on some real gangsters, you remember what happened to them.

  40. One more thing, TI is lucky L.A.P.D. didn’t shoot him and The Game at Supper Club a few weeks ago. Somebody better tell him to calm the f*ck down A.S.A.P.

  41. TI roars really Loud when he’s with crowd but always taking L’s.He went to Lil Flip hood in HTown and the BlackAlCapone Tap his jaw a couple times.Talk about that TI.Floyd would beat the daylight out of TI.

  42. This Floyd Mayweather vs. TI beef reminds me the The Boondocks cartoon when Gangstalicious and his crew started fighting with rapper Eat Dirt and his crew. Damn Aaron McGruder is a genius!

    P.S. season 4 of The Boondocks f*cking SUCKS!

  43. Tiny is an idiot and ti need to go back to his highschool sweet heart. This is so dumb. All the bad b…. Mayweather got and he gotta fight over this h.. Come on

    • Go back to his high school sweetheart for what? He did her the same way. Remember he has Kids before Tiny.

  44. A fight between T.I. and Floyd would look like a larger scale model of Rock Em Sock Em Robots. They both weigh about 135 lbs soaking wet. It would be more entertaining to watch Major and King smack the crap out of each other. Lol

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