Madonna: Mom -or- Madam To Adopted African Son?


Maternal Material Girl?

HSK Exclusive – Marge is far from hiding her apparent plans to turn out her 8-year-old adopted African son, David Banda.

Over the weekend… the Material Girl took to IG to post a shocking image of the child with a mic, bearing an ‘M’. The post seems to paint this picture: Madonna could be grooming the kid to be the next Kanye West.

Take a look:


This news comes just a few months after Marge introduced the little dude on The Grammys’ red carpet — AND several weeks after she seemed to have other plans for the kid in mind.

Check it:


But no matter which lane Madonna is pushing the kid to take, it all seems to add up to one thing: Pimp’in!

Don’t you agree?


  1. Well if narcissistic artists such as Will Smith can push their marginally talented offspring on the masses through calculated hype and unlimited finance, I guess Madonna can do it too.

    Maybe the pic is her symbolic way of “passing the torch” (or mic) to the youth. At least the hashtag didn’t say #disnigga like it did with Rocco Ritchie. *shrugs*

      • you mean don’t disrespect ishtar, or esther, or easter, or our dear lady of fatima.

      • speaking of which, these white celebrities adopt black babies, or children from afrika, to drink their pure black african blood. they have a ritual for it, i forogot the name, but is true, and was witness by my uncle who is now deceased. any celebrity or big shot who have adopted black african children, ingest their blood, to make them younger on the inside and the outside.
        its paganistic

    • OMG, so sad for that little African boy. Yes, pimpin is the right word! She’s using that child!

  2. I wonder how she thinks this Satanic rap career is going to pan out when she doesn’t allow her children to even watch T.V.?

    • Raheem, you answered your own question in your question. The rap career will indeed be satanic, so she will summon the help of the director of satanic things. Open and shut case Johnson!!!…,lol

  3. OOo lord, after that last picture all I can say is…Magic Johnson son betta watch out b/c Madonna look like she grooming the next EJ, oa-K!!!

    • During her blond ambition days before she became a mom she said something along the lines of if she had a son she would want him to be gay. Feel sorry for both Rocco and David. Who knows what they have experienced. Poor Lourdes looks like she has seen some stuff that she should have. Beautiful girl btw who reminds of what Madonnaa used to look like before the knife.

      • I do recall her saying she wanted a gay son.

        And Lordes is a gorgeous, brown(er) version of Madonna. I have seen Lourdes, though, giving her mom the sideeye in pics…LOL…I know she’d get on my last nerve if Madonna were my mom.

        But I’d be too busy try’na run up that Black Card….LOL

    • I thought that too. He looks zesty as hell in that last photo. SMH. Crazy white lady.

  4. Poor kid looks possessed in one photo & then sweet as sugar in the next…#sad **sighs**

    • I noticed that too. Demonic/Possessed in first photo. Then the whole Masonic one eyed look in the second. I’m so glad my people are becoming fully aware of what these so called celebreties are evil as the day is long. And where is Mercy?

      • And that photo could be staged, like the one with Willow Smith. When they publish these photos they are communicating with their sick friends that their kids are available Nasty but the way that poor kid has his eyes and mouth in that photo , could be deliberate staged by his handler Madonna to be reminiscent of fellatio. Sick bitch.

  5. Don’t forget she also uses him for damage control. The Grammy Awards these photos were taken at were right at the time of her N-bomb controversy. What better way to clear your name than to parade the little black boy you stole on the red carpet of one of America’s biggest award shows? These celebs are sooooooooo transparent…sadly it works on like 95 percent of Americans.

  6. YES!

    She only adopted him for his Blood, which she uses to extract melanin from to preserve what little youth she has left.


    • Some get girls too, but I wonder why . I seriously hope they are not hurting these children but I have no faith in Un-Hollywood and its crazed inhabitants. AngelinaJolie, Sandra Bullock, Marcia Gay hHayden, Ewen Mc Gregor, Emma Thompson, Steven Spielberg. Ty Burrel, Chralize Thereon, Hugh Jackman, Michelle PfiefferTom Cruise etc. There are so many with adopted black children. you.can see there’s something to it.

      • Sandra Bullock is nothing more than a prejudice lesbian who thinks she can show you how to raise a black son. Charlize Theron is actually from South Africa, but Sean Penn is a known rasist, so that boy better learn to run quick. I don’t know what’s up with that arm, but it’s known people out right buy these kids. Angelina Jolie never did that girls hair, NOTHING like she didn’t give a f*ck! Cause itsnot hers.

    • I read once they adopt young African children in order to participate in ‘Moonchild Rituals,’ whatever they are (Possibly something to do with what Anon 7:55 said above).

    • Well then she needs to give that child his hemoglobin back because all the red corpuscles in the world aren’t gonna get Father Time to roll back offa her Crypt Keeper looking ass .

    • Its the pineal gland they extract melanin from. Melanin recessive people aka white people pineal gland can’t produce melanin because its calcified. That whole one eye thing is DEEPER than people know. Its connected to the pineal gland. Listen!

        • From Wiki:

          The gland has been compared to the photoreceptive, so-called third parietal eye present in the epithalamus of some animal species, which is also called the pineal eye. René Descartes believed the pineal gland to be the “principal seat of the soul” and viewed it as the third eye

        • This ain’t English 101, sucka. Her grammar is fine, at least I understood what she meant. If you don’t, re read the whole thread and try to keep up.

          • You would, wouldn’t you? You sound daft. In what way will re-reading the thread correct or clarify her blind, hateful generalisations? Or shaky grammar? Merely reading her posts on other threads will tell you she seems to have something negative to say about every ethnicity. Maybe you co-sign that BS, not everyone has to.

          • I read the line “This ain’t English 101, sucka” in the voice of Foxy Brown/Pam Grier….LOL

            • HaHaHa….it does have a late 70s Pimpette kinda tone… Makes me wanna call Slutdonna a jive turkey, lol.

            • Anon uses that “sucka” word to perfection. They do it quite often and I die laughing everytime I see it.

            • I crack up everytime I read “sucka”, too….LOL

              All right now you hep cats & hip chicks, I’ma slide on out the side…I’ma get back to work before the Man catches me, ya dig? LOL

            • Fuk. I’m no good at being a anon. Keep forgetting my name is pasted in the name box.

            • Haha…Yall got me wanting to put on my aquarium platforms and blow out my fro with a “black power fist” pick

      • Do u even own a passport?? How many times have u been to Africa?? You sound as ignorant as a hillbilly from MS…

  7. Madonna needs her azz beat. Who the hell been touching this little boy? That last photo of him says it all.

    • or madona told him to pose like that.

      seems the only way madona can do to get in the hip hop business.

      who wants to buy her bulldagging techno ass music.f

  8. Those photos are truly sad. The recent Willow Smith picture was twisted and sad as well. Btw Jacky: is Paris Jackson going to be ok?

    What’s really going on with Paris & Miley Cyrus and their rehab clinic visits, etc?

  9. Madge thinks she is slick, but I see that opus dei sideways cross thing she is wearing. Either these people think they are slick, or they are no longer trying to hide their proclivities from the masses.

    • You mean the Maltese Cross that that Queen Of England wears?I see it.That cross is also used by the Knights Of Malta and Opus Dei Members.Ask Michele.

    • they been finish with alot of their covert bs.thats one of the primary reasons i know shit has officially gotten real!

  10. madona has her black suit and her black cane.

    magic stick

  11. So judging from the second pic the son will suck a dick while looking at the pedophile. SICK

  12. I agree that child looks strange in that next to last pic, but that doesn’t look like a mic he’s holding, it looks like the handle of a baseball bat….hope he grows up okay though 🙁

    She’s such a trip with the hashtag #unapologeticbitch lmao she used to be somewhat of a leader and now she’s just a follower and old to boot smh.

  13. Sandusky and all those penn state freaks would pay top dollar for maggie’s 3rd world black boy.

  14. Maybe he has some true talent, who knows. Most parents take great pleasure in their child following in their career path and making success of themselves.

  15. Black Mama…White Mama…Role Reversal

    Madonna is never gonna change…Blacklisted! I thought she would move on from her black phase…Not Happening! It is what it is.

    • yeap. She tried her best to get that prized Black man but had to buy one….oops..adopt one instead. I remember when she was swinging on Dennis Rodman’s dick. Dennis wrote in his book how he refused to go down on her. He didn’t give a damn who she was.

        • Lawd….Say it ain’t so. This chick has no business whatsoever raising a black child. Or any children for that matter.

      • Madonna is a Chocoholic…No Doubt! This explains why she adopted an African son. Keeps her in the loop, brothas have an excuse to be in her company.

        • Nah, she got her one that cant refuse eating that wet grocery bag. She gets to train this one from the beginning. Sick bitch

  16. This broad is so weird, looking like she just got done a blood sacrifice smmfh. Who in their rite mind would give this demon a child?

  17. Madonna is a devil but she’s one of the good Devils.Let’s not forget she embraced a Black Jesus in one of her videos back in the late 80’s.

    • Yeah, don’t believe it. That was her playing at that sex majic stuff those freaks are into. She is a devil period,nothing good about her.



      • It wasn’t blasphemous @Jazzy because Jesus whos real name is Yahawashi in Hebrew was a Blackman.

        • I wasn’t saying it was blasphemous because she portrayed a black Jesus(I know he was a true Hebrew and black), It was blasphemous because they kissed each other in the video.

    • Ba r u kidding or what. She a good devil. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Your credibility gone. She a freak who gives everything she got to push people off god. What r u thinking.

      • @Anon 18:41 Don’t get my statement misconstrued. What I mean by good devil is despite Madonna being of the seed of Satan she’s one of the minority few of whites who embraces american Black’s and she’s not out to get us.That’s what I meant by good devil.

        • Madonna slept with black men and black women.

          she copied black music nile rofgers from chic produced her first al;bum and yes nile taught her some black magic chit.

          and she copied from the black homosexual culture as well.

          remember those vogue moves.

    • And who the FCK are you to say what’s good or bad?How many streets are named after you?I didn’t think so.FCK out of here.

  18. Marge is on the Simpsons. Her nickname is Madge, something you should know if you’re going to be a gossip blogger blogging about folks.

  19. I believe some of these famous Caucasian’s adopt black children for damage control or to mold them into the black they want them to be.

  20. kind of funny these white celebs never adopt black children from rthe states they adopt africvans for show and tell or sport.

    guess they can control African children better.

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