Yeezus Unmasked: Self-Impostor & On-Tour Trickery Xposed!

Kanye West Uses Standin

“Kanye doesn’t do all of his live shows…”

HSK Exclusive – Kanye West isn’t only being exposed as the brainchild behind a string of Kimye spoof pictorials, he’s also said to have often used the fake Kanye featured in the images to stand in for him at some of his concerts!

According to our insider… Kanye uses his infamous mask as nothing other than a tool to help his impostor “trick concert goers”.

“He came up with the idea to wear a mask just so he could have a hired impostor fill in for him and pretend to rap over his recorded vocals.”

Here’s the drop:

“Kanye doesn’t care about his fans… all he cares about is getting into the fashion industry. Kanye is like 35-years-old and he doesn’t have the energy to do fives shows a night… so he hired an impostor.”

Kanye West Exposed


  1. This doesn’t surprise me because they been doing this all the time when they don’t feel like being at certain shows because of a busy schedule or because they are to tired or not committed to go perform.

    • My first thought when I saw concert photos of a masked Kanye was, “How am I supposed ta know who dat is???” Should have guessed it was a body double.

      For what concert tickets cost, I want to see every angle of the performers face, nose hairs and all.

        • I did know that much, thanks, I was referring to original concert pics I saw, I think on TMZ, a while back.

  2. fake is in fake asses are dunks fake titties are sexy lashes nd nails fake fake fake is in so im not surprised

  3. I been told yall them some fake ass thirst buckets kim especially everything about her and her family is fake completely! And kenye sweet boody ass wanna run around the fashion industry thought youwas a rapper wanna be jay z yous a bitch sold over fakes

    • Homosexuals have always been heavily into fashion. There would be no fashion or entertainment industry in 2014 if it weren’t for homos.

  4. I guess Kanye and Kim do make a good couple because fake recognizes fake. I hope the fans know this so they stop attending his concerts.

  5. Kanye doesnt care about hurting his fans? His fans shouldnt mind hurting his pockets. Stop putting money into these celebrities and dont show up to any of their events and you will see how fast they go away without the support of their fans.

  6. Heh…He was quoted as once saying his biggest regret is not seeing himself live, so this is probably his way of doing that. *shrugs* In any event, I’m glad I don’t give money to coons who only see their fans as a means to an end.

  7. Could be sheer laziness…or could be something much darker. We all k now there is something seriously wrong with both Kanye and Kim. And in their luciferian religion, they do use doubles/ alters . Supposedly it helps them cope with themselves and life in general. Who k owe why they do it, but a lot of them do it. Beyonce/ Sacha Fierce, Slimey Virus/ Hanna Montana…..Rhianna was photographed with hers the same day she was at that game grabbing her titties in public. Anyway I knew something was up when Kanye supposedly cheated with a Kim look alike. I knew he searched high and low for a Kim lookalike cuz Reggie bush ain’t sharing his one, lol.

  8. M.F. Doom already did that shit with the mask and the imposter. Kanye is a biter. And let me send out a big f*ck you to all you Kanye apologists.

    • slipknot, hollywood undead, and buckethead can’t forget them.

      iron maiden, alice cooper, bodycount can’t folrget eazy e and wu tang wore masks.

  9. remember back in day kanye said that kim’s ass is fake now he’s hitting that ass from behind funny

    this was when he was on the pro black bandwagon

  10. Who cares. Save your money for a rainy day or for your crumb snatchers to go to community college.

    • LOL!

      Sometimes it’s hard to come up with an original, witty screen name…lol..mine sure isn’t that creative…lol

      • I’ve gone anon. Only so many times I can say not all whites are bad. Now I’m gunna write shit about these fame hoes. Have some fun with it.

        • @Killa callan–To paraphrase Dick Gregory: “…It’s not about hating white people, it’s hating the system (Of White Supremacy).” Or as I constantly tell whites when discussing racial matters: If you’re not racist, then talk about racist whites shouldn’t offend you. Just some food for thought.

  11. He looks just like damn fruit cake in those pictures. I don’t care how much I love fame and money you can’t get me to have a baby and marry a damn gay man that’s low. The other night I don’t know why but I had a dream it was me Jay z solo kanye Beyonce and Kim. We were at a restaurant and for no reason kanye was screaming let me out let me out I want out of this get me out I don’t know what that was even about but so real.

    • That dream means that you are too entangled in these people’s lives and you need to “get out” and get a freaking life.

      • @ Jerra thank you but I do have a life a very damn good one if I do say so myself in no way am I are will ever be as you say entangled with any of this people I cannot just like your self. Control dreams that I have.

  12. I used to be a fan of kanye, but then I realized he is just a sell out like all the rest of them in every way..

  13. so what ain’t hurting kanyes pockets.

    back in the digital underground days shock g had a guy play humpty hump on stage.

  14. i’m going to be nice and give kanye and kim a 3 year marriage but I doubt they last a year.

    fakr hollywood marriages.

    • I give it 3 months I would of said two but they have a baby together they have to put up a good front.

  15. Good Tired…Bad Tired? Depends on who and what is sucking up his energy. Kim can drain him, but, i don’t see it. Kanye is a bigger fashionista than his own wife. Meaning, his mind is not on the pyramid between her thighs…Good Tired!!!

  16. If he is tiered and he is only 35 what is it like for Jay z who is pushing 50. Jay might need a oxygen tank on stage.

  17. All of the kardashians have someone spoofing them. Even kris. I can always tell her double because one side of her nose has collapsed. If you see a pic of her and her nose is straight it’s not the real kris.

  18. These Hollywood ages are funny more like 38. Its sad since rappers dont sing dance or play their own instruments. How much energy does it take to yell and point mic into a crowd. Busta Rhymes is the only rapper whose performance merits a stand in. Busta shows are hype and he is interactive as hell with the audience.

    • Hell yeah. Busta gives good show. I peeped him at a club in Dallas once. Busta was so hyped he was smoking weed and stripped down to his boxers. I was like what da hell?

  19. No biggie, but Riccardo Tisci is ITALIAN. He lives in Paris because he designs for the House of Givenchy.

  20. I knew it the first time I saw that dumb ass mask, that something was not right. I feel sorry for all the fools that spent their hard earned money.

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