Did Tyrese Bomb Dr. Dre’s $3.2 Billion Apple Deal?

Tyrese Blows Apple Beats Deal

Dr. Dre may have none other than Tyrese to thank for why he’s reported to be azz out of a multi-billion dollar deal between his Beats Electronics and Apple. That’s because Baby Boy doesn’t only seem to be the one to blame for blasting a video that’s said to lead Apple to go sour… he’s also crip-walking, reppin’ Compton and even callin’ out Dre for being “drunk off of Heinekens” in the footage.

“This is not the kind of thing Apple is used to.

This news rolls in less than three-weeks after word first broke that “Apple was in talks to buy Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics for a shocking $3.2 billion”… back on May 8, 2014.

Now, sources say “the nuptials within the video… may have slowed or even halted” the deal.

Apple Calls Off Beats by Dre Deal

Here’s the latest from Billboard:

“Apparently, the Apple family near imploded with outrage when that video went up on Facebook of an ‘excited’ Dr. Dre with R&B singer/former Coca Cola pin-up Tyrese. In the video they share, in language perhaps unsuitable for a family blog, how Dre will be hip-hop’s first billionaire and other nice things about Compton.

People often forget that despite Apple being this company that makes sexy products, with sexy profit margins, and sexy retail outlets…it is not in fact a very sexy company. It is a conservative company, particularly without the leadership of its guiding light Steve Jobs who would shake things up massively on a daily basis. This is not the kind of thing Apple is used to.”

Take a look at the footage for yourself:



  1. Since when is Apple conservative? Steve Jobs was a cross-dressing homosexual. If Apple decided not to go through with the deal it’s because they don’t like braggin’ ass niqqas counting their chickens before they hatch.

    • Steve Jobs was a multibillionaire deadbeat dad who worshipped the devil. If THAT isn’t a bad look for Apple, I don’t know what is.

      Dr. Dre and Tyrese will never be polished, regardless as to how much they earn. I know the powers that be at Apple know this.

  2. Rap niggas always fronting. Dre only owns 15% of beats, the deal would never net billions for him.

    • I read that Dre owns 35% of the company. But even after the sale, he would miss billionaire status by roughly $200 million, per Forbes.

    • IKR. The deal will eventually go through but what I don’t understand is why Dre is bragging about money like some 20 year old rapper?
      Act like a business man and at least wait until the deal goes through before you start bragging.

    • Huh? F. Gary Gray suck dick? Do tell???? We want to know details. Don’t just tease us

      • I’m saying. WTF. I had heard thangs but now it’s on the Innanets? LMAO.

        Deets? We all anon here! lol!

  3. People should aspire to make more moves and less announcements! Serve and hustle in silence and in Gods time, He will reward you in public. Plain and simple.

    • so right& so simple,which make me think something aint right cause dre is no rookie

  4. apple named after the forbidden fruit.

    these people have to keep it in the occult and keep it satanic.

  5. whats with steve jobs throwing a westside sign well

    w is the 23rd letter.

    2 x 3 = 6
    2 +3 =5

    5 point star.

  6. Someone actually listened to them headphones, realized they were piecs of shit and left the deal on the table. Somebody at apple was wise enough to know that, the only reason theses bullshits sell was because Dre is. Associated with them. Americans are idol worshipers and without Dre being the lead person behind these headphones, there would be nobody to idolize. If there was real money to be made on them, pe was gonna make it. But like I said the earphones suck, apple discovered that and IJS wasn’t worth the risk.

    • Please preach. I went to Best Buy when I was shopping for headphones and listened to every pair of Beats they sold. They need to name those flimsy mfs Incompletes by Dre. I purchased a $20 pair of Sony headphones and never looked back.

      • That’s where I discovered they were pieces of shit. I said to myself, let me see what some 400.00 headphones sound like. All I have to say is Dre needs to be ashamed to have his name on them shits, and anyone who bought some needs their add whooped.. Them 29.00 Sony headphones are much better.

        • I know exactly one person with a coin and a good reason for owning a pair of Beats. Beats are the headphones of choice for people who also own the iPhone 5s and every pair of rereleased Jordans, as they run like Forrest Gump to catch their bus.

  7. The Money Men within the company were blindsided by the deal…The Real Deal! 3.2 Billion for headphones is for the pigeons…S**t On You! Music and Electronics are in neutral right now, everybody got a smartphone, tablet, notebook, etc. Until some new ish comes online, Apple need to keep making IPhones, IPads, Laptops, etc. Monster created the technology anyway, Dre was the face of the brand. Anyway, Dre paid $50 Million for Tom Brady’s Mansion…Impotent Response!

  8. Wat in the Collard greens & chit’lins! *smh* TYREESE sit ya dumb azz down ASAP!

  9. By the way, don’t Dre remind you of a creepy perverted trash truck driver. Im getting a garbage juice vibe.

  10. …Because getting drunk and bragging about this shit in the studio WITHOUT recording it is too much like right.

    And lol@’Former Coca-Cola pinup Tyrese.’ The writer clearly had jokes.

  11. and moral of the story is now brag or show off too soon oops that’s what they did

  12. white people do’t like cocky black people but white people act cocky all the time can you say hypocrites

    • As long as white people have controlling interest in such ventures, they are afforded that luxury. Tbh, Jimmy Iovine hasn’t said boo about this acquisition, and he IS a billionaire.

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