Tina Turner’s Camp Shoots Down Word Of 2nd Stroke!

Tina Turner 2nd Stroke

A source — said to have once been within Tina Turner’s circle — has revealed the 74-year-old singer is recovering from a “mild stroke”. This, less than four-months after HSK Exclusively first broke word that Tina — whose birth name is Anna Mae Bullock — suffered a “first stroke”, back in February 2014.

That’s a report which the camp surrounding the legendary “What’s Love Got To Do With It” one has flat out denied. Don’t believe me… Just ask Oprah!

Now… they’re said to be doing this same over this latest drop.

“Turner’s spokesperson has blasted the claims, and assured the rumors are ‘not true’.”

Could this be ANOTHER case of the Camp Cryin’ Wolf? Well… According to Albert B. Cologne, a reported former driver for Tina, “Tine had to cancel her holiday to recover”. Add that to health experts’ findings that one stroke is often followed closely by another… and you could have your answer.

“Turner’s representative has stated that the star never planned a holiday to Carinthia, which she is said to have cancelled, and has never had a driver called Albert B.”

Albert B. Cologne reportedly revealed this to European press:

“She had a mild stroke, but is well on the road to recovery…Tina had to cancel her holiday to recover, she has already managed a smile for her partner Erwin Bach.”


  1. There are mini-strokes called T.I.A.s which are very brief periods when a loose blood clot blocks the blood flow to the brain. They really aren’t very serious and some elderly people have them multiple times without any severe results. Maybe that is what Tins experienced.

    • Hopefully that’s all she experienced.

      I began to wonder if Tina’s health was beginning to decline when she married her BF after 30-whatever years it was.

      My grandmother had a wealthy Black female friend who did just that – she had a long-time white male “companion”, and when she started to get sick she married him so that her family members wouldn’t fight over her estate.

      He took excellent care of her, managed her homes, and finances….hell, he even served us tea on a silver platter when we visited. And I was 8-10 years old at the time, and this was the 70’s when I was getting called a nigger everytime I turned around, and here was a white man serving me! Used to blow me away! And when she died (in her 90’s) “POOF” he was gone, just quietly disappeared.

    • I would have a stroke to if i turned on the radio and heard beyonce and jayz making fun of my severe abuse at the hands of my ex. She really needs to sue.

  2. I hope Tina okay she didn’t start having strokes until she married that young European guy hmmmm…..he will inherit everything if she dies has she been seen in public since the first reported stroke?

    • BM marry white women and the money goes right back to the slave master you hypocrite go call KANYE

  3. my cousin had the same thing in 2008 she had 4 mini strokethe 4th one killed her

  4. When Jacky first reported she had a stroke , her camp was hollering like a bunch of hit dogs that it wasn’t true. And here they are doing the same thing again. Tina doesn’t have to say a word, she could just allow herself to be photographed getting her morning croissant. But no once has seen her since the last go round. It does look suspicious. She marries a much you ger guy, expatriates and gives up her us citizenship, then basically disappears. Unsettling to say the least. But similar to what happened to Zsazsa Gabor and Kasey Kassem.

  5. Tina Turner worships Buddha so she’ll continue to have problems because the God Of Israel is a jealous God that hates Idols.

      • Buddha himself was a idol.What do you mean?There’s only one true god and that’s the God of Israel Yah.Ask Sodom and Gomorrah.

            • ?????….I see I struck a nerve….but your retort and the hate you spew on these pages back up my claim that you lack wits. Now, how, pray tell, did you come to the conclusion that I’m bald and slutty? Or is it just another one of your made-up theories? Oh well, I’m not the Jack-ass whisperer, so it’s really not my place to try to figure you out.

            • Damn, Black , you just lost a fan. I don’t care if u dislike Esau, edom or the creep that cut you off on your way to work thus morning, but when you come for us, I’m done.

            • Anon 10:39 My statements doesn’t apply to you so disregard.These Ratchet women come for me constantly here so I’m sorry and I’d never disrespect you.

  6. all tina has to do is meditate and do those stupid ho ma chang verses.

    you know she’s omne with the cosmos she’s trying to find a higher ground and communicate with the god that is withion herself.

    yes she will unleash the kundalini serpent that is withthin her so she can truly find enlightment.

    • you are not funny and you lack respect for the Queen Of Rock And Roll, dumb christian fool

    • Another dumb racist black who is high fiving kanye and michael jordan you hypocrite.

  7. lets not forget tina’s past 70 she’s gona start having health problems.

    lets not blame everything on the white man on this one tinas a senior citizen and her body is going through changes amazing she lasted this long.

  8. Oprah interviewed her last year after the wedding and Oprah asked why she got married after all this time, and Tina said she thought it would be unfair if something happened to her Erwin would have no say, or get anything after all their years together. Quite likely she already knew she had some health problems, or was straightening out her business, so she got married. At 74, nobody is what they used to be, much younger people than her get strokes, some end up in care homes from in their 40s. I wish her a speedy recovery.

    • U know. Having a stroke is no joke! I was 32 when I had my first one. Sugar level 796 and wasn’t a diabetic! Mines was cause from this head injury while I’m the Navy. The best advice I can to everyone up here is this, “Enjoy life. Don’t take nothing for granted. Have fun and talk to God. He will definitely will help and heal you.”

  9. Good for you Tina you got your self a good user oops typo I mean man. Ike is looking up smiling at you good for you.

    • If I am not mistaken the man she married was also the one who helped jump start her solo career after she left Ike. This man is about 15/20 years older. He is and has been for a number of years a higher up in one of the major music labels but on the European side. Erwin Bach has been with Tina for the past 30 years as she was really making her wealth, all the while she said he was her support system and never took a dime of her money. I am still a Tina fan !

  10. this is the same guy who didn’t want tina’s children in picture with them he didn’t want black people in his photo. tina is a coon she should of married a black man

    • @Chocolatey , are KANYE LIL WAYNE MIKE JORDAN AND KOBE, COONS? You diss the first lady of rock and roll with your black folks brainwashed racism. yall so brainwashed that you accept as normal, black men swirling and demonize BW who do the same. HYPOCRITE. Follow the money trail. When Tina dies her BLACK SONS are getting some of that money. When KANY DIES THE WHITE WHORES GET ALL THE MONEY.

      You’re welcome, for the EDUCATION you obviously need.

  11. Very few gold diggers are in it for the long haul. As an earlier post said, they’ve been together for near 30 years. Few marriages last that long. Even if they hadn’t made it legal, I feel sure he would have inherited the bulk of her estate. The reason that they did make it legal is that Ms Turner did not want to be buried in the US, and she feared that her kids might have tried to do that if they were the next of kin. Now Erwin is free to carry out her wishes as her next of kin.

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