Tunechi Beef: Check Mate For Scooter Braun!

Lil Wayne vs. Cash Money Records

Justin Bieber has set the record straight… letting it be known that he’s rollin’ with Scooter Braun! That’s the latest word after Weezy blasted Braun in a recently released YouTube video in which he lashed out against the music manager.

“We just came from France with my lil brother, Justin Bieber! F*k You, Scooter!” ~Lil Tunechi

The beef is reported to stem from Scooter’s supposed trash talking Lil Twist, Weezy’s fellow YMCMB label mate. This, about a year after Twist was booted from The Biebs’ home. Biebs has since taken to social media to relay whose team he’s playing for — Birdman-gifted Bentley, or not…

“Scooter blamed Twist for being a bad influence on Bieber. Twist ultimately moved out of JB’s Calabasas home.”

Here’s what Weezy said during the recording, which was shot by Young Money director DJ Scoob Doo:

“I heard they got a b!tch azz n*gga named Scooter that be running with my lil brother Justin Bieber — that’s my little brother, Justin Bieber. I heard this b!tch azz Scooter talkin’ bout my lil brother… this my mutha f*kin’ brother… Anything you gotta say… when you say it say it to my mutha f*kin’ face… and if you do happen to say it to my mutha f*kin’ face, I’m gonna make you eat them words! Ima put them b!tches on your tombstone… Tunechi… Lil Twist… Young Money!”

Check out what Bieber just put on blast:

Justin Bieber Backs Scooter



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  3. I was reading today where Money B from Digital Underground was talking about Bieber, saying Justin Bieber might hang out with a few famous black people … but doesn’t mean he wouldn’t get his ass beat in the hood. LOL (I think we all know a few folks that wouldn’t mind smacking The Beebs in the face…LOL)

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