Rapper Future Leaves Ciara Solo For Birth of Future Jr.


“No one should be surprised that a man who raw dogs every female he meets is not exactly the sensitive type who wants to be close by when his woman goes into labor.” ~Sandra Rose

According to reports rapper Future was not by his fiancé Ciara’s side when she gave birth to their son Future Zahir Wilburn in LA earlier this week.

Here’s the drop according to SandraRose:

“When the news broke that songbird Ciara finally gave birth to her first baby and rapper Future‘s 4th child on Monday many wondered if Future was present when Ciara gave birth. It turns out Future was nowhere near the delivery room when Ciara gave birth to little Future Zahir Wilburn on May 19.

According to Hot 97′s DJ Flex, Future was performing live onstage at VICE’s Bacardi “Loud and Untamable” event in Brooklyn, NY hours after Ciara gave birth.”

via SandraRose.com


  1. Like she really didnt kno he would do this to her… this is like his 4th child Ci-Ci aint as special as she thought she was..welcome 2the club wife-in-law..

    • True!!! He has three other children, a career and random dudes and chicks to f*ck. There is little time to be there for the birth of your child when your life is that busy.

      • I think it would definitely be hard for a man to get excited at a new birth on the fourth go around with a different woman. That’s why I tell never married childless women to find a man of the same, so that you can both enjoy parenthood together and find mutual joy in the newness of it all.

        • Or he did not want to be part of Ciaras he/she FAKE charade .There is no baby but there is a PLAN .

    • I hate she gave him his father’s stage name, because when they break up, she’d be reminded of him every time she looks at her baby.

      • Thank you Valerie! I didn’t name my son after his father just in case we weren’t together, I didn’t want to be calling his name years later…it’s been twenty years, we’re still married, but I’m glad I didn’t name him Jr! Future is such a stupid stage name, let alone torturing your child with it! She’ll regret it

    • The man is not an obstetrician, he has no business in the delivery room like all men. 75% of you black American mothers never saw the Father after conception, so this guy is bucking the trend.

  2. DAMN BURGER! You got everyone wear’n pigtails now Lol! I guess we know who be hang’n in Hollyweird wit ya! I ain’t mad at ya be’n a Joo either!

    • I saw him a couple of weeks ago at Nerd Melt and he had everyone dying! “How the f*ck you gonna be a nerd w/neck muscles? “Im still laughing, and your right about the pigtails. He says he got from Willie Nelson, but a lot of people in L.A are wearing pigtails.Dude’s blowing it up!

        • Wait, Willie did it was an everyday hairstyle. Snoop did it as a was and blow, cause later his hair was pressed out. I thought Burger did it for locks of love, and Willie is the joke. Who knows, all I know is he most be blowing up! Getting talked about on this site! Rock them long red pigtails! And shock collar trivia was funny!

  3. Pull back up off the dude. It’s not like he was out hanging out with his boyz or some other hoe. Hell that man has to work to take care of all those kids. I guess you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  4. That’s a shame. He knew the expect date! He shoulve left that time frame open! Theres no reason why he couldn’t b there…at least for his girl. This was her first child. Just goes to show ya–you go to bed with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

  5. Brothas, don’t ya’ll dare defend this crap…No Excuses! It’s not a good look, to hell with a show in NY.

    • Absolutely, there is no excuse for this. As a I dont understand this shit. This is indicative of the kin of father he is going to be. I hope I’m wrong but I dont think so. But som of this falls on her. On another note he might know that the gig is up for his ass and that hi 15 minutes is at 14:30 and ticking, cause I swear I don’t know where this dudes talent is.

      • Check,Ludacris,Rihanna And Slew Of Other Artists Album Credits You’ll See Where His Talents Are..

        • Blow with Ludacriss

          Same damn time

          Love and affeshon huh? Lu uh uh uh uh, Lu uh uh uh uh….lol

          Shit if you like it, then I love it. No, Lu uh uh uh uh it. Anyway to each his own. No disrespect, I guess variety Is the spice of life and the difference in are it what makes the world go round. He got his fans so he must be doing something right. You got It player.

          • He Wrote&Produced That Whole Track For Rihanna&I’m Talking Bout Blueberry Yum Yum On Ludacris Red Light District Lp,He Wrote That Too,Songwriting Is Where The Money Is Fam,No Matter If We Lyke The Songs Or Not Money Is Stil Being Made

            • Like I said, he is doing something right. If you say that he wrote some real good suff, I can’t argue with that. His writing and producing might be his ticket. I just know that the stuff you hear him on is less than impressive.

      • Right. Ciara is partially to blame for this because she knew exactly what type of man she was involving herself with.

    • Cosign x 10 Tyrone. Even NBA and NFL players miss games for the births of their babies. This was unforgivable and it portends horribly for the “future” of this wannabe family. The ring didn’t mean a thing CiCi.

  6. @Eddie

    I don’t know what’s going on with these brothas Eddie, Where’s the love and pride in being a Father? Ciara deserve better than this, but, rappers are not icons of manhood either way. Anyway, i wish her the best and much success despite the bs!!!

    • You know what Tyrone, I tell people all the time that when you look back on life, at the end of the day, no matter how much money you make and no matter how much stuff you accumulate. The most important and rewarding job I have in this world is being a father/parent. You can have more Monet tha Harpo but if your kids end up screwed up and you feel like you have failed them you will be a miserable Billionaire. But if you are broke as James and Florida and you kids turn out being well balanced productive citizens of society with morals and good character, there will be no better feeling in life. Parenting will always be the greatest thing in life. When my son was being born and I was in the room it was a humbling experience and I was like wow. But the very moment he came out, I didn’t even see it coming and still don’t know what happened but I cried like a baby. Through life up to that point I would hear people say that they cried tears of joy, and I was like, how in the hell do you cry tears of joy? But on that day I experienced it man, I experienced it. Tyrone, some of our brothers are really missing out on and bypassing their joy in life because their vision is skewed. That’s just my interpretation of the situation.

  7. Black women sure don’t mind been some black man’s babymama. I am quiet sure there are still black men out there, with no multiple kids by different women.

  8. So Iguess All Y’all Money So Good That You Can Turn Down 20 To 40k,That Man Got Bills Bigger Than Yalls Future No Pun Intended,Work Has To Be Done!!

  9. this is what these white men like to read about black men are giving them to much ammo. future is a typical southern not right in the head type of guy

    women need to close their legs find a decent man

    • I don’t think her looks are the problem, it’s her personality. Anyone who rubs elbows with the Trashian’s is suspect to me.

      • yes it was cici’s idea for her to sing that crap songs

        the kartrashian have a type of bad luck vibe

    • You really reaching with ‘ Perfect’! She is cute an has sex appeal but she is fake! So sorry lol She is a scorpio an they f*ck an suck for the highest bidder. Sex an money is their Downfall an they love too hard! Can b dependable an loving tho but love money, sex,sex,sex,sex,sex,Sex!!!!!! Lol! An they are great at blending families… My sister is one and…… lol Smfh!

      • @10:54 You must set your standard low if you feel you have no hope for marriage based off of Ciaras situation.I don’t care about how she looks I KNOW my character and my heart was the reason I was confident to get married .Please give yourself credit

        • Halle berry is beautiful but her relationships always seem to fail so if beauty guarantees successful marriage or anything in life then God has cheated many people based on that which is crazy.

  10. didn’t she use bow wow for fame maybe is play back

    never use anyone to further your own career

  11. wasn’t future who had that song with lil wayne?? called karake chop and wayne was making fun of emmet till future never once apologized

    this is the type of men ciara likes wow the sex much be good

    • Good sex without nothing else to offer is a recipe for disaster .It leaves your soul and spirit feeling empty and a temporary HIGH just for a little while.Good sex means nothing afterwards.

  12. Ciara gorgeous?? She ain’t ugly but she ain’t cute either w/ that body builder booty …I will admit she was beautiful pregnant. One of the most beautiful celeb pregnancies. She carried well…

    I HATE anything GOT to do with future musically. Dude sucks monkey balls. I feel for this generation. We went from 2Pac to 2 chains. A mess. No wonder why we in a state of regression.

    I don’t care how u spin it…no excuse for not being there for ur childs birth. Ciara was

    • Wow your honesty is appreciated yet hopefully you know God sees your beauty and others too I’m sure but it’s all about how we carry ourselves and our character …beauty fades.

  13. That’s why they say “mama’s baby daddy maybe” for u INSPIRING baby moma.

  14. Scorpios have the. Best. Sex. Ciara and future both are. My neighbors BOTH are. They either f*ckin or fightin. LOUD. My hubby is a Scorpio too….10years and not a dull moment

    • Not true. Astrology does not dictate how good or bad you are in bed, imagination does. You can always tell if it’s good there is tension. Fight hard fight even harder in the bed. Can get from dusk til dawn.

    • Part 3 is going to be real nasty. Cause he’s mad and I’m bad to the bone, call me when yo momma ain’t home. Hahaha

    • Scorpios have the best sex because they can feel each touch as a “emotion”.Therefore it is intense as the usual feeling .Even just holding hands and eye to eye contact that shit gets deep and easily get turned on lol

      • Wow I never thought it could be so serious if someone “steals” your handle name.So when you are done on the internet and go back to your REAL life does the thought of someone using your handle name stay on your mind all day ?…lol just asking too much more serious things in life to worry about geez.

  15. I know what you mean girl… Me and my boo got our very own movie, it’s called “NO Draws white Louie’s inside Cali da night”.

          • Honey, you couldn’t take over if you bought the site. Goodnight and good luck to you.

            I’m out here busting my ass, trying to make sure all is well with my mother, and bitches who don’t have family are really trying it. Maybe you can rent a family on Craigslist.

  16. For sure her stock went down! Quality guys don’t go for cute, dumb chicks. Her baby daddy issues alone will make a man look in another direction.

    • she used him to gain more fame and fan the relationship looks weird more like a business arrangement

  17. I don’t get people who share personal ass grimy info then blow a gasket when someone clowns them on it

  18. Let’s see he got her goodies and knocked her up and couldn’t be bothered to show up. Sounds like he doesn’t think giving birth is a big deal. Ciara was looking for a sponsor so I guess that’s good enough for her.

  19. Future music go hard! I Dont know what you losers talking about !!!

    His music be having the whole hood turnt up!

  20. just like said …this couple wont last 5 yrs…i give them 3 yrs..future will looks for future puss…maybe he bored already!

  21. he gonna be doin shows n hoes…while ciara making bottles….dont worry ill wait….what chick is next?

  22. There’s a bargain basement bitch calling herself using my handle today. The funny part is, nothing they’ve posted is anything I would ever state. People from CA don’t call CA “Cali.” That’s what folks back East and in the South do.

    I am pretty sure I know who is responsible for trying to clone my handle. When you read this, please know you’re a lonely, miserable, pathetic bum bitch. I can change my handle, but you can’t change the fact that you are all alone in this life, no family and no friends. Hold onto that along with the pillow you’ll grip tonight in your empty bed, you jealous ho.

    The joke has always been on you, on and offline! Lol

  23. I’m like Rihanna with this one “when you about to go off and yo subconscious be like, nah b chill”… Chillin

  24. I’m Just saying I put my name to everything. Shake it off bella, I know prolly have already.

    • I know you use your own handle, KC. It’s funny that ever since I exposed a certain individual for bopping all over threads anonymously, someone called themselves hijacking my handle, trying to impersonate me. That last Bella post that everyone attached themselves to IS me.

      Every coin has two sides. I usually show my cerebral side (heads), but today was truly a day where I felt the need to let a certain person see my ass (tails). And damn, it felt good! Lol

      Hope all is well in Australia!

  25. Men shouldnt be in the delivery room anyway. Every fella I know of who witnessed the emergence has a permanent glazed look of a returned Afghan troop and habitually stares at his junk in comparison each time their kid gets its hair braided. They should just send flowers and install the carseat for the ride home. Or sit in the waiting room.

    • Staring at the top of head that ripped through your spouses vulva is akin to a Terrence Howard standing between Mandingo and Lex Steele in a gym shower. Again most men that I know of have not been the same after witnessing child birth so Future gets a pass.

    • Agreed. What if Ciara didn’t want him there?? Some women prefer privacy during birth. I know I did.

  26. What goes up must come down, until we learn the law of aerodynamics which over came the law of gravity. With that being said, no one is stooping to your level troll. Keep bopping and trolling

    • Since folks are in the spirit of impersonating people, try impersonating their philanthropic efforts.

      The following organizations/individuals truly need an would appreciate your assistance:

      St. Jude
      St. Anne’s in Los Angeles
      Goodwill Industries
      Salvation Army
      Out of the Closet Thrift Stores
      Dan’s Coffee Run (he purchases coffee twice weekly for cancer patients taking chemo treatments in Michigan)
      Your local church, etc.

      You can also take the liberty of sponsoring a homeless person. We all travel to areas where we see the same homeless person or people repeatedly. When you see them, bless them EVERYTIME. It can be a homeless veteran, a recovering addict…whomever. Just know that there are people who need whatever you can provide them with and they would sincerely appreciate your help.

      Rather than continue to expend my energy on foolery, I have been led to step up my philanthropic efforts to benefit people who have sincere needs.

      Take care.

  27. Now future could have been busy but Ciara should have seen this coming because she always mess around with guys like this instead of stepping up. And has anyone notice she always hook up with these lame rappers whenever they got a hit out? LAME

  28. If you gotta talk about it, it’s evident you’re reassuring yourself.Check out Proverbs 27:2, it will help you in the future.

  29. Damn he wouldn’t miss 1 show to be with her for the delivery. I don’t see how he could ever forgive that but like what most of you said above, she should not be surprised.

  30. Funniest thing bout this homo is he wants to be future from 8mile so bad. Wtf would posess ua dorry mtf to name himself a rapper from a movie. Lmao u lame faggety bromance faggot

  31. If you think about it Ciara really didn’t have a lot going for her ever since 50 dumped her.

  32. Looks like you’re due for a thumb up. Let me know the next time you’re in town, I’ll treat you to a nice cold squirt. Until then stay dry, we all know how sweaty and bothered you can get. So keep me posted on the circus….

  33. Must be a lot of teenagers on here or worse grown adults with young thinking minds .A handful of mature adults on here .

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