Ex-Cop Reveals Tupac’s Last Words: “F*ck You”

Tupac's Last Words

“The night was just starting, and you could just feel in the air that bad stuff was going to happen. Even when it was calm, it was like the calm before the storm.~Chris Carroll

One of the first cops to respond to the Sin City scene of Tupac’s fatal shooting is speaking out for the first time, recounting the 1996 moments before he held a dying Tupac in his arms.

“I immediately notice that the guy’s got a ton of gold on—a necklace and other jewelry—and all of the gold is covered in blood. That has always left an image in my mind.”

Chris Carroll — a now-retired Vegas cop — reveals… during Tupac’s final moments before he slipped into unconsciousness [09/06/96]… the rap legend made a slew of failed attempts to try to reply to a frantic, and wounded, Suge Knight; flat out refused to give up the identity of the murderer who fired the fatal shots; and had two choice words for Officer Carroll: “F*ck You”.

“After that, Carroll says Tupac lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital, where he was eventually placed on life support.”

Here’s what Carroll reveals:

“After I pulled him out, Suge starts yelling at him, ‘Pac! Pac!’ And he just keeps yelling it. And the guy I’m holding is trying to yell back at him. He’s sitting up and he’s struggling to get the words out, but he can’t really do it. And as Suge is yelling ‘Pac!,’ I look down and I realize that this is Tupac Shakur.

There’s something in police work called the ‘dying declaration,’ a legal concept that, in a nutshell, basically says that if someone who believes they’re going to die gives out the name of a suspect or is able to explain what happened, that’s not considered hearsay in court when they’re not there to testify; it’s admissible evidence.

So I’m looking at Tupac, and he’s trying to yell back at Suge, and I’m asking him, ‘Who shot you? What happened? Who did it?’ And he was just kind of ignoring me. He was making eye contact with me here and there, but he’s trying to yell at Suge. And I kept asking over and over, ‘Who did this? Who shot you?’ And he basically kept ignoring me. And then I saw in his face, in his movements, all of a sudden in the snap of a finger, he changed. And he went from struggling to speak, being noncooperative, to an ‘I’m at peace’ type of thing. Just like that.

He went from fighting to ‘I can’t do it.’ And when he made that transition, he looked at me, and he’s looking right in my eyes. And that’s when I looked at him and said one more time, ‘Who shot you?’

He looked at me and he took a breath to get the words out, and he opened his mouth, and I thought I was actually going to get some cooperation. And then the words came out: ‘Fuck you.’


  1. This cop is lying if Pac was shot lying there unconscious he wouldnt been able to make eye contact with you. Move on with your life and stop trying to make money off a dead celebrity.

  2. The conspiracy theorists will weep. Guess he’s not in Cuba and will come back in 2020 🙁

  3. They sent out the grim reaper like they sent the good dr. For Michael Jackson and many more well that’s show business just ask Whitney Houston

  4. This racist cop is looking for a payday like that ex cop Russel Poole in Biggie’s death. The only people I want to hear from is Diddy and Suge because they were the last ones to be with them.

    • that’s an interesting point. they both died with their record exec/boss, in California, in cars, at events with a bunch of people around to witness it. not to mention Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson died in California, too.

      • something wicked about california and the gangster rappers from the 80’s and 90’s proved it.

        remember too short’s city of dope.

    • How will he profit by giving an interview years to a small local newspaper? You have to take into context how and why he revealed this at last.
      He clearly stated in the interview that he withheld
      the information for nearly 20 years because he didn’t want to further and encourage Tupac’s image as a martyr and “no snitch” legend, but at this point he realized that Tupac’s legend was so deeply ingrained with society, it was pointless to keep it to himself. So the cop, like many people desiring a moment of fame in the spotlight did a “I know something you don’t know” interview for attention and he got it. The interview was picked up in newspapers all over the country.
      Tacky yes. But greedy? How? Where’s the payday?
      As he said, his words further cement the legend of Pac, it certainly doesn’t besmirch him in any way.

      • I was waiting to see if anyone would really ask the questions as to why this guy was doing this. I think you got on the right track for the most part and I agree with most of what you said except where you say it doesn’t besmirch him in any way. It think it did besmirch him but just not to this group (meaning us) people who knew and followed PAC, his legacy and understood his music. As I read the article I noticed words he used. It might have read like some general information that he was but he was doing more, he was painting Tupac as an ass hole whose murder is unsolved Because of his own action. He was definately throwing PAC under the bus because of one word that changes the dynamics of this whole story. Notice in the article where he twice used the word NONCOOPERATIVE, to describe Tupac. You can pull all of he police reports that you want to, read them and you will never see a gunshot victim described as NONCOOPERATIVE. That is extremely negative in he police world and in many other cases it can be the word that keeps you from doing time. I don’t understand how you say a a gunshot victim is NONCOOPERATIVE. Bitch when you get shot that shit burns and its Hard for anyone to cooperate with hot lead in you. But alo keep in mind, among other things that they did not like PAC, he shot two cops in Atanta and walked, police don’t play that, every cop in America knew who he was at that point an was out to get him. And to end the article he makes it seem like he is trying his hardest to help Tupac and Tupac shows his appreciation by saying, f*ck you. To people who saw PAC as just a wild thug, they now seem him as a wild thug that deserved to die because he literally asked for it. I call all kinds of bullshit on this.

        • No problem. I appreciate you taking the time to try and understand my point. It’s easy for metro call bullshit on this because this is my field. I have been in this field for 20 years. I started out a MP in the military, moved to a K-9 cop, a corrections specialist, a military investigator, a traffic accident investigator, , just like the NCIS show. And once 911 went down, the focus turned to terrorism, then I became an antiterrorism force protection specialists. I carry 5 security officer/ police training certifications. So, I’m not just spewing random shit. I know all about this stuff, there is another related field,that I cant speak about on the net. The I got more training and skills in the military that most others were able too. Shit I was also the equal opporatunity rep and also a sexual assault victims advocat too. So I do know a little about this stuff.

          • Damn, I was replying to your question about the air marshalls and this shit refreshed one. To shorten it. I will just say that I forgot about them. I intended to check into them beforeI retired a couple of months ago. It slipped my mind but you just jogged it. Thanks, I forgot them, I’m gonna look into them today. Thanks again. I have a lot of jobs to consider but this one always seems rewarding. Damn, thanks you comment was a blessing. Thank again, I appreciate you..

  5. Bs he pulled that from the movie Hoffa The fuk you part as the person was dying.

  6. BS. 2PAC knew that Suge had LAPD on payroll & knew he couldnt trust them….Pac knew about illuminati po-lice, remember he shot one of them in the ass….Corrupt LAPD killed 2Pac Shukur & its documented at this point.

  7. His bodyguard said his last words was”I can’t breath”. Now that Frank has died too, this cop comes out with this.

  8. This cop is a lying piece of work. Why wait nearly 20 years later to tell everyone this? I’m sure its a lie…and he is only doing this to cash in on Tupac’s name. I doubt he ever cradled and held Pac in his arms as he lay dying.

    I had the fortune of meeting Tupac in the mid 90s along with the Outlaws, a group of young rappers he was mentoring/producing at the time, and we all became friends. Pac was trying to set me up with one of them named Noble. I would call Tupac’s house to chit chat with him and Tupac (the Outlawz were staying there with Tupac), and sometimes the guys from the group would visit with me out in Studio City, CA, at a recording studio where I was interning. After Tupac was killed the Outlawz came to visit me again at the studio and we had a long talk about what happened. They basically told me that it was a set up…implying Suge was behind the whole thing. I believe they said they were in the car behind Suge and Tupac when he was shot.

    • Not that I needed the confirmation, but in a way, I needed the confirmation. Thanks.

      • No problem. I wanted to speak up because I get sick of seeing lies printed about Tupac over the years, and usually from people who never even met him. I feel blessed to have met him and he is greatly missed.

        • Thanx for the tea, Spill The Tea.

          Our community needs to hear the real deal.

          Always thought Suge was behind it; niggas like him been trashing our community for centuries — all for the approval from the white man and some paper, and usually not that much paper.

        • I believe you.i was in a relationship with someone who worked for Death Row at the time.he gave me this look and was adamant about none of the employees being allowed to sat shit about it..smh…

    • The conspiracy theories are great but your story is very believable. I don’t know any of those people but my gut always told me Suge was behind Tupacs murder.

      • A few weeks ago, Suge said some nonsense about how Pac really ain’t dead, that’s why no-one was ever arrested. This, from the same fool who apparantly shot himself by accident.And lies about that too. I often wonder if Suge is completely insane, or cognizant….just a complete liar.He makes me skin crawl.

        • Of course Suge Knight wants people to believe Tupac is still alive. It’s called deflection from the truth through trickery. He doesn’t want you to know the truth because he is afraid people will find out he was behind the whole thing. The greatest lie the devil told the world was that that he didn’t exist. The greatest lie Suge ever told the world was that Tupac still exists (and that he had nothing to do with him being shot).

    • You’re the one that’s lying! If the Outlawz believe Suge set Pac up, I doubt they’d still be cool with Suge to this day. Think about that you nitwit! The Outlawz have no beef or problem with Suge; in fact they run into him often in the clubs and chill with him. So I doubt if you knew any of the Outlawz; you’re just some lying groupie trying to start stuff!

  9. RIP Tupac. Your voice and genius are missed. You know it is truly a sad commentary on the cops in this country that a dying man would rather take information about who shot him to the grave rather than talk to the police. I’m sure many will tsk tsk and say it was the thug life and no snitching mentality, however, it does deeper than that.

  10. Tupac sold his soul to Suge because he was scared to do the time. When Pac died, he was dead broke. He rapped like a real man, but, he was bitch-made the whole time…Bottomline!

    • Tyrone… Fuck you an how dare u diss Pac! Yo ass is wtong an Pac had been to jail before so quit! What able body mind nigga want to b locked up? You give good views on shit but dont diss Pac! You Bitchmade for dat nigga! Tupac was the LAST OF TGE MOHICANS! Will forever b missed an copied.. What are u doin? Pac died young but left a legacy. You on Ask Jacky , who i might add looks Hella Gay! Talkin shit! You wrong for dat…Whether he was broke ir rich? Brotha Pac lived a life that we could only dream of an kept shit REAL! Respect to Pac an afeni! Makavell!

        • Dumb bitch… nobody talkin to you! An ask yo faggot ass daddy do he know! You stupid piece of shit! Damn ! Yo bum ass always following me lol Go suck yo puppy dick!

          • You must truly be a slut bucket project cum slurping thot to still in this day and age to still be embracin gangster rap and imagery. Get ur fake kors back from yo daddy tomorrow bitch.

    • you wanna do 3 years for a rape you never did go ahead and be a man about it.

      prison only made pac worser hearing all those songs dissing him and recovering from gunshots and in jail for a raper he did’nt do yeah I’d be pissed at the world too.

  11. what if he was yelling it was suge on the slick?making eye contact on & off but still saying suge?He was telling the goofy who it was,& when he didn’t get it at all he finally said f*ck you for not putting 2=2 together.

    • Oh shut up you moron! If you actually read the entire article, you’ll see where the cop says there’s no way Suge could have been in on the shooting, as Suge was bleeding profusely from his head and was frantic over Pac!

      In fact, according to Frank Alexander, it WAS Suge who helped the cops open the door since they didn’t know how to do it. Now if Suge wanted Pac dead, why in the hell would he open the door to get Pac out? A man who wanted Pac dead would have just let him bleed to death inside the car. You coons need to use COMMON SENSE!

  12. This cop is telling a lie. This is some made up shit, he makes a story to match what people see on TV. This bastard just put the LV police department on on report. Because he is admitting to not doing his job. He just admitted to Willfully ignoring strict police code and I’m talking about universal world wide police Code. When he gets on scene he is there there to maintain this specific order: LIFE, PROPERTY and GOOD ORDER AND DISCIPLINE. Secondly he f*cked up by saying that he pulled tupac out of the car after knowing he had been shot. They only people who should have moved Tupac was paramedics once they arrived. The only way he could justify moving Tupac before the paramedics got here would have been if the car was on fire or in danger of exploding or causing murther damage to the victim or other innocent people. Notic the first thing he was suppose to protect was LIFE. Which means he should ave only been focused on providing first aid only after contacting paramedics and ensure they were enroute. There is no mention of him trying to stop or slow down the bleeding which should have been his main focus, not asking who did his to you. That is what the investigators are for. With what this clown said, he just opened up a law suit for Tupacs mother because he did no do his job.

    • But with a dying declaration, what if the victim is dying and the original cop thinks he might die before the detectives get there?
      Isn’t it believeable that he would ask if he thought he was going to die on the scene? I mean I believe your theory and all, but I didn’t know the off. on the scene wasn’t allowed to talk to the victim.

    • the article says that Pac was falling out of the car. You stabilize the victim first and then try to stop the blood.

      He also said he could not see where he was wounded. How is he supposed to stop bleeding he can’t see origins of?

      • Maybe I missed it because I didn’t se where her was falling out of the car, but I read agan and I still didn’t see it.

        Maybe your man does not do first aid on the scene, but that’s on him, like I said the order is life property, good order and discipline. That is the reason police are trained in BLS (Basic Life Support). All the way up to a sucking chest wounds.

        And as far as the dying deceleration goes, you have two people on a scene, both wounded, one clinging to life and the other in much better condition. As a police officer, it’s obvious that they both know who did this. So why do you continue to question the person who is barely hanging on.

        But hey, I’m probably way off here and I apologize for wasting halls time

        • It’s all good, I’m just trippin because this cop has a sensational story and it sound good for a movie script or a book deal but he didnt do what he was supposed to do as a police officer. And im well versed with a dyin deceleration. Because Cops are taught about it but never think oh man, get a dying decleration. He is talking like a dying declaration is an open and shut case but its not, it’s just a statement that can be taken into consideration without the person that made it being present. Let me ask you this, say you got a closet klansman that lives across the street. Somebody shots him and he is on his death bed, he hollers the black guy across the street shot me and then dies. The way he is making it seem like you are gone up the river. Let me break it down. In the court of law statements that are taken into consideration are documentary, they are written sworn and signed. As far as statements go, if it’s not done like that, they are in admissible. A dying decleration is just a statement that the cop or investigator didn’t get a chance or have time to get it sworn and signed because the person died. It carries less weight than a regular statement. Plus his story reads lie they were in a back alley, the shit happened at a busy intersection in Vegas at like 11:30 thats like mid day anywhere else, there were other people he could have been questioning. But PAC couldnt say shit to nobody, he was struggling to Talk and couldnt get a word out but all of a sudden he can say “f*ck you” …..well I share pacs sentiments to that cop.

  13. After All Eyes On Me sold over 5 Million records 2Pac upon his death had less than 150k in his checking account.SMH

    • Pac still had more money than yo Ashy bum mothaf*ckin ass! Bitch stfu an chew in a chew stick hoe! Broke hoes talikin shit is stupid an funny! Fuck u hoe!

        • An your slut bag momma is the ring leader bitch! Fuck you an f*ck u again hoe!

      • Suge ripped PAC off like a motherf*cker. Most of the people on Death Row knew that Suge was a ripping PAC. They also said that PAC always stepped to Suge asking about his money and Suge always came with the paperwork is being straightened out excuse. Everytime PAC would ask for his chese, Suge would give him 10 racks and the keys to a new house or a new car try and appease him but it was all in Surges name. Afini Shakur said PAC didn’t own a hous nor a car when he died the jaguar he rode around in was in suges name. She also said that PAC had so many songs done because he wanted off of Death Row. He was trying to make enough material to complete his 3 album obligation to death row and be out because he wanted to concentrate on movies, the money was better and he didn’t have to chase crooked record execs for it, and Suge knew this too.

        • snoop stopped recording after the doggfather because he did’nt want suge making no more money off him after pac died and dre was kicked off deathrow.

        • suge did all his artists like that the house dre had was in suge’s name too.

          suge admitted he gave all his artists money and boiught them cars.

          which was why deathrow artists get no royalties because suge alrteady paid them their royalties and they spent it and they were naive.

          numerous deos did this snoop and dre took notes snoop admitted he learned from suge and master p.

          • Damn Chris It’s even worse than I thought. Suge owned Dre’s house? It must give Dre some real satisfaction now that he could buy and sell Suge 100 times over.

          • Suge also released “Dead Man Walking”after snoop left death row just to spite him because Snoop got no royalties from the sales of that album.

        • Suge didn’t rip 2pac off you dumbass! Suge was the one being ripped off. Look up Death Row’s accountant Steve Cantrock. He was the one handling the books, managing the artists’ money, etc! He was the one that was fired after it was discovered that he had stolen MILLIONS from Death Row.

          You Uncle Toms are so quick to demonize a successful black man, but won’t say shit about the hidden hand, which is ALWAYS white! These white people ripped Suge, Dre, Snoop, and Pac off! It’s bigger than just Suge, but I wouldn’t expect house niggas to see that.

      • An your slut bag momma is the ring leader bitch! Fuck you an f*ck u again hoe!

    • and jimmy iovine raped suge, pac and deathrow too.

      jimmy is still eating off the deathrow, aftermath, shady and g unit catalogs til this day.

      pac saiud he was getting pimped before he signed with suge.

      to think black music or so called gangster rap saved interscope from being closed down.

      but jimmy chose to ride with punk sissy marilyn manson.

  14. suge ripped all his artists off on deathrow.

    snoop was broke and we all knew doggystyle went platinum.

    and lets not mention all the artists on deathrow who suge kept on hold 5 year album contracts and no record releases like crooked i.

    lady of rage said her album weas supposed to follow dre’s chronic.

    • What the hell are you talking about you silly rabbit? Snoop was living in a penthouse condo in Beverly Hills!!! He had several luxury cars, and was living well. And I see you forgot to mention that Suge paid for his legal defense during his murder trail, which came up to several millions of dollars! Why not mention that you punk bitch?

      Idiots are always so quick to say Suge ripped this person off, but won’t ever acknowledge all the good Suge did for people! Shit, if it wasn’t Suge, Snoop would still be in jail today off that murder charge!

  15. pac was already wild before he joined the row but when he joined deathrow he was in shark infested waters.

    he was trying too hard to live a thug image not saying pac was scary cause he was’nt but he was tryinmg to be bigger than what he was.

    he learned the hard way.

  16. the hughes brother who pac jumped camew and said pac never jumped him his crew did well if thats true pac bragged about it openly and went to jail for it.

    sorry not gonna brag aboiut beating a director up if I did’nt do it.

    pac did’nt like his role or was it deeper.

  17. I would have replied “Mickey Mouse shot me Nigggggggga!” And I then would have laughed!

  18. What about Quincy Jones saying in an interview that Tupac died in Kidada’s arms. This cop is proof that the govt. had something to do with his death.

  19. The cop implied Pac was yelling at Suge. I got the impression that he knew who did it or had something to do with it and that he couldn’t do anything about it at that point.

  20. COSIGN @ 22:22 its not that complicated. PAC fired who was SUGE and DEATHROWS ATTORNEY FOR ALL THE CLIENTS,(David Kenner) had an audit and as soon as he had all the documentation he needed Pac fired Kenner and told Suge he was done w/ death row and he also tried to take all the masters he had finished which further pissed Suge off. Suge had both LAPD (rampart scandal also look up david mack) and LVPD (always been corrupt) as well as the govt having his back besides some of the gang members he affiliates w/. If people read books and connected the dots or had common sense it wouldn’t be so difficult to understand. I’m so sick of people w/ the “selling the soul” “illuminati made him/her do it” for every single person whether famous or not that dies etc. etc. How about the government of this country doesn’t like people who appeal to the masses politically, especially Black people period. Did Malcolm X sell his soul? JFK? MLK? Huey Newton? NOPE our lovely government that everyone is now in love with just because their is a black face on the puppet for the public. Thank you for whoever nicely pointed out he had already been serving time damn near a year in a maximum security prison besides his previous jail run ins.For those of you calling him trash you should also research what his run ins were caused by and why some were all out dismissed or severely downgraded. Connect the dots..he’s dead Suge/interscope owned all the unreleased material, didn’t have to pay back PAC from what he was owed way back since All EYEZ, didn’t have to turn over the licensing in his name Suge also did behind Suge’s back, Suge releases Makaveli profits off that. Although Suge was trying to rip him off wayyyyy before he even started Makaveli Pacs albums WERE ALREADY MORTGAGED TO INTERSCOPE!! So even if Suge wanted to suddenly be a decent human being he couldn’t pay him back anyways, interscope had Pac’s Death Row albums as collateral and all Suge had was the money he was taking from his artists and wasting it on lavish living he himself couldn’t afford w/o ripping people off, govt help (watch the movie departed he is jack nicholsons character to a tee (gov/fed snitch). Between court costs for all the artists on the label, attorney fees, settlements, lavish living Suge and David Kenner were playing a shell game with everyones money including Harry O’s who was incarcerated at the time.

    • yes pac made about a 100 to 300 songs from the time he was released from prison to his death the last song he ever did was fortune and fame with spice 1 and kokanee and spice 1 confirmed it was the last song pac did period he just finished shooting gang related asd well and pac introduced spice and kokanee to james belushi and pac told belushi that if he wanted some good drugs holler at spice or koka.

  21. much as I still listen to pac the man had faults he was bragging about survining gunshots he made numerous death threats to his enemies and children.

    don’t know if pac was antichrist or what in some songs like black jesus or who do you believe in or blasphemy pac might have been a diethist.

    pac attacked sam sneed and gave him brain damage.

    pac was about to give chris rock the business for making jokes about suge.

    chris rock said pac and hammer stepped to him.

  22. what do the outlawz have to say aboput this they was in the caR BEHIND SUGE AND THEY EVEN GOT OUT AND SEEN PAC BEING CARRIED TO THE HOSPITAL WHILE HE WAS BLEEDING.







  24. Jeez and you wonder why people dont trust the police. They lie, steal, kill, and just corrupt. Why is it when the anniversaries of both Pac and Big’s deaths there’s some new information that comes out.Pac was shot in the lungs how on heavens earth could he have muttered a word to this pig. Leave our legends alone you just want to make a name for yourself in the words of NWA f the police.

  25. In my opinion I think that this cop is lying. In many documentaries and interviews by tupacs bodyguard frank alexandar said that tupacs last words were “I can’t breath” and also that the cops couldnt open the door car door so suge went over and opened it. I may be wrong but I believe this cop is just saying this to get his little 15 minutes of fame and its sad to see that someone is using a dead person for attention just let the man rest in peace and how does it feel for afeni to have to deal with this all the time. To have to deal with the fact that your son is dead and to have people constantly spread lies and talk about your son. I’m not gonna say that tupac was a saint and was perfect because clearly he wasn’t but no one is. I loved tupac not only for his music but for who he was as a person. The media always wanted to portray him as just a thug but he did a lot of otherthings that no one wants to mention. He did charities and he cared about his people At the end of the day he was not just a rapper but a son, friend and overall great human being who we lost way too son. I’m going to say what he said and that’s only god can judge him. We shouldn’t judge him off of what we see get to know a person before you come to any conclusions. We miss you pac

  26. Pac signed his fate when he spoke on Quincy Jones…He had to be erased..Errrybody concerned dead…Yes Pac was a prolilific lyricist buh had no business savy..He went to a Performing Arts HS.Creative yet Dumb to Music Business..Mr Loud n Extra dead cuz he did a Tupac Tellum. He cud have followed Hammer n E40 Blueprint on Independent Label n Dat Nigga Daz 10 Stack Formula..naw u Stompin on Baby Lane n got used as as Human Shield..Like Richard Pryor said Dont go messing wit them Uuuuu and u aint got no money..Big Bank Take Little Bank..Beats By Dre =Guap..Dre got Scrooge Mc Duck Money..Suge got a Horse n Carriage for hire Senor.

    • whasts hammer doing now.

      e40 is making records but hes underground and daz is just a guy on snoops payroll.

      snoop has a bunch of producers but kind of funny the only songs that snoop got hits was the ones produced by the neptunes, timbaland or swizz beats.

  27. pac did’nt live long enough to do that he made plans for his own record label called makaveli records.

    he wanted to go out and make a center for troubled children to go something like a boys club type thing.

    pac made some plans according to his interview with sway.

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