Kim Kardashian Ignores North West Falling to the Floor!

kim kardashian ignores north west

Kim Kardashian proves just how self-centered she really is. During a recent outing with her daughter, North West, and Kourtney, North takes a tumble…and Kim is completely unfazed by it!

You can see Kim playing around on her cell phone – probably photoshopping her next nude selfie – while North eats the pavement. Thankfully Kourtney was there to pick up her niece and dust her off.

And the Mother of the Year award goes to…


  1. Black men, please stop procreating with white women, some of them don't care about their mixed children!

    • You know damn well that some black men want children lighter than they are and so they marry white or mixed women. That is never going to end. They know that their light kids will have an easier better life. That sucks but it's the gospel truth. America treats and views lighter blacks differently.

      • That's a bunch of bull shit. I'm light-skinned skin and I don't have an easy life at all. So just stop it. For real.

        • Bullshit as well
          I love every color of Women !
          Just hard finding the right one to treat right !

          • OM Are you denying that SOME men do not seek to have lighter skin children? Are you speaking for the many men who obviously chose Asians, Latinas and even Caucs for the good hair?

            I'm not applauding those dudes, I'm just being real. I can't tell you how many black men I know who lose their shit when talking about how good their little mulatto daughter's hair is. For real.

            • I agree with you; maybe not on the better life part but yeah it appears as if a high number of successful (and not so successful) black men do not want to procreate with a woman that is the same color as them. They view the lighter women as a status symbol. They avoid having "nappy-headed" off-spring. It's true!

      • This light skin vs dark skin thing has to stop!! Were are the same race, there are ugly light skin people and their are ugly dark skin. Being beautiful doesn't resides with light skin or mixed people.

        Kim clearly doesn't want to look after Nori, when she and Kanye break up, she will resent him, and she will treat Nori very viciously. It's ok when white women take the d*ck, but their don't want to look after the child!!

      • Bullshit! My dad look like a white man and my mom has the most darkest shade that I wished I had from her! One thing I can say about me and my dad we love us some dark meat!

    • STFU. I could show you at least 3 stories of BWs children dying at home whilt Mom was , Fucking or getting her weave done. Black Americans have 3 tomes the rate of child abuse than Whites. Also BW have aborted 6.5 million black babies since 1972!!!! Thats 65 Hiroshima bombs. BW have aborted more babies int the last 5 days than the number of black Lynched by whites from 1882 to 1968. So yes, be afraid of the white woman.

  2. what do u think the nanny is for? she dont work this hard to make all this money so she have to pick the child off the floor. hell she shouldnt have to feed her, bathe her, clothe her, or really do anything other than take pictures with her because..whats the nanny for??

  3. I cant stand that kid or parents. She's already a disgusting little monkey faced spoiled brat with a sense of entitlement. There is nothing special about her except she was born to two of the most despicable people on the planet.

    • You know that is a baby.And she can not help who her parents are it's not her fault if she is spoiled I am pretty sure if you have a child and you were rich 9 time's out of ten your children will be like that think before you talk about a child that can't help it.

    • Yeah you're weak going in on a child. I bet your baby ugly as f*ck if you have any or will be when you do. If you don't like the parents fine, but don't be mad that she was born living better and richer than you and she's only 2.

    • I am offended and disgusted by your calling Nori a monkey face. Not cool at all.

  4. Reaching. Kourt was stooped next to her and Kim was talking to someone. Why is this even news? ?

  5. North is going to need therapy because the nasty family she was born into. I feel sorry for her. Where's her brother Saint?

  6. This isn't even the first time this happened with Kim and north. She stays doing this

  7. I don't understand the thinking of black men. Having a child of light skin complexion doesn't make them immune to disease, pain, or a abuse. I feel bad for North because she's already cursed because who her parents are. Their narcissistic, self centered, and don't care about anybody else. Mental illness.

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