Khloe Kardashian Begged OJ Simpson for Paternity Test?

khloe kardashian oj simpson paternity test

Everyone has always suspected Khloe Kardashian is not the biological daughter of Robert Kardashian, and Khloe has even discussed who her true daddy may be on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Kris Jenner admitted to having an affair when she was married to Robert, but she has never admitted to hooking up with their family friend, OJ Simpson. Either way, Khloe must have noticed the resemblance between herself and OJ, because she allegedly asked the former football player to take a paternity test!

In a new documentary called, Kardashian: The Man Who Saved OJ Simpson, OJ’s former prison guard, Jeffrey Felix, makes the shocking allegations.

“In the prison, the phone calls have to be made out by OJ, so he would call at least once a week. That was his way of keeping up with the Kardashians. It was one of those conversations which involved her paternity. She was very upset and OJ was trying to calm her down. One day I could hear Khloe screaming in the phone. [OJ] said she was upset because she wanted him to take a paternity test, because the media is all over him, to see if OJ is her actual dad – and OJ told her ‘no.'”

When Felix asked OJ why he refused to take the test, he allegedly replied, “It’s a family matter, it’s none of the public’s business.”

Do you believe the prison guard?


  1. Everybody knows that hairdresser Alex Rodran is her father her mother was a big ass ho!

  2. I'm sorry, but in his prime, like the photo above, OJ was the most beautiful man ever alive.

  3. obviously her ugly ass know damn well that his faggot ass IS her father. He f*cked Kris Jenner around the time that he was going back and forth to court with Robert Kardashian. He should have told Kris Jenner to "swallow" and thats why his dumb ass is in jail now ROFLMFAO

  4. Anyone who has ever seen her picture when she was 5 years old knows that she is biracial. I showed the photo today to an older lady who doesn't even know who the Kardashians are, I said, do you think this child is biracial? She said, I don't think–I know she is.

    She does look similar to that hairdresser, but when you add up all the evidence, you can see what the truth is. In that OJ documentary which is on ESPN now, they have an old video if Kris and Bobby arriving at OJ and Nicole's wedding on Rockingham. The first thing Kris says to the camera is, "where are the good drugs?" All of them are/were coke heads, and they partied like coke heads do. That means a lot of sex and swapping. It wasn't like Kris and OJ had a secret affair, but rather they swung together on the regular.
    I used to live next door to the house of a rich white lawyer and his wife, and every Sat night they had big coke parties out back in their pool area. Everyone was butt naked by midnight and they all f*cked each other until 3 or 4 am. It was like watching a live porno show from my bedroom window.
    That's how the crowd that the Kardashians and the Simpsons got down.

    • The f*ck she is…if she were she would not have had to buy that fake oblong looking ass of hers!

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