James Harden Cheating on Khloe!

James Harden Cheating

James Harden took Khloe Kardashian on a romantic vacation to Hawaii on June 10, and then boarded a plane to Australia to meet up with a blonde woman named Rochelle Relf for a smash session.

“Khloe was with James in Hawaii, then he flew to Australia and spent the night with me. He was charming, affectionate – he asked me to visit him in America and told me that he was a single guy,” ~ Rochelle Relf

James Harden Cheating

Sounds like typical James to us. The Houston Rockets’ shooting guard has a history of pumping and dumping. He has already ran through Trina, Jenna Shea, Maliah Michele, Kyra Chaos, Farrah Flossit, Amber Rose and Candy Deep Throat.


  1. “Candy Deep Throat?” James is a thot. I guess he is young enough to still be hoeing, but he should be growing tired of that lifestyle and wanting something with more substance by now. Good luck to him and Khole.

    • @TB, GH l no! That’s those two pieces of chiclet’s gum pushed up in his gums. Remembered when Dennis the Menace was playing with Mr. Wilson’s false teeth and the two top teeth feel out and he studied to peices of chiclets gum in the roof of his false teeth? Well that’s what happened to James’s teeth. LOL!

      • Why not? James is a whore. He’s a human mattress to any groupie craving baller dick. What decent quality woman is he gonna attract? One of his exgirlfriends is named “candy deep throat.”. No good woman is looking for James Harden and from what I see, Khole is his BEST option. Good luck to them

  2. His facial hair is so gross. I bet it pubic hair is out of control too. With his penis looking like a bird peeking its head out of some bushes.

    • Damn, I was just scrolling down through to comments and you cracked me up, HA! That was a goodun lol.

    • Whew! Let me catch my breath. I will never be able to look at this man the same way again, lol.

      Now I’m going to be thinking about strange looking coo coo clocks all day.


  3. LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YO, Jacky that picture is funny!!!!

    Ahhhhhhh hahahahahahahahaha gaga!!!!!

  4. LMPRAOOOO @DR1. Aahhhhh haaaaa! I spit my drink out. Between his beard and his teeth, mami don’t want NO downstairs action. LMAOOO

  5. Now who that stupid to let that beaver knall on their vajayjay is crazy! Look at them squarepegs in his mouth! Like he done ate up enough cootie cat to send them to the ER!

  6. LMAOOOO!! I know right, I be talkin isht, but when no one lookin’…I be lettin’ him. CTFU!!!!

    • That’s right, but then started gnawing at the phuckin’ door with them Buck BeKeavers he has…let everybody know the game. Fun fact: He likes to gnaw on woodchips too.

  7. This nucca looks like he smells PERIOD! That beard alone carries germs worse than fecal matter according to health experts, no telling what the “D” is infected with. Either way, Khole’s “dick filler” for KUWTK is open for auditions. Harden probably decided he’d hit and quit it for one night. Who would imagine Khole turning into a haux like her sister Kim…..Khole started out married and wanting children first and now she has a fake ass, fake boyfriends and still barren as hell. Who knew her womb is probably more polluted than Kim’s?

  8. Khloe has been sexually active since her very early teens. This girl is rotten to the core. Why would any decent man bother. He will be used and abuse by her and her family. I would be worried over health issues.

  9. Harden down phucked up, remember what happen to Lam Lam (Lamar) Kris leaked his deepest secrets out to the world, just for cheating on her fat faced daughter.
    White women are cunning, black men need to watch themselves around white women.

    James is going to get blackballed or black mailed, remember when Black Chyna said that Tyga was texting to get back together? Kris probably blackmailed him to embarrasses Black Chyna.
    And get that tattoo of Kylie.

    Black man are stupid……. black women please raise your son’s the right way, teach them around racism!

    • i aint havin no kids. ill be damm if i bring them here to sell out. they can all disappear for all i care. since they want to.

  10. Disgusting to take turns after those nasty women on that nasty ass dick. Women run after men who have coins. Even when they have their own.

  11. @DaRadiant1

    Tyga knew what he was dealing with, selling his soul he did the already with Cash Money. Look what happen to that mess! he knew what the Kardashain was all about money and power. He probably told Kris is deepest dark secrets, if Tyga rubs her the wrong way she will release them to press!
    like she did to Lamar. He opened up, told her his secrets and she released them to media for cheating on Khole.

  12. This guy’ teeth remind me of Sandy the squirel from Spongebob Square cartoon. His beard looks disgusting, it’s like i can smell the nasty funk of the pussies he’s eaten just by looking at it. I feel like throwing up. Ughhhhh

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