Gospel Singer Andrae Crouch Dead At Age 72


The cocaine sniffing pastor, Andrae Crouch, who was also a legendary gospel performer, songwriter and choir director whose work graced songs by Michael Jackson, Madonna and movies such as the Lion King has died at age 72.

Crouch’s influence crossed over into pop music. Elvis Presley performed his song I’ve Got Confidence for a 1972 gospel album, and Paul Simon recorded Jesus Is The Answer for a 1974 live album.

Here’s what Andrae Crouch’s publicist Brain Mayes said:

“Crouch died Thursday afternoon at Northridge Hospital Medical Center, where he had been admitted Saturday after suffering a heart attack.”


    • Yes that is true because my addiction to porn is out of control. Instead of people putting each other down we need to be praying for each other.

  1. Unbelievable. This man was my
    spiritual uncle. i attended, and
    was baptized at his church, Christ
    Memorial. under his dad, the incomparable,
    Bishop Crouch. Thanx for the memories, Andre.
    my deepest heartfelt condolences to sandra,
    the entire crouch family, and the congregation.

    rest peacefully, my brotha. rest peacefully.

  2. Andrae Crouch, Daryl Coley and The New Generation Singers, John McBride and The Gospel Truth.

  3. I am so shocked to hear this, my grandmother use to love andre R.I.P. you will be missed but not forgotten

  4. R.I.P blessings to the family sorry to hear such bad news my grand parents and my mom and dad loved listening to his music the gospel wow sorry to hear this

  5. @THIS IS NOT THAT; Thank u for Sharing ur story. RIP Andrae Crouch. Ur musical memories will never be 4gotten.

  6. Man all the greats are leaving us. God are calling us home left and right! Get ready everyone, God got some work we gotta do!

  7. The greats are indeed leaving and Gen X and Y have produced nothing or no one to replace them in any arena. Lil Wayne? Breezy? Yeezy? Fuckin shame. No Muhammad Ali, no Jim Brown, no Kareem, no Malcolm, no Martin, no Rosa, no Areatha, no Luther, no Dick Gregory even. Wait ten years. You aint seen nuthin yet.

  8. Throwing stones and shade everyone in the world has at least one family member with some form of addiction so thus we all have a lot in common and shouldn’t throw stones. Aside he was extremely talented with demons like the 12 disciples but still chosen and touched a lot of people with his musical ministry.

  9. Damn was it necessary to mention that this man did coke? Even with his vices,he has contributed more to society than anyone from HSK ever will!
    I keep trying to tell people these Jewish owned sites targeted towards blacks do nothing but tear black stars down, and the sad thing about is we continue to support them.I like HSK but it’s starting to become jarring!

    • Sometimes the vices are juicier than the virtues. Don’t believe me,ask Bill Cosby.

  10. Andre Crouching Tiger was said to be down low as well. Him and James Cleveland who was rumored to have died of Aids.

  11. According to Wik Andrar and Billy Preston collaborated together.Preston was gay and actually got arrested for approaching boys.

    Gays and the Black Church go hand in hand.

  12. Did the opening line have to be “cocaine sniffing”? This makes you know better than TMZ and that joo fag and how they did Marion Barry. Just flat out tacky.

    • I don’t get it. You all know that 98% of these post drag everybody’s name/reputation through the mud but when its someone you all like you get offended. The moral of the story is that everybody has angels and demons (good side/bad side) no person is better/worst than the other.

    • In all fairness Sunni, Marion Berry’s most remembered words to people outside of DC are “bitch set me up.” He may have done a lot of good, but the average person knows him for one reason. And TMZ speaks to average Joes, not intelligent historians.






  13. It won’t be long,
    Then we’ll be leavin’ here.
    It won’t be long,
    We’ll be going home.

    Any day now…
    We’ll be goin’ home.

    I have love this man’s talent for over 40 years. He has blessed me and lifted me up form some dark times.
    I really resent people talking about things he may or may not have done wrong. Which one of us on here could stand for every single thing we ever do to be shouted all over the internet? Unless you are completely without sin yourself, do not be throwing stones, okay?

  14. Can’t we just let this talented man rest in peace? I got angry at some of the post on here, at some point in our lives we have heard at least 1 of his songs, He who it without sin among you, cast the the first stone, we all have did things that we are not proud of, how many of us wrote the songs he wrote? Nominated for an Oscar, etc.? Rest In Peace Andrae Crouch, you have gone to meet the King….

  15. Crazy Chris u know that isnt true…Christians and Satanists dont serve the same God! Stop the blasephemy my good man! Jesus or Yeshuah as some like to call him; came to heal the sick, depressed, troubled, downtrodden, and this includes his followers. Christians are not immune to the snares of the Devil, but the good news is that Jesus allows us to repent and turn away from ours sins and become a new creature! Behold ALL things become new! Come visit us at http://www.Lumaca-J44.com and check out our faith based clothng that proclaims the gospel in a bold and edgy way. Take care and God Bless

    • @Always Striving
      The son of GOD was a dark skinned Hebrew named Yeshuah not a white man named jesus so when ppl are screaming jesus they are worshiping the false Christ not the TRUE CHRIST and son of GOD Yeshuah so yes satanist and Christians are worshiping the same god. I suggest you read the Book of Deuteronomy it explains everything I just said.

      • I am very well aware of the skin tone of our savior, since he is from the middle east, of course he would be of a tanned complexion. And of course we will have to agree to disagree, because Jesus and Yeshua are indeed referring to the same person. Take a look at this as a reference point.

        The Bible doesn’t give instruction to favor one language or translation over another. We are not commanded to call upon the name of the Lord in Hebrew only. Acts 2:21 says, “But everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” God knows who calls upon His name, whether they do so in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew or any other language. He is still the same Lord and Savior.

        Below is a list of how the name Jesus is pronounced in other languages:

        1. Arabic = Issa

        2. Chinese (Catonese) = YeshSou

        3. Chinese (Han) =耶稣 = Ye Su Ay Wo

        4. Dutch = Jezus

        5. French = Jésus

        6. German = Jesus

        7. Hebrew = Yeshua

        8. Hindi = yīśu

        9. Italian = Gesu

        10. Japanese =イエス・キリスト = zheh-sü

        11. Korean = 예수 = Yesu

        12. Portuguese = Jyesus

        13. Russian = Иисус

        14. Spanish = Jesus

        In calling Him Yeshua we are restoring to Him His Jewish identity. Yeshua was and is the name He was called when He walked on this Earth.

        Greek masculine names have a nominative “s” ending. Therefore, the final Greek form became Iesous which in return became the Latin IESVS which was finally translated into English as Jesus. So what we end up with in “English” is a fifth-hand transliteration of the original name Yeshua.

        Regardless of which name is used, Yeshua (Jesus) hears the prayers of those who pray from their heart and who truly seek Him, He is the same yesterday, today and forever and just like his Father, He has several names and titles.

        ‘Precepts of the Blessed Hope’ by Don Mills ISBN-13: 9781606964149 at http://www.barnesandnoble.com

        ‘The Names of God’ by Nathan Stone, ISBN-13: 978-0802458568 at http://www.amazon.com

  16. most of these big gospel artist and preachers are part of the boule meaning they are very satanic. gospel music is not righteous never has been. most of these people take the oath of secrets. they worship the baphoment which is satan. and they are a part of the masons. the preachers like td jakes, jamal bryan, joel ossten, and eddie long not only masonic brotherhood but they are 501c3 which means they get a check from the government to lie to you and promote their agenda such as homosexuality under 501c3 they give up religoius freedom. the gospel singers and preachers do the rituals which is homosexuality and having sex with children most high priest masonic brotherhood are into that. why you think r kelly never went to jail. if stop doing the rituals or promote their agenda they will exposed with private tapes or arrest them also kill them . because the masonic brotherhood have police and judge that work for them. all gospel people are fake and closet faggots and lesibans they hide behind reilgion but in reality they don’t believe in the lord espcalliy kirk franklin with pink lipstick getting young men to become transgender like will smith is doing to willow and jaden

    • I met Kirk before @ a designer store in Florida with who I believe were his daughters and his male “stylist”. His daughters were normal upbeat teens while he seemed very distant as if his mind was somewhere else. Kirk had very effeminate mannerisms & an empty look in his eyes.

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