Terrence Howard Has Fond Memories of Nude Scene With 50 Cent


Terrence Howard is saying his television show Empire and rapper/actor 50 Cent Showtime series Power, have nothing in common. Howard, went on to say he’s not mad at FiddY. Know why? Because Terrence “Baby Wipes” Howard has fond memories of he and Fiddy both appearing naked in the movie Get Rich or Die Try’in‘.

Here’s what Baby Wipes had to say:

“Fifty is my monster man. We served jail time together in his film, you know, we’ve been naked together.

I love the fact that we’re both pushing the envelope with our shows and what it says about cinema and television, how the change has occurred to where black men can be on opposing levels, because we’re both telling a similar story,

So it’s kinda great. I’m proud of him – very proud of him.”


      • Out of all……the things he could’ve said !!!
        He chose the gayish shit ! Says a lot about 5-0 how comem5-0aint pressing him about that gay ass comment ? I wonder who gave who herepes ??? Maybe 5-0 favorite part too for some reason I can picture him smiling showing them big ass teeth saying in that slow speech impediment (aww yeah I like that part too!)
        LMAO he’s my monster wtf…?!

        • Yea cuz he went from worse to wors-err, he could have waited a Periologically longer amount of time to say that mess.

          • I’m sorry, when you said speech impediment I couldn’t stop laughing and I thinking about that video that went viral.

    • Terrence of all the things to say. Oh my.

      On another note; has any1 seen his show Empire? If so; what r ur thoughts?

      The previews looks pretty good. I’ve not seen the show. But I’m curious to get the feedback of those who have watched it. Thnx

      • I watched the first episode last night and for a Fox network show it was pretty gutter. Some of its glitz seemed a bit far-fetched these days such as the lavish office record label office, but then I was reminded by someone that it’s an entertainment company and not merely a record label. Howard’s character even mentions in the episode that ‘music is a hard sell these days because of the Internet, etc.’
        Everyone knows that Pilot episodes are typically pretty corny and they often come off as the show just attempting to get its footing so if that rings true here we could have a winner. Time will tell.

      • I saw it. Its ok, Taraji character Cookie is my favorite. The show is one big stereotype: oldest son is a Carlton type married to a white blond, gay son has a mexican lover, most of the cast except Taraji and Gabi/Precious are light skinned. Imo its exactly what you would expect from the two gay guys, one black one jewish that created this show. I was neither impressed or disgusted, im going to reserve judgement.

        • @Anonymous 7:38–That sounds like Lee Daniels’ pedigree, considering the backlash he got from ‘Precious’ featuring all the ‘good’ characters as light-skinned and the ‘bad’ or troubled characters (Including and especially the protagonist) as dark-skinned. And yeah, ‘Empire’ sounds like one big stereotype to no one’s surprise. The show being on Coon-ass BET would be the icing on the cake.

      • The show is great. Taraji is awesome as usual and it has some scenes in there that can make one shed a tear. I loved it.

        • Show is wack af. Pushing that gay agenda. Show can’t be all black and be enjoyable.

  1. My gaydar is on overdrive!!! Why in the hell would u even mention that? These Hollywood mfs are a special type.

    • U and somebody’s else gaydar be on point! 7:33 U need a screen name so I know it’s U. And Damn if y’all two are right!

  2. LMMFAO…….hole up, hole up, hole la hell up……. WTF is a “Monster Man”

    Is this dude trying to be hip by making up his own words. Funny thing is that I can see the corny dude sittin there saying that, then having having a smile on his face like Chester Cheeto, because he thinks what he just said was some kind of fly shit.

    MONSTER MAN!?!?!? Come on son….lol

  3. Why would he say that? Sounds to me like he’s fishing for a few blog headlines.

  4. Its like when Omar Epps got his show, the one about dead people coming back to life. He went on The View in a leather dress, hunty. Terrance got his show and in addition to whatever he and his crazy eyes had to do to get tge part behind closed doors, publically he has to push that feminization of the black male agenda. Hes already halfway there anyway with his circa 1970 pimp perm hair.

    • Hahaha about his hair. Reminds me when he played in Dead Presidents movie and he had that perm layed out to the t.

    • Choked up at “pimp perm hair” I saw him in that shower scene. All I could say is damn……

  5. Terrance openly stated that he would attack a woman before a man. He’s a woman beater so he respects men. i.e. 50

  6. I hear mixed stories about TW.
    IMO I think he’s a good actor. However I dont agree or care to much about what he may be insinuating about 50 cent and the scene from GRODT movie.

    That scene was intense because it was played out “realistically” as if it could or that does happen in prison. I am sure many can vouch for it. But trying to stir gay rumors from a 10yr+ movie is lame.
    I never thought 50 was suspect, perhaps “maybe” only with the Soldier Boy cover on XXL one time I thought that was an odd pose for the world to view.

  7. I have no love for Terrance. None. But he is a good actor with great range, and that’s a rare commodity.

    I don’t believe his ass is gay for one minute. Nope.
    He’s phucked up when it comes to women, but I think that has more to do with his childhood.

    And when it comes to the baby wipes thing, I wish more men would devote such attention to cleaning their asses. Not with baby wipes per se, but all the toilet paper manufacturers now have moist disposable wipes that you pull one at a time from a little box you sit on the back of the commode. I’m telling you, 5 years from now folks won’t even remember using dry paper to do the job. Terrance and Howard Stern were ahead of the curve on this matter. lol

  8. LOL. Yeah but we all know, it ain’t the size, it’s what you can do with it. Yeah OK, that is bollocks! Size is what we all want.

    • Hell, even if he do have the size, that fool still don’t know what to do. He’ll, I know TB is laughing at this post, but I had to get me a Rufus! Damn right I got me a silver Fox! That fool is all natural and does exactly what Theodis Ealy sing in his song Stand Up In It! Hell, I don’t want no” Help me get it up!” and his ass is 3 years older than me? Oh he’ll gnaw Scorpiess! I had to let him go! Lmao!

  9. @Anonymous 11:25. The statement he made sounded gay “Monster Man”. All they azz probably Gay. I think 50 is the Queen of Queers. Lmbo

  10. I went and looked the scene up and you are telling nothing but the TRUTH…..his penis is so small. Why would he want to show that tiny thing to anyone? No wonder he can’t keep a woman. I hope his tongue game is on point at least. He most definitely would been a strap on for penetration.




    aaron hall said puffy and jamie foxx better not call his dick little when they seen him phukk plenty of girls.

    puff having slumber parties 45 year old men having all men pajama parties with no women.

    how many hints can these celebs show us.

    t howard please come out with your superfly perm wearing ass hair rollers is hair look better than taraji p henson’s hair.

    what kind of nickname is baby wipes.

  12. everytime one black person makes a move you got 100 black people trying to keep you down! White people can make movies about anything they want and they will always support each other! Mexican Hispanics make all types of movies only thing they want always support each other! Black people make movies and black people find ways to bring them down!

    • I really hope you aren’t a black woman, because neither Terrence nor 50 have had very nice things to say about you while you’re in here trying to defend them.

      Also, that tired-ass ‘Only blacks bring each other down’ bullshit isn’t going to work here, especially since so-called ‘successful’ blacks in Entertainment have had to basically become Oreos in order to be ‘successful,’ and whites have a thousand positive images/depictions of themselves in entertainment to offset every one negative image/depiction, something you were (or should be) aware of before commenting. In other words, there is no comparison between whites being called on their b.s. and blacks doing the same to their own.

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