Matt Barnes Tells Gloria Govan “Stop Chasing Diznick”


Los Angeles Clippers forward, Matt Barnes, recently jumped on social media to tell his baby momma, Gloria Govan, to be a better mom, stay off the red carpet and stop flying around the country chasing d*ck.



  1. Man that’s messed up when your own ex husband is putting yo shit on blast, smh.

  2. My thing is this…
    Matt KNEW well before he had kids & before he married this woman what her & her sister were about. He KNEW how she got down. Gloria has never truly hid her need for attention & outside d%@k so he can’t complain. He had an out long ago & didn’t take it. I spoke about this many moons ago right here on HSK.

    Not that he doesn’t have a valid point but to say what he said via social media was not right & it wasn’t cool. That’s his wife not some trick he knocked up in a bathroom at The Staples Center! This was a private matter he should have discussed with at home among themselves…

    Not cute Matt.

    • So @ Ms. Reg Says; exactly what goes on in the bathroom at The Staple Center(LOOOOOL).

      Ur points r valid in that Matt knew her background b4 he married & had children with her. He needs to move on because she has.

    • I would also like for you to spill the tea on what is going on in the restrooms @SC and with who. I would like honey and lemon with my tea please.

    • Ms. Reg, your comments are always unbiased, sensible true and informative. I appreciate what you bring to these threads and the way you give it. Thank you, I always look forward to you posts.

    • @Asherah,EddieLongsTragicHairPiece,
      @Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb 4 ever & DaRadiant1,

      YOU folks are crazy as hell & I love you all to pieces! NEVER EVER did I give thought to the notion anyone here (on HSK) would catch that. I know Matt would but not you all. So, before I tell you PLEASE forgive the length of my comment. (I catch heat from certain folks about the length of my comments yet the read them through their entirety!!!) I will try to give you guys “the fast watered down version leaving out a lot of details” I’ll give details upon request!!!…

      Not the bathrooms in the corridors between the the front doors & the interior of the area where spectators go but down the hallway nearing the locker rooms are lounge/restrooms on both sides of the hall leading to an exit & offices. A colleague & I walked in one to find a Clipper openly having sex with 2 women. He was mad but not mad enough to stop. See, when you come in the door you have to pass through the lounge to get to the restrooms. I went “Oh shit” & turned to walk back out the door. My colleague screamed “Daamnn” while pulling me BACK through the door! I RAN out while he was yelling at her to “get the f@+k out!”

      So, trying to keep a straight face in front of the few people we passed to get to another lounge/restroom. We finally find it, walk in to see a POPULAR Clipper half dressed having sex with a woman, another guy with a woman on her knees…he’s being serviced while flagging us to go on to the restroom. Needless to say…we got the hell out of there laughing until we later learned about what we actually witnessed…

      Details upon requests…
      And for the record…Matt Barnes was not involved in this but some of his boys were!

    • True @Matt knew beforehand about Gloria & Laura but some men feel that when a woman have children she’d mysteriously change into this virtuous, selfless, conscious, dutiful, nurturing, humble being ….lol, NOT! Similar to a woman believing a no good man will mysteriously turn into a wonderfully responsible father when the baby is born…NOT! Or that a baby would make him change his mind and stay involved with her, NOT! Just like a woman can’t change a man, a man can’t change a woman unless that person feels the need to change and wants to change.I think the sooner people understands this, the better off they would be.

  3. Please Matt you should have been said this, but it wouldn’t matter because gloria is a wellllll known trick, her and her sister are very well known for what they do, you remember matt, please gloria been a basketball slut! Please act’en brand new GTFOH!

  4. Who the hell would rather be at home with kids than on a red carpet somewhere? She didn’t leave them in a shelter. They’re at home with their dad. Cut the girl some slack. She’s a mom, not a mormon.

    • Believe it or not, there are a Lot of people who would rather be home with their kids more than on the red carpet. Ask most of he celebrities that are obligated to be there, they will tell you that they would rather be home. Most of he people that have a strong desire to be there are groupies who think its one sort of status symbol. Nothing wrong with socializing but when you become a parent, that job trumps all other things especially a party scene. Anita Baker Gave up the red carpet to raise her family, IJS

      • It’s the old dog chasing its tail. When you haven’t made it or “arrived,” You want to be photographed on every red carpet in hopes of being seen by the right person who will facilitate your break into the creme de la creme. Once you do make it, you’d rather be cleaning fish on your dock than smiling fake smiles on yet another stupid red carpet.
        That’s how celebrity works. You kill, debase yourself, sell your mama and your soul to get it, then once you have it you spend the rest of your life wanting “privacy.”

  5. Sound like you chose to have kids by the wrong woman homie. Also like you’re a little mad at yourself for falling for her BS at the time.
    Move on and stop making her look bad in public…do it for the children!

  6. Niggas act like they should win a Nobel peace prize for watching their kids…welcome to parenthood nigga! Lol

  7. Tommy the black woman basher, is that you crybaby??? Still mad because u got dissed in sixth grade.LoL

  8. I don’t understand why people try to throw shade at someone and blast their own personal matters for everyone to see. A real man will handle this in a mature way and not clown his wife/baby mom’s. I know it’s the trend nowadays but c’mon son u knew she was hoe a longing time ago but u gave her a pass because she was a half breed like u to have cute babies…..let’s keep it real.

  9. Typical brorha…..its OK for them to white around and lie and cheat but women can’t do the same. He’s all in his feelings and sounding like a lil bitch. Gloria chasing dick because his is obviously not big enough for her.

  10. Am I the only one who is shocked that a UCLA graduate cannot spell “salute?”

  11. She met Matt when she was in 8th grade. She said she had braces and had not blossomed or even gone through puberty yet. They didn’t start dating until 2006 when he was playing for the Golden State Warriors and came back to Oakland, their hometown. That’s when they ran into each other again and began to hook up. So he didn’t meet her as a “ho” they were in Junior High School together. She is a brand and she has market that and do the publicity thing…she doesn’t neglect her twins. She also is the Executive Director of Matt’s foundation Athletes vs. Cancer and is heavily involved in several other charities. I think he’s just mad for personal reasons and has decided to throw shade at her publicly. Reverend Barnes, were you always a good boy and did you always come STRAIGHT home after your games?? What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander…pot meet kettle. LMAOOOOO

  12. Fool, please. Dont just randomly quote a verse and not know what da fuq you talking about. God called those women out over their pride over their beauty, also their arrogant attitudes. He was talking to a group of wives and VIRGINS, dummy, so you can take your slut theory and blow it outcha ass.

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  14. He didn’t seem to mind when she was chasing his dick. LOL. Now she’s back on the hunt for a new benefactor and he got problems with it. Dumb and petty. What a shame.


    Snoop Dogg’s middle son Corde who is not even 18 yet…had a baby today in rainy
    Las Vegas. Snoop was there for the birth.

    Now, THIS partially explains how & why this kid got transferred from his school in LA to Bishop Gormon so quick.

    So, wonder what that young lady was thinking at the time of conception…

    • Sorry you guys I have to edit my previous comment…

      It’s NOT Snoop’s middle son but his OLDEST son who had the baby. The rest of my comment remains the same.

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