Damon Dash: “I Could Have Saved Aaliyah”

damon dash could have saved aaliyah

Damon “Dame” Dash visited The Talk today, and he opened up about his relationship with the late singer, Aaliyah.

In the interview, Dame believes if he had been with Aaliyah that day, he would have stopped her from getting on the plane that ultimately crashed and took her life.

“Well, there is no chance that if I was there, we would have been on that plane. You know what I’m saying? So, it would have never happened that way,” ~ Damon Dash

Dame was supposed to be with Aaliyah during her trip. They had spent time together in Miami a few days prior before Aaliyah jetted off to the Bahamas to film the music video for “Rock the Boat,” and Dame headed off to NYC for a court hearing.

“She told me she was going to the Bahamas and I was against it like, ‘Yo, don’t go.’ And then down to the last, we had the Blackberry, down to the last Blackberry that we had, before she went there, she was like, ‘Yo, I don’t like that plane.’ And I was like, ‘Don’t get on it.’ And she was just like, ‘You know, I gotta do it,’ It was a complicated situation, but she had to go do that video. So you know if I was there, I would have made sure that that jet that was supposed to be for her, the G4, she would have been on that,” ~ Damon Dash

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  2. Yep he sure did have her sacrificed he blow up shorty after her death. Now look at him he went from poppin tags to reality tv the elites payed his ass. Satan will collect on dame soon an jayz.

  3. Dame was rushing her to go to the bamhamas he knew she would be sacrificed he didnt give a f*ck about thst girl. Thats why hes suffering now dame has fall off for sure.

  4. Dames talking in bits because he doesn't wanna get in shit with tptb. Aaliyah wanted out of cloning, she was shit scared of planes in general, Dame knew they were gonna make her plane go down and he didn't care because he was f*cking Rachel Roy when Aaliyah was in The Bahamas anyway. She wasn't a blood sacrifice, she just wanted out like Whitney & Robin Williams so they took her out. Dame feels guilty now because he lost her AND his good friend Jigga over ego and wealth. Life humbled him, i guess.

  5. Aaliyah was dame sacrifice for sure i went this some years back when it start coming out. He aint shit sitting up there like he cared.

    • IKR?

      This site used to have a lot of smart., educated folks posting regularly. Now it's just a lot of country ass voodoo hoodoo believing simps who don't understand science and the laws of probability.
      I swear to God, in the last year, not one black person has died of natural causes according to people here.

  6. I remember when this dude was chatting on mtv cribs i think years ago how he is wearing a fresh new pair of socks everyday and he doesnt wash them he just throws them away. I guess no more fresh socks for him now though huh lol

    • He didn't wear the same t-shirt twice or underwear, if I recall correctly. God has a way of humbling people.

  7. let's not forget that aaliyah family knew she was going to die her brother , mother and father are also guilty not just dame

  8. by the way aaliayh plane never took off it was shot down go look at the rock the boat video carefully they were telling you she was going to die A DOVE AND SKULL N BONE MEANS DEATH

    • Umm, that's complete bullshit. Of course it took off.Do you not understand that ATC and NTSB has digital recordings of every move every instrument on an aircraft makes?

      Stephen you are too gullible man.

  9. People keep accusing Damon of sacrificing Aaliyah like she wasn't friends with Kidada Jones. This girl died broke. She had no car. She didn't have money. She was under TPTB thumb. She wasn't going to continue to go along with their plans for her life and career. As such, she was exterminated. You can't convince me that Quincy Jones didn't have a hand in that "accident." Not only did Aaliyah die, other people died. Two of them were my friends. It is still surreal to think about what happened to them. They deserved better.

  10. aaliayh and friends were not a accident dame had something to do with and he knows that's why talking like that guliity and her family was aware

  11. more proof it wasn't an accident aaliayh deaths stories are always changing you know that 1st she had too much luggage on the plane

  12. second one they were having disagreements there too many holes in their deaths i believe some of those that worked with her on rock the boat knew as well

  13. aaliayh was supposed to leave on the 26th no the 25th why was she in such a hurry casue dame kept callling her

    • Rapper freeway and just blaze said she was on her way to Miami to do a mtaw remix with them. Dame had set up the session that’s why he kept calling her rushing her. Hype company charted that plane trying to be cheap. I think her uncle called and told them to skip the baggage weight check so she couldn’t do that remix. She was leaving his label. They all gone get their payback for killing her and those other people. She died all for money greediness, cheapness, and selfishness

  14. for crying out loud look at the celebs grave site 25th that a ritual day of sacrrfice

  15. one last thing aaliayh wanted dame to go with her to the island and her family didn't even go with her think about it

  16. I think any reasonable person who's done thier research on the idustry and all the people connected within it
    wouldn't just suspect but would know that Aaliyahs plane crash was no random "accident." Who she was a sacrifice for coughs* beyonce, coughs* damon dash is truly debatable, but the fact is she was killed off to prop somebody up.
    Baby girl didn't deserve to go out like that.

    Damon Dash is most likely lying by the way.

  17. Dame knows what he done, he sold out his people for some dirty money, he was smashing Rachel Roy while he was seeing Aaliyah, Rachel Roy was supposed to be her friend!
    10 years later Rachael did Dame dirty, so basically is karma

    You knows how black celebrities who coon, who bashed the black community, they suddenly want come back to the black community??
    They know their time is ticking, once that half baked man leaves office, white people are gonna come for them ass!

  18. FUCK DAMON DASH! Aaliyah was his blood sacrifice for fame and money. Everybody used and abused Aaliyah; even her own parents! Look where he is now. Jay-Z stole most of his money. Now Damon is a has been broke down bitch! I have no respect for that piece of shit! If Damon Dash dies, I will not lose any sleep!

  19. Sistas, how would you feel if you were a teenager and your parents were so desperate for money, they sent you to a grown man to get f*cked for fame and money! That'w what happened to Aaliyah. her parents pimped her out to R Kelly who I believe was 28 at the time. A 28 year old f*cking a 15 year old girl. Not sure where Aaliyah's soul is but I hope Aaliyah's parents go to hell.

  20. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO lol it was Barry Hankers that pushed Aaliyah onto R. Kelly to do a "publicity stunt" and Aaliyah told Kellz that she is "celibate" and thats why they PROBABLY married so that he could get some p*ssy and then try pass her on to everybody else but Aaliyah wasn't stupid lol That marriage certificate is FAKE FRAUDULENT AND COUNTERFEIT and thats why the courts never gave R. Kelly any jail time. Everybody please do y'all research lol

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