Diddy Mistakes Selena Gomez for Valet Attendant

diddy selena gomez valet

How embarrassing…just when Selena Gomez thought she was a part of the A-list crowd, she got knocked down a couple pegs by Diddy.

In an interview with GQ magazine, the singer talks about the time Diddy confused her for a valet attendant.

“[Fame is] when you’re around four people and everybody has the champagne glass, and somebody says something and they laugh but they didn’t say a joke…Or when P. Diddy gave me his valet ticket once,” ~ Selena Gomez

Thankfully, Selena wasn’t offended.

“Look, I see all of it. I don’t care — I actually laughed hysterically when it happened. But I get it. I know what all of it is,” ~ Selena Gomez

We’re sure Diddy knows who she is now…especially now that she has been welcomed into the Hip Hop circle after smashing Wiz Khalifa!


  1. I could see mistaking her for a maid, but how do you mistake someone for a valet? They usually wear uniforms.

    LLS anyway.

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