Kim K Wears Two Pairs of Spanx to Keep Diaper Booty in Check

kim kardashian spanx

In a new interview, Kim Kardashian admits she has to wear not one, but two pairs of Spanx when she goes out.

Spanx, the super tight undergarment that flattens rolls and contours your body, has been a favorite of Kim’s for years. But now, it seems like she’s going overboard on her pursuit for perfection…and in hopes that her diaper booty doesn’t look a hot azz mess in public!

“Sometimes I wear two pairs of body shapers on top of each other—especially when I am heavier I def double it up. I put one pair on after the other, and if there’s a longer pair, I always put those on first. But usually, I wear two pairs that are the same length,” ~ Kim Kardashian

This may be the reason for her stanky va-jay-jay. Let that thang breathe, Kim!


  1. LMAO @ "This may be the reason for her stanky va-jay-jay."

    Nawww that ho is just funky for crushin alot like Ray J said.

    • This fake bitch ain't sweet pun pun . More like stink puss puss and if I'm going to f*ck a white bitch then she gotta look like Olivia Jensen a sweet Becky with ass that shames blk women .. Google her ass literally!

  2. Women used to wear constrictive girdles. Now they call them shapers and call themselves feminists.

  3. Why augment your ass then try to make it look smaller with girdles. And it is girdles in my book, the material is spanx or elastics.

  4. Thats what that fake bitch get f*ckin wit her ass jockin black women now she stuck wit a dooty booty that cant be fixed thats why the bitch wearin coats in the summer cause that ass looks disgusting

  5. All that money cant fix that diaper booty she bitting black women bitch ur body looks deformed.

  6. It's not as to reduce the ass as it is to add fat to it. It will take major plastic surgery and the scars after that means no bikini unless you photoshop the pics. Wait until her and her sisters get even older. It's bad enough they don't age well if you look at the mother and this is where they are heading. Kendall has not done it because it would kill her modeling career but she would have if not for her job.

    • Not age well? Look at the mom?

      Do you know what a 60 years old white woman looks like? PMK looks very good for her age.
      I am not saying she's a good person or that she didn't have a lot of surgery. All I'm saying is that most 60 year old white women would love to look as good as Kris.

      • Yes…Kris looks great for a 60 year old woman especially in all that full face make up you see her in all the time. And yes, if most 60 year old white women spent as much money to get worked on as Kris does they would look just as good too.

      • That's cause she sucking all the SO(u)L (sun power) out of that ig-nant diaper azzed coon Corey.

  7. Kim always wears ankle strap shoes to hide those multiple pair's of spanx too. She must've forgot about Shoe Dazzle and them Skecher Shape Ups she was hawking

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