T.I. on Blast for Charging Family $40K to Speak at 12-Year-Old’s Funeral!

ti child funeral

TI has been put on blast by the family of a 12-year-old boy who was killed in a drive-by shooting. The child, Jajuan Hubert Latham, was killed during the gang-related shooting in Knoxville, TN on Saturday night as he sat in the back of his father’s SUV.

Jajuan’s nickname was TIP because he was a big TI fan. The family reached out to the rapper through social media, asking him if he would speak at the kid’s funeral…and TI said he would do it…for $40K!

ti child funeral

I guess he could have politely declined, but why did they want this convicted felon at their child’s funeral anyway? There are way better role models out there they could have asked…


  1. You wanna do crime abd be worshipped and girls idolize you become a rapper and Go to jail I don't look up to ex cons tip did the drugs he bought the guns and really its his fault he went down may

  2. Hell Tip you bogus as he'll. Even if you charged not 40k. What average person has 40k to give at a funeral… C'mon foh…

    • Hell the average person these days might.not have life insurance let alone $40k. What his dumbass was thinking? Tell Tiny quit f*cking up her body U might have some money.

  3. Oh, please. What should we as black people expect from TIP? He has a wife, a bunch of kids, a mistress or two, big expenses and no telling what else. His mind and his heart is not on "what a dead 12yr old thought of him" or "the terrible way in which the child died."

    Honestly, if the truth be told nobody who learned to read, write, comprehend and grammatically put a sentence together properly owns any TI music. They don't watch his show and they're not checking for him in any form or fashion. They don't let their children look up to him and only hear his voice every now and then on the radio.

  4. Rest in peace to the little boy but his parents are wrong for having a convicted felon at his funeral. I think the parents might have similar backgrounds as t.I.. It's a shame they couldn't give their son a good life. These rappers are sellouts and don't care about these kids.

  5. T.I. done sacrificed enough of his people. Nobody should be surprised by his behavior. He will continue to keep cooning

  6. That girl wrote that long-ass text without even one period, comma or any other type of punctuation. SMH

    • That's what I meant when I said:

      "Honestly, if the truth be told nobody who learned to read, write, comprehend and grammatically put a sentence together properly owns any TI music."

  7. Blackistani citizens stay losing. A punk ass chump rapper and the parents of a dead child trying to guilt trip him. TIP ain't down for no BP he too busy caping for white women rappers.

  8. Okay, so what more do we need to understand that these "gangsta" are DL, women-hating, child molesting, black people dissin' azzholes.

    And Da Radiant, you right, tiny need more money for the final surgery which is to become a man which would make TI very happy.

  9. some1 probably woulda tried to rob and kill ti at the funeral let's be real this fam sound ratchett. if they couldnt protect their son y should ti feel safe and y should ti know they're not lying

  10. This is what you get when you worship some piece of crap working his ass off for the
    Hollywood i$ra-elite…
    This is what you get when you idolize the lowest kind of people…
    This is what you get when you are incapable to provide your child with a proper knowledge and a proper education…
    Karma is spelt "lol" and pronounced "hahahahahaha"

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