Monica & Shannon Brown Headed for Divorce?

monica shannon brown divorce

Rumors about Shannon Brown cheating on his wife, Monica, seem to be true. The former NBA player was caught DM’ing a woman on Instagram. He flew the woman out for sex, and told her he wasn’t happy in his marriage.

monica shannon brown cheating

monica shannon brown cheating

monica shannon brown cheating


After the news broke, Monica stopped wearing her wedding ring. And when a follower called Shannon out for being a cheater, Monica never denied it!

They have been married since 2010, and they tied the knot just five months after dating.


    • He's an athlete girls love the way they dribble the balls and just dunk it in and grand slam it you know

  1. not surprised whatsoever. he's an NBA player. nuff said. all of 'em got it in their blood to cheat because they're seeing too much scattered free ass everywhere, not to mention always approaching them due to their large paychecks. and Monica? u and the other so-called religious freaks in this worl who where their religion on their sleeves every day of their life and use it as a pawn??…STOP THAT SHIT! the man's a natural-born cheater. stop making excuses. divorce was out in place for a damn reason. next…!

    • *wear* that is. (this site refreshes every damn 2 seconds seems like before one can correct themselves.)

  2. Comment: That's how she got hi8m so what did expect. How you get them is how you lose them

  3. Monica prefers thugs ask c murder. Young buck, trick daddy, mystikal , and rocko

  4. Shannon likes 4somes. A chick I know who ain't scared to kiss & tell gave me the scoop. This was pre-marriage.

    • He chose to get married and he couldn't pass up on new nuckie.. That's why I say they all passing diseases from one to another.. It's sad to have no self control and to lose your family over an Instagram chick.. These sorry ass men are disgusting

  5. Some black males just can't keep their dank in their pants and thats why they're getting popped and shit!! From hurt females. He's wrong, 100%. Monica got played. Move on, ma.

  6. I knew something was up because she tries so hard to convince her followers they are bonded like glue. I knew Shannon was no king only king dang a Lang. He messing up on a loyal woman stupid man.

  7. Where is Jacky Jasper? What happened to Uncle Tom Cabin. Gone just like Jacky.

  8. She creeper on a married man yet wants to be held annonymous as she exposed him. Not feelin that at all shes just as guilty

  9. Comment: She should have known this. He cheated on his then girlfriend/baby mama with her!

  10. She has no credibility staying anonymous. I wouldn't lose my husband over a mystery internet chick.

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