4th Afrika Bambaataa Child Molestation Victim Steps Forward

Hassan Campbell afrika bambaataa child molestation

A fourth victim has stepped forward to accuse Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa of child molestation. The New York Daily News interviewed the latest victim, Hassan Campbell, who claims the incidents took place in Bambaataa’s Bronx apartment during the late ’80s.

Bambaataa acted as a father figure to Campbell, and would give him food, money, and a place to stay since Campbell was having issues at home.

“He had the most fun house in the world. There were celebrities there, musicians, neighborhood heroes. It was the best place to be – and the worst place to be,” ~ Hassan Campbell

Campbell alleges Bam molested him numerous times when he was 12 and 13-years-old.

“He is a pervert. He likes little boys,” ~ Hassan Campbell

Many men are finally finding their voice, and speaking out against Bambaataa. A lot of the victims have claimed Ronald Savage, a Judicial Delegate in the 12th Judicial District in the Bronx, N.Y, gave them the strength to tell their story. Savage is another one of Bambaataa’s victims, and he detailed his encounters in a video interview with the Daily News.


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.


  1. Zulu Nation ain't shit either, the ones who knew. So they pull the race victim card, and blame the govt. and call these men agents.
    At least Eddie Long didn't pull that stunt.

    • Zulu Nation was in fact a give away regarding the homo perversions of Afrikkka Bambastard…
      Shaka Zulu "the greatest zulu leader" forced his soldiers to have only homosexual relationships because he believed that only homosexual sex was the best way to toughen a man up…
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  2. Latifah ,busta rhymes and mister fee are down with bam I'm starting to think twice about those ghostface kills is a rapist rumors

  3. More black men need to start being present fathers to their kids do that men like afrika can not prey on them.

    • Most black men just don't want to raise their kids. Instead of using condoms, they bareback and make a baby. It's true, fatherless communities are hotbeds of PERVERSION!! Freaks know that kids from fatherless homes can be played. BM have really chosen to let down their KIDS AND COMMUNITY. Ain't no damn slavemaster pointing a gun at their heads making them leave their kids most just don't want the responsibility of fatherhood, period. But blame BW and the WM for them being useless bums!

      • Men have sex. Women have sex and have legal reproductive rights. Black women are failing their children by choosing to give birth to children they can't afford and/or forcing men to be fathers when the men do not want to be fathers.

        I'm always amazed when I see a black woman that's on welfare and not working, complain about a man that is not paying child support. I'm saddened by the great number of black women that use their children as pawns to hurt the father of their children.

        Marrying a black woman and or having a child by a black woman will almost always result in a black man failing in society.

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    • The only way they can be present is if the women start picking "better" men who actually want to be in their childs lives.

  4. More and more we are seeing that BM have a lot in common with WM, serial killing, child molesting woman beating…

    This should bring down for good, the gangsta rap, Zulu Nation, five percenters, Hebrew Israelite and hotep mfers. They all prolly doin the same.

    And we wonder why our communities are so f*cked up… It is because this shit is behind the music!

      • If I am single, then you are a 10 instead of 100.

        All these BS so called Black Power groups and look at our communities. Look at what the music has done to us, and you are offended because you think it is hatred of BM.

        You are a child, excuse me, manchild. Typical.

      • There's no hatred present, just telling the truth. Sometimes the hardest truth the hear is the truth about ourselves.

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    Eazy and dre alleged lovers bitches ain't shit weird lyrics dre talk like eazy left him for jerry

  6. Eddie Murphy DL homo he was f*cking Michael Jackson in the ass long ago check it arsenio hall show mj came out and gave Eddie a damn award saying Eddie was his favorite comedian and they act like they was f*cking in that song what's up with you check the video you had rainbows, birds, and little boys dancing

  7. He did it. 1st of all no grown man would lie about being molested by another man. Just don't see that happening. Do you understand how hard is to tell your truth if that did happen, years that's why a lot of people do it when there up in age because it hurts that bad or some make themselves forget. That's when the split personalities come in to play. So shame on people when they put a time limit on others hurt. Bambaataa needs help and he needs to pay for his crimes…foh

    • It's statute.

      Looks like Afrika is the Hip-Hop Bill Cosby. At least Bill did women though. These sodomites are like a roach infestation.

  8. WHERE IS MISS TONY STARK, THE RAPE APOLOGIST?? Damn punk got ran off with the TRUTH. I told your punk ass from the start what went down. Now your ass is ghost, a coward, lurking, can't say shit to defend these perverted males.

  9. Let’s look at his statement critically and mention some implications: Bambaataa went into the room almost immediately, and the other man at the crib came in- with his penis out. These two men had a factory-like way of acting-out their predatory behavior, and obviously had pre-planned. After ALL this time, all these men are coming forth, only Bambaataa seems to be the main focus of the claims, when obviously MANY other men (most probably part of Zulu Nation) had to have been involved, and many others had to be keeping silent…this smells an awful lot like organized SRA (ritual abuse), like a Presidio for older kids for example, and leads me to think this whole time the Zulu Nation may be a trauma/abuse front. In so far as I’m concerned- everyone involved has dirty hands, and had been answering to others in an organized way.

  10. Sasha, would you look into the Blind Gossip item which all but states that Prince is dying from AIDS and is not expected to live trough the summer?

    He recently was on a flight which had to make an emergency landing because he was so ill, but his camp played it off as no big deal.
    The BI states that a much loved black celebrity with a very sexual reputation and past contracted HIV in the 90s, but was told he was miraculously cured by God by the uber religious group he is a part of. He then stopped his meds, and now he is very sick.

    It sure sounds like Prince.

    • I suspected he had HIV as well-"flu like symptoms" are PR speak for HIV/AIDS

    • Oh please. That is so not true. There are gay pedophiles and straight pedophiles.

      I know gay men who detest other gay men who go after young men even under 20.

      No matter what you may think about the gay lifestyle, it is wrong to accuse all gay men of being pedos.

  11. Jimmy Seville
    Gene Simmons
    Pete Townshend
    Steve Collins
    Bryan Singer

    They all raped boys and kids and never got the heat bill did

  12. Love how quickly the media swept this under the rug. So what happens from here? Does bambaata lose his standing in hip hop? Or does he just go away for a while and come back out like nothing’s happened?

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