Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Blow, Booze & Booty-Call Habits Told!!!

Cuba Gooding Jr. Cocaine & Whores Exposed

“Cuba made no secret of getting high on cocaine.”

A former Los Angeles party girl says she was relieved to learn Cuba Gooding Jr.’s wife call it quits. That’s because she says she found out just how ratchet the actor has been… from her personal experience with him seven-years ago. The unnamed woman is now spilling the goodies on Gooding.. less than a week after Sara Kapfer filed for divorce.

“Her presence on the night in question has been verified by multiple witnesses.”

Here’s what the anonymous woman spills:

“I met Cuba in 2007 at a nightclub after one of his movie premieres. He was aggressive from the moment he locked eyes with me, pointing at me in the crowd and motioning for me to come sit beside him. I had no interest in him romantically, but he had table service and seemed to be fun so I went and sat with him.

I could tell he was already pretty drunk, and immediately started sticking his hands down the back pants as soon I as sat down. It was honestly so gross, so I just kept moving around trying to keep his hands off me.

After a few hours at the club and probably three bottles of vodka, it was closing and someone from his entourage approached me and a friend to tell us Cuba wanted us to go back to his penthouse suite to keep partying. We were having fun and thought, why not.

When we got up to Cuba’s suite he immediately stripped down to his boxers. It was the weirdest thing, but he was clearly trying to show off. There were probably about eight of us in the suite and Cuba made no secret of getting high on cocaine.

From the moment I stepped into the suite it was like Cuba made me his prey. He couldn’t keep his hands off me and would literally kiss me, shoving his tongue down my throat, at every chance he got to get close enough to me. It was really aggressive and intimidating, but I just kept playfully pushing him away.

He threw me on his bed at one point and got on top of me and if it weren’t for other people being in the suite with us, I think things could have definitely got out of hand.

You could tell he was a celebrity used to getting what he wanted. He tried to get me to sleep with him, promising me ‘the night of my life’ but I didn’t really care that he was famous — I had no interest in sleeping with him and made that clear.

But he wasn’t taking no for an answer and bragged to me about all the girls he gets because he’s an actor. Ultimately I did not sleep with Cuba and left his hotel with my friend around 8 a.m. When I heard about his divorce I thought, it’s about time. Cuba made it sound like his wife knew that he slept with other women while she wasn’t around, and I was glad she finally got sick of it.”


  1. Thanks for the shot of the nostils, Jacky.

    He looks like he could snort all the cocaine in the world with that snout.

    • If I was Cuba I’d prob be snorting too. After the Oscar win his career went DOWNHILL FAST!! “Snow Dogs” – Really!? It almost seems like he was blackballed. Did he get the BIG head and say the wrong thing to the wrong person? He has talent but after the Oscar seems like nobody wanted to touch him. Getting to the top and finding out its the bottom HAS to be Tough.

    • Either shes lying of shes the stupidest women to admit that … first sign of the jackass was he put his hands down your pants and you still went with him …really? OK and you wonder why so many of us dont feel sorry for some of these chicks in hollywood who cry rape from a celebrity …sorry Im just telling it like it is people

        • he was so gross and didnt want to be there so much so that she went back to his palce and stayed til 8am

          • She was also high on coke and just stayed around for free lines. It got too weird for her so left around 8am coked outta her mind.

  2. No wonder his acting career went bust after his Oscar win for “JERRY MAGUIRE” he got lazy and only wanted to party instead of continue to learn his craft, what waste of talent too

      • And that is why he kept doing those damn handstands on oscar shows or anytime he was being interviewed, his azz was hopped up on coke..damn “cocaine is a helleuva drug”{in mi Rick James voice}

  3. This chick sounds like she trying to get 15 mins of fame..B/c she didn’t have to sit at his table or go to his room….and the way she makes it sounds like what he was doing to her …why keep sitting their at his table, and to add insult to ingury she goes to his room….sheis full shyt.

  4. …and wasn’t this fool hollerin at white chix in the boot while filming?? Cuba couldn’t get any more thirstier for white chix then if he was in a sun tanning in the desert with a snowsuit on next to a heater. Dumb coon!

  5. Ok this bish is very touched in the head. If he will grope you at the club he will grope you in his suite. If he was so disgusting there would be no need to join him later. Girl bye. She probably did let him hit and just salty about being just another notch on his belt.

    • Exactly. I was thinking the same thing. She complained about him groping her in the club yet she agrees to go back to his hotel room with him, them complains because he keeps trying to kiss her? What did she think was going to happen? I agree that she probably did sleep with him…but only after he gave up some cash. She sounds like she thinks sleeping with a black man — even if he is an actor — is beneath her, so she wouldn’t do it for free.(And we know she is white ’cause we all know Cuba wouldn’t be trying to pick up a black woman.)

  6. People don’t usually go back to hotel rooms for no reason.And she expect us to believe she left the next morning at that,and nothing happened?How fantastical is that.

    • Yes, this white woman expects us to believe that.

      She thinks we are all like Cuba.

      Someone need to tell Cuba that he don’t need to hurt himself cuz he can’t turn himself white.

  7. Idk y but everything about him has always annoyed me ever since that bitch ass scene in Boyz n da Hood.Like I hate his wrinkled ass forehead, dick sucking nostrils and his oooh let me quit. He just seems like your typical Hoppin Bob ass nigga. Seen one, seen em all. Hes just famous. Whatev.

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  9. Good for Sarah. With those huge nostrils there must be a personal mule on speed dial who transports bricks daily across san ysidro border. Would never thought his corny ass was that arrogant. Just when I though Tiger Wood’s text messages were lame and grandiose during his affairs. stewpit azz men…

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  11. You are one ignorant, racist waste of human sludge to ever walk this green earth.

  12. It took her till morning to leave, yea she waz feelin real uncomfortable -_- ur source is still a groupie ho.

  13. It doesn’t surprise me because the dude is probably one of those lames that think he is hot because he is in Hollywood and maybe he is going crazy because of what he done to get there and the woman gets no props because she went with him.

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