Who’s Jacky Talking About? – May 26, 2015

Blind Item May 26, 2015

The Future of this mystery woman’s public image was beginning to look grim …until one pro-footballer bumped the newly single mum -baby and all! We’re told that’s why the female pop singer signed on to play beard for this quarterback.

Word from inside the NFL deems the situation to be a win win for both parties, especially with him carrying a rep for being “white-washed” AND secretly living” Like a Girl.”

Dig the drop:

“It didn’t take Percy Harvin, long to get his agent to get him into a Jets jersey, he’s not tryin’ to wrestle over the Frosted Flakes or Fruit loops.”


  1. Ciara. I don’t follow American football so I am not sure who Russell is but to look at him you can see that he plays for the ‘other’ team.

  2. He was married to a white bytch!!

    now He’s dicking down a Black Woman, might be He’s last resort

    because sellout Nicca’s only sniffing around Black Women when They want something

    or Russel must be broke because He’s wrinkly white Women likes the expensive taste lifestyle

  3. Did people in the comment section miss the word “beard”. They probably aren’t sexually involved, just together for public image purpose.

  4. Things that make us go….hummmm!
    I thought Russell Wilson was a quite adorable UNTIL he threw that highly questionable pass during the big game. I only recently learned he was married because his DIVORCE was slightly discussed in sports media. To no shock to my nerves at all I learned his former wife was none other than his white high school sweetheart. Surely her family & friends are proud of her inspite on the divorce.

  5. Additionally….
    So, while folks are busy labeling Russell Wilson as “gay/bisexual” somebody left out this tiny tidbit of information….


    At the time of the affair Golden Tate was teammates with Russell. So, while folks jumped the gun to label the man as “gay/DL” look at his situation… Now how about THOSE apples…maybe he wants to aquaint himself with a black woman since the WHITE one he chose was low down enough to carry an ongoing affair with his teammate. Nothing like including the truth to make things interesting!!!!

    (Thanks Terez….you’re ESPN bound baby!!!)

    • Well damn! It looks like I will be doing two things. 1) Go to my Facebook and inbox somebody or 2) Wait until this certain person comes back home in July and ask this person then. I already know the drunk crew is going to be there, plus this person that I am talking about is related to my baby cousin’s kids father. In fact, they are FIRST COUSINS! HOT DAMN! I AM GOING TO ENJOY GOING TO MY MAMA’S HOUSE! OOOWWEEEEE!!! THANK YOU REG!! I TOLD YALL ME AND REG ARE CONNECTED TO THE SAME FOLKS! LOL!

      • DR!
        You already know!!! Can you imagine if we REALLY compared notes on some “thangs?”
        Girl, the book we could write would make us billions & get us both killed in the process….
        LMAO…just saying. 🙂

        As for this story….I read a post that said the “Golden Tate story was not true” but I contend it is in fact quite true & was a primary factor in Russell being the one to file for divorce. I think we can all collectively agree in the belief that Mrs. Russell Wilson didn’t want a divorce. Such a thing would potentially alter her the lifestyle she’s grown accustomed to if nothing else.

      • Sorry DR1…that Anonymous May 26, 2015 at 14:00 comment to you was from me.

        • U already know Imma ask that surprised guest about this! Lmao! And yes he has confirmed he will be in my hometown in July 2015! Damn Reg, with the connections between me, U, and our other two buddies and I missed them on this site, God knows I do. Can U imagine what all kinds if proof that could destroy folks? Yeah U are right, that book would make the world do an 180! Wheeewww!

    • Chilllld yes!

      Russell married the girl that was down with him, when he was a broke college baseball player.
      he was drafted as pro baseball player 1st. NFL 2nd.
      I rarely see blackwomen at baseball games..so get off his jock.
      He was loving the one he was with, till his teammate rolled up on his wife. AKA “The Tony Parker”
      Next, He is NOT GAY.
      If a blackman is not in jail, have a felony, comes from a tight knit family, and loves GOD.
      Why is this person less black?
      RIDICULOUS. perhaps his moma and grandmamma didnt play the Multiple. Baby Mama Drama
      Nor, speak like you have some sense.

      WHY is it that certain BLACK. FOLKS always equate our blackness with the lowest of all behaviors?
      If you arent acting “ignant” then you cant be like the rest of us.

      You see him going to the Whitehouse Dinners and events. With. Barack and Michelle

      Where was PERCY?
      I’ll wait……

      • Yes Traci! U are so right! Russell’s family and himself are some serious God fearing people ! If y’all saw that last game they played before The Superbowl last year, him, some guys, a preacher, and if I am not mistaken one of the coaches after they won, Russell and them was praising God on that field! They kneel down and was doing some serious praying! Russell was crying and praising! Russell I ain’t mad at U brother for praising God! And he had his shout going!

        • They always pray after football games that doesn’t make him straight you have never heard of religious gay men

    • I don’t understand your logic. if you are a straight man who was cheated on by your ex wife, you’ll definitely not choose Ciara !

  6. Russell Wilson was smart enough to dump his ugly side before the big paycheck came through. She trailed him all throughout high school and even transferred colleges to seal the deal of a metal ticket but the brother woke up and seen the fraud in her and her psuedo christian family.

    The gay thing is bs though. I think this relationship is just a PR stunt for both and a comeup for Ciara since she just nabbed the Cavalli star spot for modeling. Maybe im wrong. Ciara should just enjoy the ride and coast along because i guarantee he will be back with a non black woman in 5, 4 , 3, 2, 1…..lol

    • I feel that too. He just has that look about him that he feels as if a white woman would ‘qualify’ him. But I still get a gay vibe from him.

  7. the hell paying somebody or anybody to pretend to be in love with me.

    hope Ciara got what she wanted I’m not paying nobody to like me or date me to cover up my image phukk dat.

    you come out better buying backpage girls.

  8. I believe he’s gay

    He look awkward next to the few woman he’s been photographed with including Ciara.

  9. Russell cant be with Ciara,
    Cause she likes to live her life on SOCIAL MEDIA.

    notice the couples that last….you dont see them blasting pictures on instatgram.
    If you about to get PAID..you dont want a woman, who cant conduct herself — without everyone knowing your business.

    Why is it just our stars posting their dirty laundry on twitter and facebook and instagram.
    When is the last time you saw a Country Western star – having a twitter beef?
    I’ll wait….

  10. Wilson is not, and I repeat NOT gay. He and Ciara were an arranged duo by publicists because he needed a fabulously beautiful date for a White House dinner and she is in the need of some media exposure and relevance. They did look a bit awkward I admit, but just because a couple is set up for publicity, that doesn’t mean the man is gay. He can’t take just any thot to the White House for gawds sake. Ciara’s people knew that they would be photographed by a zillion paps and the shots would appear all over the media. She is desperate to remove the taint left on her by being dumped after having her baby.
    As far as his high school girl/wife, Russell’s upbringing is very complicated. he went to prep school surrounded by upper middle class white kids, so his peer group was limited. I’m not trying to absolve him of any responsibility, but put yourself in his place. If you were in a school full of wf, wouldn’t it just be easy to try to “fit in” since you know you’re going to have to be with those wf for 4 years?

    I am with the poster above who said that it’s unfortunate that when a clean cut, trouble free, church going black male is doing well, the last thing we should be doing is tearing him down because of some private personal choices. I mean, it’s not like Tiger Woods. He didn’t choose a ww after he was rich and famous. Now, if he ends up marrying some white Playmate or Instagram model(like half of the nba) then we can talk.

  11. Why do black people always drink the cool aid a celeb gives them. If you do your research on Russell Wilson you will find out he is not the Hod fearing man he pretends to be. He lied about his wife cheating. Of course she was paid a good deal togo with the program and so was his x team mate. Think about it. Why would you cheat on the star player for a back up player. Thats like going for the back up dancer instead of the singer. Russ was caught in many lies. For peete sake his priest is Justin Beibers priest. He even messed with an IG thot whom is associated with Kim K. Stop drinking the cool aid people

  12. You all sound stupid always hated mind your own business ..geeee. You all know nothing dude ain’t broke he is negotiating a mega deal now if Cam got 100million how much u think 2 super bowl appearances will get him? Who will waste time being someone beard? Why can’t they be dating? Why put on for people who probably doing worst sh#t in they own lives, people these folks don’t know or will ever meet? We in this country is to consume minding other people lives calling every one gay bi or a beard. I give Empire star Jussie S credit not playing the game worrying about the public consume gay rumor circus….He beat you all including Jasper to the freaking punch, living his truth.

  13. its a known secret in Nascar circles that Russell Wilson and Kasey Kheune are lovers. Kacey is a second rate driver for Nascar. google them and you will see them doing events together

    • kacey khane. ciara is a definite beard, it is so obvious. russell left the white girl for a white guy, not Ciara

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