Zoe Kravitz: “I Don’t D’Angelo Or Drake!”

Zoe Kravitz Drake

Zoe Kravitz got jokes!

We’re told The 26 – year- old bombshell was digg’in on Drake when she aired out all things D’Angelo as being secrets on the down low.

A tipser tells us Zoe’s drop comes shortly after her past date with Drake. That’s when Drizzy reportedly showed out with all kinds of brown sugar in his tank… and Zoe doesn’t sing that tune.

Here’s the word Zoe said to Drake:

“If you out on D’Angelo and you’re trying to get at me, you’re a sucka!”


    • They both on the downlow and she’s not looking for a bisexual or gay man..
      These Hollyweird folks and singer, athletes and rich people better turn their back to SATAN, and Beg and Pray To JESUS, because they are lost souls, wandering the earth being trisexual meaning (they will have sex with anyone or thing) Ugh
      All I know is the world is back to when Jesus sent his only SON, to save us no good sinner.. Me, myself and I are soooooo straight with The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.. All I can say I don’t have a problem with them, if there’s any problem, it’s me…Oh Yea, but the Lord my God and savior allows a sinner like me to see, some of what’s in the upper rooms upstairs.. It’s so awesome and beautiful, it’s more than anything anyone ever ever ever read.. Be blessed and seek Thee for yourself.. This is real talk.. IJS

  1. Wow interesting lol…. jacky we hats up with diary of a Hollywood street king lately you used to post almost every day and it was jaw droping stuff lately speaking as a fan of the blog its been with all do respect. Boring wheres all the real story type of information it seems like now a days you put up a story just cuz u got a blog to do so lol.. come on jacky you can do better

    • IKR. I hate to complain because I like the new design but these stories are meh. I never understood the hype surrounding Zoe, her mother and father are still hotter than she is.

    • He’s just ‘going thru the motions’ these days. This blog has become an after thought.

  2. like her parents ain’t bisexual I thought she liked white guys.

    d angelo has a good new album though anybody agree.

    • Yeah, Black Messiah is getting crazy buzz in the streets. D is back with some hot ish. Her reference to Brown Sugar is perplexing. The song is about the various hues and colors of blackwomen and mary jane on the sly. Drake is behaving contrary to stereotypes. Mixed dudes are afraid of sistas, but, Drake is always chasing. Zoe is a stereotypical mixed chick with white sensibilities, so, she ain’t official like that anyway. Both are confused. Drake might be another Shemar Moore…Maybe?

  3. i know the mods will delete this comment but this website is whack now, there arent any comments and the stories are boring and poorly written

    • Agreed. You and the amani chick uptop aint lying. the whole we got the exclusive and the hype is build for a sentence thats the big drop a sentence. Really!!!!! This site was ok now its straight ass

  4. that pic says she don’t want drake kissing her like he done already sucked a dick or something. zoe knedw about the gay rumors anyweay her dad wore a skirt even though lenny made some awesome music.

  5. This site used to be the bomb but now this site has gotten so wack and so boring. Jacky hasnt put up as much info like he used to. I dont like the new background either. I have more fun reading yalls comments then the actual celebrity info.

  6. with them ugly azz toes she better get what she can get….dem toes look like she been wearing shoes 3 sizes too tiny

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