Who’s Jacky Talking About? – August 6, 2014



She’s reported to be On The Run with some no joke money. That’s because this “I’m mixed” estranged Missus has reportedly helped to gross $100M from her heist… with the help of her leading TOM hubby. Don’t believe me.. Just as the back-up dancer she’s shacking up with on the road.

“She’s getting her lesbian on, with one of her dancers”

Here’s what a source spilled our way:

“She’s heated that Lil Kim jumped on her latest track ’cause she never invited her… making it like a mixtape.”

Can you guess the name of the Tina Turner ripoff that I’m talking about?


  1. that bytch beyonce aint shyt released that wack ass remix with nicki, she should got remy, lil kim, mc lyte, real female mc on da record, she fkd up an alright song

  2. These kind of fish stories been out about Beyonce. Her and hubby are allegedly bi-sexuals. Yeah, the streets been talking about that one.

    I bet she’s shacking up with the guitar player. The one who wears a wild Fro all the time.

  3. Tina Turner rip off ?!!! Lol, the truth all day long !!! I hope DC members are happy, cause she deserve what she’s . I hope Kelly is really having a girl and that Lil girl is pretty, but with her & that mans genes it’s highly unlikely. Lol

  4. The writing style is definitely different. I, too, believe that Jacky is no longer involved with this site.

      • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


        jacky sold the site and there was no more slandering russell simmons

        similar to when def jam gave star and buckwild a record deal worth 100k as a some what pay off to prevent em from going at def jam artists/ kevin lyles/ russel simmons and liar(lyor) cohen

  5. ^^^I agree, Bey will never be as good as Tina Turner. Tina has several timeless classics. Beyonce has none!

    • shut up beyonce has many that will be played years from now. and remember Tina Turner didn’t write any of her songs. Tina was a bottom bitch.

      • you need to stop with that delusional lie. Nothing Beyonce has put out is timeless-it’s just to be played in its time.

  6. Beyonce is not only ripping of Tina Turner she’s also copying Freda Payne,Kylie Minogue and Cherelle.

  7. I too know this ain’t jacky no more when they lied like somebody stole his phone & he went missing. It ain’t been right since.

  8. Yeah…apparently she is…she and lady Gaga, Keri hilson(I think), Gabriel union, (maybe) missy been getting it on….and gwen Paltrow to name a few….a lot of these women except Rhi…lol rhi rather get camel-banged than smell like a Yodeling halitosis fish grease

  9. I really dont give a shit if she is bi, actually it might even make her more interesting. She has always been so bland, this woman just started swearing and she’s in her 30’s… let the doormat live a little..

    • Thank you, she is boring as hell, if shes bi then she might be on the cusp of actually being interesting, i didnt like Britney spears until she cutt off all her hair and went HAM on the paps

      • I think she has a lot of haters. Her rhythm says it all. Boring, I doubt. Now, Kim seem boring and stiff.

  10. Don’t care what B’s doing…but Ok, I can’t say that Jacky sold the site but I will say this. The site doesn’t appeal to me the way it used to.Though I still check it sometimes. Maybe Jacky just has an editor now who’s reviewing and posting the stories because as we all can tell the Lingo is definitely not how Jacky speaks especially on his original posts earlier on this site and I’ve been around for years as well. I miss Jacky who’s editorials used to crack me up.

    But as they and I guess Jacky said above He probably didn’t sell the site just made it more COMMERCIALLY appealable. What ever that means.

  11. the same bitch who wore blackface cooning for white folks and ass lickers found excuse for that too.

  12. the same wack bitch that sings garbage song talking about now that she got silicone titties and ass and she sleeps in her wigs she woke up this way. song should be called fake bitch.

  13. I was on another urban blog that I won’t mention. They had a picture of Beyonce, and it looked like she was losing her hair. I’m not making this up; the top of her head looked like her hair was very thin. Remember what happened to Countess Vaughn? Those weaves and wigs destroyed her hair.

  14. I agree with u tb I believe he sold the site bro writing totally has changed I wish I had the time to pour over past articles and show y’all what I mean style is different and if he hasn’t sold the site they’re someone pulling strings I’ve seen stories on here recently that I knw jacky wouldn’t put on but that ain’t none of my business but cuz of the obvious writing changes I don’t check in daily or brag that jacky is the site to check for shit I’m a hood nigga I don’t have lotsa sites I visit this is the only site I come to for info I still never go to mediatakeout since this site and never will jacky if u see this break whatever tie that they’ve binded u to and give us real shit I’ll notice I said I’m a hood nigga but I’m a smart mufukka And pay attention shit I f*ck with…follow me on twitter @4thwardboy

  15. Its common knowledge that Jacky sold it. It was even posted before and after the deal was made. Jacky was real “raw” and less politically correct. His ears were always on the streets, no pun intended.


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