Mariah Carey So So Sends Jermaine Dupri Kickin’ Rocks!!!

Mariah Carey Leave So So Def

So So Gone!

There appears to be NOTHING So So Def about JD to MiMi. Know why? Insiders say, “Mariah Carey has decided to take her music career into a new direction without Jermaine “JD” Dupri as her manager. #seeyalater”

It’s a situation that JD apparently decided to break word of… before MiMi beat him to the punch. That’s because the sample-driven producer is the one to let it be known.

Here’s what JD just put out there:

“I put my all into every project. But when I’m not allowed to do what I do, then I know it’s time for me to move on.”


    • Yes sir, Mimi’s twin package is off the chart for real. And her babies are adorable as well.

  1. these celebs can be so ungrateful jd helped her with her career when she 1st started the music game her music was too poppy
    then jd helped her ass out. if she’s ditching jd sooner or later she will ditched nick cannon!!!

    • This ain’t the first time with JD and we all seen what happened with that damn disaster glitter bitch damn near crazy after and JD brought her back

      • loyalty and faithfulness is dead in hollyweird everyone is screwing each other over for money
        black celebs are sucking white man’s toes for pocket change

    • She doesn’t owe him anything. Nothing g is forever. It’s probably just business

    • No, No you have it backwards Mariah helped JD by giving him the opportunity to manage her but JD turned on Mariah by throwing her under the bus. JD was pretty much bankrupt before Mariah called him to produce Emancipation.

  2. Well he has been talking semi slick about her for a hot minute now. Celebs have huge, but fragile egos. You can’t leak derogatory comments about them to the press and expect them to still work with you. Between her and Janet Jackson Dupri better watch out or his Golem from Lord of the Rings looking ass won’t have Any clients . He needs money to support his hooker habit.

  3. She is DONE aint nobody checking for her old, slutty, drunk ass no more, she stole Shanice’s style of singing. He vocal started to fade after DayDream. The Butterfly C.D. was the shit tho. Whitney was a better singer and M.C. was the better artist but I NEVER understood or heard this great, supreme voice that she was suppose to have. Hell Celine Dion is a better singer then Mariah. Mariah just had better songs. Columbia participated in payola during the height of her career too so that gave her an edge over her peers. ALSO TO THE LAMBS DON’T COME FOR ME CUZ IM TELLING YOU BYE JOHN AND BYE FELICIA BEFORE YOU GET HERE. IM EXPRESSING MY OPINIONS JUST LIKE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS YOURS.

      • Thank you and Mariah can sing her ass off and shatter glass with her high note so sit down somewhere

      • How is it that she was out before shanice when shanice released her first album in 1987? Mariah carey accompanied Brenda K Starr to a party in 1988 and Brenda handed over Mariah’s demo to Tommy Motolla. So you’re wrong shanice was out first.

  4. I think Mariah should be doing greatest hits/classics/Christmas albums . Im team MiMi for life but Ariana Grande has her spot now and that’s just the way it goes. I don’t know why her American idol spot wasn’t better. Coaching a new generation is what she should be doing. Maybe it sucked because they paired her with wack ass Nikkei Minsk….but she needs a gig like that.

    • Spot on with that Ariana Grande she’s this era Mariah her songs sound like the label gave her all of Mariah left over tracks

      • You gotta be fking kidding me bringing up Ariana Grande in this discussion and no her music sounds nothing like Mariah, how old r you 12?

        • I seriously agree. What the hell is wrong with peoples hearing nowadays? I tried to listen to that song Ariana did with Iggy and that woman’s voice is nowhere near Mariah’s voice. We still don’t have any real vocalists in this era of music.

          IMO Mariah will be fine as soon as she accepts that she is no longer 20 years old and starts taking care of herself.

          • Everytime she comes on the radio i immediately turn it to another station, and your right there are no real.vocalists anymore, its sad that people have the nerve to put Ariana Grande in the same catagory as mariah

          • No vocalists male or female. . Jagged Edge called that..

            Ariana Grande only looks like a younger Mariah or J.Lo.. I haven’t heard her songs, but her annoying gay brother is on Big Brother this summer.. I can’t stand any daggone celebs!

    • Bitch please. Ariana couldn’t hold Mariah’s bra strap and even SHE knows that smh

      • Your mama is a bitch, ho. Just shut the f*ck up if you can’t handle a different opinion. Ariana can more than hold a candle and she can do it live, just like Mariah could at that age. Have you seen Mariah live lately? Because I have, and the high notes just ain’t there like back in the day. Love her but something …either smoking or drinking…. or age has worn her voice down. You gotta lotta nerve calling me a bitch over something everyone and their mama can see plain as day. Ignorant ass stan

        • Okay I shouldn’t have called you a bitch. But no, Ariana can NOT hold a candle to Mariah when she was that age. Go look up any of her old performances, the power and clarity in her voice is unmatched. Ariana sings through her nose. Plus her songs are so basic. Her and Iggy both will have their little ride and then fall off by this time next year.

          • But is that really the point? No one said Ariana was better. Only that she is the singer with the most vocal ability of her generation. She’s like 19. When I heard her Bad Boy song, i thought it was throwback Mariah. I can’t sing my abcs , but I’m told singers have to protect their instrument. And I think Diva Mariah just didn’t do that. So….I’m waiting to see if either of dem babies got the blessing. That ole stank attitude Bobbi Kris sure didn’t get from Whitney.

            • Ariana is 21 years old and she doesn’t have anywhere close to the most “vocal ability” of this generation. Ariana comes from Nickleodeon so you know that woman has sucked and eff’ed her way to where she is while the REAL vocalists are out there working hard trying to get to the top with real talent.

              I do agree with you on Mariah. It’s a shame she didn’t take care of her voice but I’m sure she has a lot of demons she’s wrestling with.

            • 19, 20, 21, whatever. Slimey Vyrus, demi, selena ….they can’t sing. Ariana can, she just ain’t been trained. Mimoo was raised by opera and Broadway singers, so the truth, yeah she can blow like no other….back then…still Love her bloated conceited ass, really do, but time for the new generation to make come ups because no one person stays on top forever. And Im not super young, I’m 29.
              … Seven Streeter can sang, but she’s r and b, not in that pop spot so she doesn’t get the exposure.

        • Its the drinking. Also, she is in her 40s, she and her vocal cords aren’t getting any younger. Your voice changes again at 35.
          Plus she’s been singing hard for over 25 yrs. Of course she’s on the decline, on her way out.

          I doubt anyone can replace her 7 octave voice. Pat Benatar from the 80s had a 5 octave voice but couldn’t hit whistle range.
          Betty Wright can hit whistle range.still..

  5. Mariah’s first song was my fav, Vision of Love. People had expectations for her because they felt she was the only one that could hit that high note Minnie Rippleton hit in “Loving You”. Mariah has a good voice, just WACK material.

  6. mariah needs to loose weight she’s turning into a frumpy humpy at leat nick cannon has a bed to rest his bed sooner or later
    she will ditch him for a white guy!! she dated that silent racist eminem yuck shyt f*ck!!!!

    nick d*cked her down and spawn twins who are pretty and cute

    her career is crumbling like cherry crumble sooner or later it will smell and leave a bad taste

  7. Where did all these wack ass commenters come from, Bosssip? JD is NOT a manager and the only reason Mariah gave him that title was so his ass could collect a check for a minute. Mariah’s getting a new manager and she’s also getting a divorce since Nick got some chick pregnant.

    • I hope Nick isn’t stupid enough to mess up his money like that with outside children.

      • Nick is over it and has been for months. Yes the word is he knocked someone up. Divorce in 3,2,1….

        • Him choosing to divorce Mariah is one thing but making outside babies while he’s still married is just dumb.
          Now he’s going to be paying crazy child support to some random while his soon to be ex wife is busy putting his crap out on the curb.

          • When Nick Cannon looks in his mirror he sees a God. Lmaoo, he’s so funny!

    • I can’t believe he had sex with 2 women. Doesn’t sound like Nick Cannon.

    • **humming** slowly drifting…drifting away. Wave after wave. Wave after wave and it feels like Im drowning/pulling ‘gainst the sea/pulling against the sea

      If Mariah and Nick divorced no one would be shocked or care.

  8. Off topic: Are Mariah and Nick getting divorced? Rumor has it, they are going down the road Beyonce and Jay Z are traveling.

  9. Mariah is a has been at this point. I swear these Pop singers egos are too big to let them see the truth. No one but her “lambs” are checking for any new music from her. This chick had tv appearances, a tv special,and about 5 years of blog promo. Take the hint Mimi,changing management won’t help when public interest has been lost. Bow out gracefully and raise those babies, the end.

  10. @ datjerk do your research Mariah came out in 1990 with Vision of Love. Shanice has been recording since 1987. I have both of their C.D.s

  11. Wat Nick and Mariah are splitting? He has an outside kid with who? The wild n out girls awww say it ain’t so.

  12. Aint NOBODY except a lamb checking for this chick. I thought that was Wendy Williams in the picture anyway.

  13. Despite this, I wonder if she and Jermaine will still collaborate, as they have some hits/classics under their belts.

  14. @ Anna, you have been a real bitch lately. stay in your lane lady. Shanice came out before Mariah, they both have the whistle register and matching octaves bitch. Before you co sign shit make sure you can back it up. in this case bitch you cant. i know what the f*ck im talking about and you dont. LADY BYE AND I HAVE JUST CHANGED YOUR NAME TO FALICIA , SO BYE FALICIA. CO SIGNING WRONG SHIT, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELF.

    • well i wasn’t Co signing who came out first i was just making the point that Mariah is an icon when it comes to vocalists and Shanice may have been recording before Mariah but i dont think Mariah stole her style, Mariah s trademark was that high note and not comparable to shaunice imo

    • Commenting on a gossip blog is hardly a reason to be ashamed of myself right or wrong

      • How dare you anna ? ! How dare you dare have an opInIon!! The first amendment isn’t for you!

        Sharniece who married crackhead Flex and just come out as broke?

        Mariah whose had 25 good yrs In the business and has an ego as bloated as her gut?

        They can both have a seat.
        No ones checking for either these days, vocal range or not..
        If it ain’t autotuned robotic computerized crap, it ain’t music!

        • You shouldnt co sign her shit. She the one hopped on and started cursing and insulting folks when no one was talking to her nasty ass. I dislike her tone from previous threads. That said, ain’t nobody 12, but I was told by my 17 yr old niece that she doesn’t care who can sing or not, all she cares about is the beat. So, you ate right. No one is checking for 90s powerhouse vocals. They want to hear T pain auto tune type nonsense.

          • That part about autotune was supposed to he a joke.. now I’m getting depressed at its truth. ..

            I didnt notice Annas previous posts and she hasn’t been nasty to me. This isn’t the schoolyard, Ill cosign what I want.. your issues with her are your issues. When she starts with me, Ill be sure to finish It…

            I like a good beat too, but enjoy good lyrics and a clear voice also..

  15. Celine, Christina and Tamar can out sing her NOW. I Have all Mariah C.D.s but if you are a real singer and you just listen then you would realize that she is/was overrated. her voice lacks power and thats why she MIGRATE to that lower register all the time. Madonna sold more records then Mariah, so stop trying to lie Mimi, you aint the worlds biggest selling female recording artis

  16. Well we all know you can’t base talent on record sales. That’s apples and oranges. For the past 2 decades, Mariah has had some WACK material. Ask yourself, if Gladys Knight chose to do a duet with either Mariah or Tamar, who do you think she’ll pick? Real talk

    • The f*ck? Who is checking for wack ass background singing Tamar? lol yall are delusional…

  17. All artists have their time to shine. She needs better people around her who will stop enabling her hello kitty butterfly mind control programming… M is beyond talented vocally, but being an alcoholic can make you extremely difficult to work with. I really would love to see her dress less forever21 and more…. ummm Ann Taylor?

  18. @universalbliss, who would Gladlys pick tho? I persist because i respect your analysis. Lmao

  19. i agree she cant sing very well anymore, but in her prime she was singin her ass off

  20. She has gone overboard. Who gets a limo for their dog to watch them perform? She was probably wanting to do something stupid. She thinks she is better than a lot of artist and she needs to sit down with them old legs now.

  21. marriah = miss piggy oink oink bytch hit the gym!!! you fat faced butterfly loving heffa
    as for nick cannon’s ego is far up his own ass!! when miss piggy dumped him for someone else he’s ego will get burnt like
    french toast!!

    marriah needs to be grateful jd helped her career!! her mindset is all wrong needs to be re-programmed

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