Lil Wayne Was NOT Diagnosed with HIV

Lil Wayne Happy Lizard

HSK Exclusive As word spreads, regarding recent internet postings surrounding Lil Wayne and an allegation he was diagnosed with HIV, sources close to the YMCMB are speaking out the refute the story. Know why? Because it is not true!

Here’s the drop:

“That little gremlin nigga is sick, but it’s not HIV or AIDS! That photo of Wayne at the hospital is when he had the seizures. The story is totally bogus.”


  1. HSK, ya’ll been really falling off lately. What happened? The stories are too weak & lately theres been too much race baiting on this site…Every other story is a race bait & its played now…Please, give us the exclusives that we’ve known HSK for, no more Iggy, white debbie stories please, too much race bait for me.

    • I notice the “Jacky ” stamp used to be on the pictures of the stories.

      That stinks that he sold this site. I notice the writing and content of stories is… different from a few yrs ago.

      I guess Jacky done exposed everyone already and now its just bites of stories. I am a lil weary of the non issues being made into issues, I suppose it could be called race baiting. The posters language is harsh now, a lot of cussing and name calling.

      Nothing lasts forever.

    • I have to agree with the race baiting, but I think it is just a few bad apples that mess very good websites like this up…. White racist that come on sites like this and just consistently make negative racist comments…… Like that lame Juice Mane.

      • The race baiting on this site are coming from black comment posters. The anti-white sentiment on this site has become unbearable and mean spirited. It has ruined a once good gossip site. I have noticed lately that the owner of the site post stories that feed the hatred of white people on this site. By the way i am black and do not condone hateful words toward anyone due to their race.

        • How do you know who the comments are coming from since everyone that post is somewhere hiding behind a computer. I don’t think the stories that are posted on here are put up to feed hate towards whites. Racist Whites have never been shy about letting blacks know that they hate them since the start of America and it’s funny that whenever blacks voice anything similar whites act like they don’t understand why and quickly revert to Mr. or Ms. I love all people. If you can dish it out you better be able to take it to.

          • blah, blah, blah white people are racist, i have heard it a million times. Blaming white people for almost everything wrong in society is kind of getting tiring and old.

            • So you don’t believe some white’s are racist and hate blacks? Not blaming whites for all of blacks problems but would you agree that the system is not really set up to give blacks an equal opportunity or that the justice system is not really operating in our favor. But I guess if you watch the media you believe that mostly all blacks commit most crimes while whites are all good and don’t do crime at all?

            • Well “Beth,”

              Since my family is filled with a vast mixture of Whites, Blacks, Samoans & Asians I have NO problem being the one to ask you very directly how are Whites NOT the cause of everything wrong with our society? And…before you go all ape shit crazy about racism DO NOT limit your conversation to just that. Enlighten us all on how WHITE people are NOT the very ones forever tampering with the world GOD CREATED FOR ALL HUMANITY by creating mass destruction such as 9-11 for instance & doing things like creating lasers to alter our weather & various global resources such as water. The very existence of the White race was built on cowardliness, lying, cheating, raping, stealing, perversion & greed.

              In my lifetime alone if I were to track the most horrendous acts the US has experienced I can undoubtedly trace it back to a damn white person. Do I feel all white people are bad? Of course not but when it comes to the ultimate demise of our society… WHITES have that title hands down but I’m positive you’ll prove me wrong…
              So, I’ll wait.

          • “if you can dish it out you better be able to take it to.”
            I agree to an extent (similar to the whole ‘people in glass houses’) but if you don’t dish it out should you take it?
            if you don’t preach bigotry and ignorance should you be punished for someone elses words?
            Also if you don’t let go of the past no one can move forward. history is important and shouldn’t be forgotten. at the same time history is the past not the present, if you live in the past don’t expect a new future.

          • You are a racist…..get over the bs. Blacks seem to forget that 100’s of 1,000’s of whites died so you all could be free. I am tired of the ignorant people in this country. Grow up. There are more racists blacks then whites, PERIOD.

            • @ anon 9:13 in 400 years when these new and improved white people you speak of get them racist ass crackas from back in the days” account back to zero and then after say a hundred years of good deeds after that convincin my grand kids they’ve changed we ll call that shit even and squash it. Til then homey or hommette they aint built up enough equity with me. And further more if you don’t feel the same you might want to look and hard at why not. Shit I might want a few reverse castrations and foot chops thrown in for good measure. Couple bed wenches and a hillbilly dragged behind my truck to be named later. I aint forgot shit and I urge you not to either. I better go get a snickers and calm down.

            • You must be out of your mind. In no way shape or form are there more racist blacks than whites. If anyone on this site that needs to study history in order to get your facts straight, IT’S YOU!!! Do you even know what happened in Slavery times to Present DAY? No you don’t nor do you have a clue and will never have a clue. There are no Blacks that string whites to trees, burn them at stakes, whip them til there are huge gashes all over there backs and shoot to kill if they decide to run for their lives. It’s racist whites who were responsible for the deaths of well over 2 million slaves. I can go on and on! I tell you what, “go ask any WHITE Scientist or Historian and they will tell you who was and is more RACIST especially in this COUNTRY. Better yet go and look up RACISM or the History of it…via the Smithsonian Institute which will in fact, educate you on what WHITES in this country did and still continue to do! Get some knowledge before you make absolute ignorant and un-true statements. You have got to be a Pale Face to spew such ignorance!

        • Say the same to TMZ and at least let’s have “balanced” griping about “racist” comments.

        • Hey Beth. No shade but please one period in history where whites have treated blacks fairly, nicely, equally and we ll stop speaking towards them with contempt. It’s nice to talk that play nice crap after a 400 year head start with your foot on our collective neck. I’ll wait for your response If u cannot name such a period then get the f*ck outta here waggin your finger at the discussion. You have benefitted greatly from ur whiteness and I’ll bet u aint willin to trade it. So shhhhh.

          • Lol I hear crickets on this one. What’s wrong Beth you ain’t got nothing….

            • I won’t bother replying to people whom seem to divulge on generalization of certain racial group. It is intellectual laziness. Not all whites are racist as not all blacks (yes) are racist.

            • You might want to look up the definition of divulge. Then help Beth identify a period where crackas wasn’t all up in tha crack of our ass. No generalizations there. Just a question. Nice attempt at deflection though.

          • I am not white, nice try. I get it, you are a victim of racism and slavery. Damn you white people, why do you have to be racist all the damn time. By the you know all black people don’t think alike.

      • I didn’t consider Juice Mane a racist..
        Guess I misunderstood his posts…

        • All Debbie said was they were old and that she talked shit. She didn’t elaborate on the shit she says.
          You were right but ppl thought you were defending her and all whites because you didn’t wish them all dead..

          I guess..

          And yes, instead of us all bitching all day about this stuff, lets get off our collective asses and MAKE CHANGE.

          Its quite weird getting called out online about a comment on a gossip site, isn’t it? Happens to the best of us…

        • Where can we get at you mane?

          In the pjs where you supposedly lived or at your dr. dad’s house in the all white neighborhood?

        • You should probably get the juice mane’s nuts out of your mouth. Its a bad look.

          • Also a bad look: worrying about what and who I post with.
            You sound obsessed with me and frankly, a little jealous.

            If you post something intelligent, I PROMISE Ill compliment you too, ok, kiddo?
            alright, now be good and go play with the other kids. (Pats on top of head)

      • Ppl are gonna think we are one in the same because I came to your defense..

        In my defense, I can’t respond to all the Anons.. there are too many, and its easier to reply to a screen name…

        • It sure seems that way.
          I enjoyed your posts and thought you spoke eloquently ..
          oh no.. now they’re really gonna think we’re the same person!

        • Thanks. I like the positivity.

          we need to get along as a ppl, whoever, wherever we are..
          Cause when the Ishmael goes down (and it will) its not gonna matter black or white.. were gonna need to band together (conspiracy theory time!)

    • I thought it was true bcuz we all know Trina has HIV & he used to f*ck with her….. But I’m glad it was all a lie,, we don’t need to lose anymore of our ppl to that deadly shit!!

  2. I agree @Kingdom8, who the hail cares about Lil’ Debbie does Dallas or Iggy ‘Australia’ and her blaccent? Please give us the good tea that we have grown accustomed to over the years.

    • I dunno what happened to Jacky, but the whole vibe now seems like something got switched up, but ppl have been saying this for a minute. HSK is still the #1 site, but c’mon ya’ll damn…no more Iggy stories, she is to replace Nicki Minaj and some of that is Nicki fault b/c she aggreed to the madness and now they about to replace her, if they haven’t already. But at the end of the day, its all a controlled attack on Melanin and all these race bait stories are negative energy.

      • I agree. It is a sad state of affairs. This site is becoming like Bossip for race baiting.

  3. celebs should really start suing the shxt outta websites that write such filth! HIV? i kno sites need hits but,cmon now thats too far! this man has changed hip hop even if ur not a fan gotta admit that!! hes a good dad from wat i see& hear. dont lable him w such a horrid thing! its not right!

    • Piggybacking off of 50 Cent’s Mixtape hustle and finally learning how to write/rap Punchlines does not equal ‘changed the game.’ And please don’t bring up his signing of Aubrey Flowers and Lil’ Kim 0.5, because people get signed everyday.

    • @thepisces…who the eff raised you? “changed hip hop”? It wasn’t shitty until he and the majority of these clowns put their hands on it. #tfoh

  4. Yeah,Lil Wayne has helped change hip hop & not for the better, he is part of what’s wrong w/it. I’m not fan, & I believe he DOES have HIV or SOMETHING. How could he not, he’s such a hoe.

  5. Daaaamnnnn dis site is really falling off.da boring stories are getting toooo much

  6. Jacky bit the apple, drank the kool-aid too. When I first found this site I thought it was the bible of gossip sites(it might be hard to believe but its truth to it). Now after Jacky went so-called missing I notice the change. What happen to the NO SELLOUT NO SELLOUT rule Jacky? Also where the story on Yes Liv Can making that Sorry Ms. Carter? You also late with stories and no real detail.

  7. lil wayne is ugly can’t seem to figure out why women are so desperate to jump on his d*ck!! either they want the money/fame
    or they wanna get knocked up the world is going is crazy!!

  8. Lil Wayne is one ugly dude….i lie not. This dude looks like a reptile to me,like he is not even of the human race. Something about him says very unnatural to me. He hurts my eyes when i see him. Those tattoos are not helping him either. Maybe he put so many of them on to create a distraction.

    • The full body tats (and excessive piercings) these (c) rappers have are a coping mechanism to counter the sex abuse they endure in the industry and elsewheres.

      Rick Ross (although I cannot imagine what old Joo wants any of that but whatever), Waka Flocka, Chris Brown..

      Its the only way to feel like a man again..
      Is an old old psychological thing, not just these guys, before these guys made it cool.. ppl have always destroyed their bodies (piercing, tats, shaving head, cutting) because of sexual abuse.

      • This is so true when they want to make money they have to give something up and they want to be apart of the millions club like the illuminati that secret society they have to give up/or do more it just not worth it.

      • Willie, I agree with you 100%! Chris Brown immediately comes to mind. I remember saying to myself, “they got him” when he got those sleeve tattoos. The blond hair, nose rings, etc were just coping mechanisms.

        • Soldier boy, The Gayme… who else is covered in tats?

          50 got his removed .. guess he’s ok with the abuse..

          • Tyga, Bow Wow, Wiz Khalifa, Flo Rida, Jim Jones…That’s who I can think of at the moment. And they ALL have been suspect to me. I kinda feel bad for laughing but “guess he’s ok with the abuse” had me a lil tickled.

            • Guess it was a little mean.. sorry 50.

              That’s getting to be quite a list.. yeah, Bow Wow definitely..

  9. These girls better be careful. He has all these baby mothers. It seems he’s headed in the same direction as Eazy E if he doesn’t use protection. I read somewhere that cash money records is running low on money.

    • True. But Weezy has the advantage of being alive in the era of the Magic Johnson drugs which can keep you alive for 30 years+. If Eazy had been diagnosed before he was in the end stage of full blown AIDS he’d be here today.

      • That makes sense why we don’t hear about AIDS like we used to growing up.. more of Hollyweird should be infected the nasty way they are…

        Its a government program anyways..

  10. Lil ulgy an rihanna the herpes big foreheaded hoe all have diseases they all f*ck each other the industry is small now its starting to come out charlie sheen thats how they get down in hollyweird.

  11. CDAN said Wayne was a bottom as well as HIV+ like two years ago. We’ll never know for sure but I mean look at him, doesn’t he look ill?…..

    • Wasn’t this lizard lookin’ thing the on kissin’ Baby in da mouth?

      What surprises us more, the news or the denial?

  12. The site sucks now. It used to be like the Diirty but for celebs. I think someone scared jacky.

  13. I don’t know about Jacky biting apples and drinking the Kool-Aid but, I miss the before “Jacky went missing” too. I understand he has more staff but, I miss the way Jacky used to write. Mane 🙂

    • Successful? How is he a success?
      Define success .. is it money or fame? Covers of magazines? Millions of ignant fans?

      I don’t consider a drug addict sell out whose been passed around older men all his adolescent life (and continues to be passed around sexually as an adult man), and possible AIDS case a success.
      Seems like a huge disappointment to me..

  14. @Willie Jones I think it’s the seizures from all the syrup he drinks crystallized in his kidneys too o well I dunno. @ juice I knew u were black lol and a guy ha

    • Hmm.. maybe.. I don’t know much about drugs..
      I took an Advil once and swear I was high for days!

  15. Is anybody noticing that they are coming out says these celebs have diseases rihanna herpes,charlie sheen aids now lil ulgy aids they probably do have that shit everybody knows rihanna has herpes in tge industry I believe these people do have these diseases cause they hoes f*ckin everything orgies,wild azz lifestyles so yeah they got disease everybody in hollyweird has herpes cause they pass each other around

  16. “That little gremlin nigga is sick, but it’s not HIV or AIDS”……….LAWD!!!!

    • Well since he worships Satan tell him to pray to that devil and ask him to heal him of whatever is wrong with him.

  17. ok judging by his baby mamas they not no thots they not attention whores and they carry themselves well other than supa head and christina his chicks dont really come across as jumpoffs… so imma have to go wit lie and u kno it on this one cus he does have standards in the women dept. Wayne is a hoe but hes not effin hoes raw

    • How’s he getting everyone and they sister preggo then?

      But I don’t think he has it ether. Mostly because of the way he keeps procreating. Even the lowest of the low, with not half of what Weezy has to lose, stops effing raw when they know they have it. I totally believe the Charlie Sheen story, because it makes sense given his history. IF and I mean if Weezy is really a bottom and still getting banged by Baby and others, you best believe he is on Truvada, so his chances of getting it are slim.

      • LOL, that pre-emptive taking of Truvada is going to create a whole new drug-resistant HIV. You mark my words. Folks think they will be safe.. NOT!

  18. @BabyK8 and Anon 12:50:

    Things have changed. I think Jacky does guest writing appearances.

    I neva really came here for the stories, I came for the commentary. This was truly and information exchange. It can remain that way too, just watch the trolls and those who want to control the conversation.

  19. Everyone is raciest. Bag back to the Rodney King beating. What did everyone do? They stood by their race after that beating of Rodney King.

    • I knew whites blacks Mexicans who thought the beating was wrong.

      Blame the 4 white cops that were there, the LAPD, and the jury who acquitted them…
      The rest of the world was appalled.

  20. But blacks took it as a raciest move and stuck together. That’s the only time blacks will stick together. Other races will help one another out. But not blacks. It’s always a jealous, vindictive act between that race. It’s like family. They will fight each other but don’t let someone outside the family jump or talk about them. A beat down is coming!

  21. Fuck lil ulgy an the rest of these devil worshippers they dont do shit for ur communties f*ck em all they all gon burn in the lake of fire

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