Cornel West vs. Obama: “Barak Obama is a War Criminal!”

Dr. Cornel West described President Barack Obama as a “war criminal” during a speech he delivered Saturday at a pro-Palestinian rally. West proclaimed that President Obama deserves the label “because his drones have killed 233 innocent children.”


  1. The group of people claiming to be Palestinians are nothing but a bunch of imposter frauds because the original Palestinians were the Philistines whom BTW was a ancient hamite/African Tribe and was one of Ham’s grandsons who’s name was later changed to Palestine.There’s many people claiming the nationality of people they have no ancestral ties to basically committing identity fraud especially the Fake Joos. Don’t fall for this stuff people and here you got this bootlicking Buck dancing white girl chasing coon coming out supporting a bunch of identity thieves.GTFOH.

    • They are just like the rest of the arabs that invaded North Africa…it’s the land of Kush.

      • Cush is also a Hamitic people and they’re the Ethiopians today.The negroes on the other hand was never a Hamitic group of people yesterday nor today.We are from the seed of Shem.Rejoice and Be Glad.

    • and the zionists killing the arabs are NOT the real jews. but cornell is telling the truth. obama is a baby killing devil. it is crazy to stick up for him just cuz he is black.

      • I know they’re not the real joos the so-called African Americans are.For the record,I’m no Obama supporter and Obama has been forcefed to the public as a African hamite but he’s really a Israelite and Barack Obama not his real father Barry Davis is.Condi Rice is the biggest War Criminal of all but no one is attacking her because of it.

          • Doesn’t matter because there’s no statute of Limitations involving murder and Condi has plenty Blood on her hands.Ask Iraqi Citizens.

            • you are right she is just as wrong as obama. she should get as much blame as he does. so let me be clear FUCK Cunnilingus Rice right along with Nobama. they are both in the wrong. neither one gets any love from me.

            • NOT only Condi Rice, but Susan Rice, Hilary Clinton, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and of course, the “Fuck it, I’ll legitimize it” kneegrow, Colin Powell.

              Judgment Day will be the only justice for these folks

        • @BlackAnastasia–Aaron McGruder attacked ‘Condi’ about being a War Criminal in both his comic and calling her such to her face years ago. That may not be on the same level you’re talking about, but it’s something.

      • They gotta have that fresh baby blood to drink…c’mon son get with the program.

  2. Cornel West a coon, needs to seat his azz down, as complaining about Obama,what great things have your nappy azz head have done but bitch and grip all the time you and that damn Tavis Smiley, so tired of this drama and shyt

    • so anyone who doesnt support obama is a coon? you got it twisted. the coons are the ones who support his devilish ass even though he has systematically broken down your rights and helped kill thousands of people overseas. coons are the ones who love and support obama without even knowing anything about all the f*cked up policies he has brought into office with him. but thats what i expect from all the RACIST BITTER IGNORANT people on here.

      • I agree with you U R Stupid,
        People kill me with their stupid notions that all Black people should support other blacks simply because we are the same color.
        I don’t care for Cornel West much but I think even less of Obama’s behind.

        • I agree with u on dat obama has not done a damn thing for the black ppl the one’s dat put his azz in office so damn sick of him & his bullshidd can’t stand cornel but he just telling da truth blk ppl don’t want 2 hear dat truth ppl need damn job his azz is worry bout illegals kids from south america f*ck him

          • President Obama was elected because he got votes from Whites, Latino, and Asians. Black people alone did not put him into office. Romney, received votes from practically all white people. Was that wrong?

            • yeah, but Black people’s vote was at 96%. And the Chicago Black community helped him get elected to Senator and President.
              He helped the Latinos by putting one in the Supreme Court and let’s not forget immigration.
              And, you see how he’s has helped the gay community. Sheeeet, Time Magazine called him the “first gay president.”
              Blacks did contribute money, helped him get votes and he PROMISED them rewards just like he promised the other groups. Check out what the Chicago Community Activists who helped him get elected have say…there’s videos on YT proving their disgust and outrage.

  3. I’m starting to think we as a people know what’s going on by instinct. Were not as dumb as some people think!!!

    • We are not naturally dumb by a long shot which is why so much effort is made to keep us dumbed down. So much effort has been made to destroy us and pur heritage as a people. Now that science has discovered that faith, the ability to genuinely believe in God appears to be genetic…I’m just blown away. We are not only Gods people, its coded into our DNA. Ain’t that something? Completely backs up what the bible says about bloodlines going all the way back to the garden of Eden. Very impressive.

      • Religion is what destroyed us…we never believed in fantasy until the Neanderthals crossed our borders…

        • Ummm…that’s bullshit, but ok. Maybe you are one of the ones without the genetic connection, lol

      • you know this is the same thing white racists and racist zionist jews say too right? they use the bible and genetics and all that jazz as an excuse to do all the evil shit they do. but i find it hard to believe that an all powerful and perfect GOD would be petty enough to make all these different people only to pick one type to be his favorite and set the others up for failure. it is my own personal belief that god is above the petty shit that we as humans try to put on him. but i am not knocking your belief just expressing my own.

        • God did pick a group to be above all others and that group is the Tribe Of Judah whom BTW are the negroes.Duet 7:6.The white fake joos know they’re not gods people and the fact that they added a suffix ish which means to pertain to at the end of the word Ju proves they’re nothing but frauds.We are at the bottom but the god of Israel is angry at the negroes because we follow America and not him and our ancestors broke the laws,statutes and commandments if the mist high and for that alone he’s punishing his children like any loving father would do.The fake joos know this already but they’re to prideful and envious to return our identity.The most high himself will force them to return it.Revelation 3:9

          • Is GOD petty enough to get angry at us mere mortals? according to the bible god is omniscient. that means he knows all that ever was and ever will be. he is also omnipotent. that means he is all powerful. he controls everything according to the bible. so why would he be angry with us for doing something he predestined us to do? you are giving god human faults. i think GOD is above anger and other petty human emotions. all that god’s chosen people rhetoric is just an excuse to mistreat other people. if we are god’s chosen people why didnt he only make us? why make a bunch of people you dont like? doesnt make a whole lot of sense. people can use the bible to justify anything they want to. the things you saying are the same as any other racist. that makes you no different or better the people you dont like. yall use religion that is meant to uplift to justify your evil mind. it is elitism plain and simple.

            • All royal people need servants and handmaids and that’s why the other nations were created to serve the Israelites.I mean,who do you think are going to rebuild our palaces and the Temples in Jerusalem after WorldWar3?Definitely not us.The other heathen nations who were predestined to be servants are going to rebuild our city just as we built theirs(America).

            • On the contrary t he Bible says goD does not control the world and neither is he the ruler of it.

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Black people are THE most strongest race on this planet earth, however we are the weakest by continually ripping, bad mind and tearing each other down, there is no uplifting the Black race because we tear each other down on a daily…true crabs in a barrel mentality after everything we’ve endured past, present and unfortunately future. Society wins again…damn SMFH

    • Thats because the black race has gigantic egos, black males cant live next to each other and get along because they are in competition with eachother constantly, just like in the animal kingdom they are territorial and are alpha males, thats why white woman are so attracted to them its an animal instinct, they have bigger dcks, more strong willed ect. They dont thrive in this system because this system goes against nature

  5. I am not an Obama fan he never did fool me. However,i want to know why Dr. West is crying the blues over some Palestinians? Those people have no love for Black people,so why should we care about them? Besides,when you study history,the Arabs were slave holders long before the White Europeans and they did the same to our children way back when. Could be what is happening to them in Gaza is payback. Bible says “GOD is not mocked,what you sow is what you shall reap”. It does not say how long it will be.

    • the ancient history of the arab/african slave trade was centuries ago. cornell is concerned about the innocent BABIES

      • the babies and other people in palestine who have never harmed any americans or africans. you have to be ignorant, crazy or both to support the killing of these people based on some shit that happened centuries ago. lets not forget that we (black people) once ruled the world and we subjugated other races. does that justify the evil things that some of them are currently doing to us? you brought up the BIBLE. nigga please. you think god condones the murder of babies? why cant we criticize obama when he is wrong? just cuz he is a nigga? thats the kind of backward ass thinking that has caused us to follow so many charlatans for too long. i say FUCK anyone of any color who is down with war and murder.

        • Too bad none of you motherf*ckers were there to say that shit when the Arabs were killing Black babies. GOD does not go by man’s time. Just because you say it was ancient history means nothing to GOD. When the Amalekites attacked the Israelites in the wilderness,GOD told the Israelites to never forget it because at a future date he was going to pay them back. In the book of 1st Sammuel he did pay them back and it was 412 years later. He also told the Israelites to kill the women,men and babies. Ok,now if you want to take GOD on be my f*cking guess,but bitch you will lose i am just letting you know upfront. God is not mocked so f*ck you and f*ck off.

          • Pay who back? the actual perpetrators or their descendants? im guessing you mean their descendants from the tone of your post. however that makes absolutely no sense. should we (blacks) be punished for something some nigga did in africa thousands of years ago? hell no. that dont make sense. just cuz its in that book that king james wrote doesnt make it right. get up out that cult shit and think for yourself. so you telling me that GOD, the merciful being that loves us told the Israelites to kill women and babies? that is absolutely nuts. you believe that shit??? WHY??!! cuz the good book says so huh? dont sound too good to me. if you believe everything in the bible you are a fool. why would GOD tell anyone to harm innocent kids and women? that is the same kinda logic people used to enslave, torture and murder africans. they quoted scripture while whippin our black asses and justified it cuz its in a book written by a homosexual psycho who killed his mother. dont just blindly follow just any old bullshit. im not mocking god. i feel that you are though by perpetuating a cycle of violence in his name. i try to honor god by not supporting the murder of babies. am i wrong for that?

            • Honey calm down, you got it twisted.

              First off, King James didn’t write the Bible. He just happened to be the king at the time.

              The Catholics use the King John Bible. You think King John wrote their Bible?

              Also, God does get angry and he weeps when little children are killed. The Bible is full of stories of God’s wrath. God does get angry.

              But if you don’t believe me, pick up the Koran, it will tell you what to do with infidels.

              My biggest problem with what is going on in Gaza is that it is illegal, the UN is impotent against criminal outlaw Izrahell, and that the U.S. is standing by. The Holocaust is shoved down our throats, but the bombing and shelling of innocent unarmed civilians is justified in the media, in the Congress, in the White House and in the world.

              If this doesn’t tell you who runs the world, then everyone is deaf dumb and blind.

            • king james commissioned a group of people to translate the bible into english in the 1600s with instructions to change some things around to help him rule and control his subjects. thats why its called the king james version. some people believe that king james himself may have even contributed some the writing as he was extremely intelligent. he was also evil as hell the man helped kill his own mother. there are other versions of the bible that various people use. we use the kjv in america the most because america is an extension of the english empire. now, how do you know god gets angry? did god tell you he weaps? or did god tell someone else thousands of year ago and then that person wrote it in a book? why would god need a middle man to keep us in line? did god really talk to these people who wrote this book? if a nigga came up to you right now and told you he talks to god and god tells him to tell you how to live would you believe him? why should i believe the Quaran or any other book? I BELIEVE IN GOD TO THE FULLEST. just not any man made version. all religions have an ulterior motive. HUMANS get angry out of frustration over situations that they cant control. God is above our human emotions. he/she/it is not that petty. now this is all my humble opinion but everyone has one. you have yours. we dont agree but we will all find out the truth one day right. until then we are either depending on the religion that we have been taught by others (usually through fear of punishment like being sent to hell or even physical violence). none of us were alive when the first muslim wrote the quaran. none of us new paul or anybody else who wrote all the different original books in the bible. now if the bible helps you to be a better person then that is a beautiful thing for you. but it has also been used to oppress and murder MILLIONS of others. so has the quaran and other religious texts. as for me i feel it is best to trust my own judgement and live the best life i can. i dont need a preacher or church or mosque or prayer beads or mats. i stand up and talk to the higher power with my eyes wide open.

            • God does get angry U R STUPID. Many define it as karma or catastrophe or apocalypse.

              And God is how you define him and yes, he does talk to folks. It is called inner voice or conscience.

              The bible is nothing but biblical instruction before leaving earth.

              Why do you think the Catholic Church banned reading it for hundreds of years.

              Just as the ancestors of the Palestinians stood by during the atrocity of the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade, the descendants of those cheering on the fake Ashkenazi joos of Izrahell will get the shit bombed out of them one day.

          • Sheila, don’t waste your time on these brain dead niggas. They just want to love everyone and be loved by no one in return. Do you see the Palestinians or any other Arabs standing for Black causes? In the Sudan they treat those Blacks like shit and here you got these sell out house niggas worried about their children. When did they give a f*ck about Black babies? In Yemen, Iraq,Sudan…the dark Muslims are still called slaves.

          • God Didnt tell anybody anything because god is a man made concept that divides people and causes these wars to begin with

            • No. God is very real. So too are angels. What’s funny is folks tend to separate into two categories religious or science. But a surprising number of ivy educated physicists believe in God because the universe functions like a computer program too organized, precise, mathematical yo be completely random and their studies is what leads them to believe there really is God. Interesting.

            • I believe in a higher power but i.dont believe in the God of any religon, i guess i.should have said religon is man made

      • What was wrong with what Cornell said? Did he tell a lie? Does Obama and the U.S. not kill women and kids with drones? Hasnt America killed thousands of civilians while bombing so called ‘terrorists’? Are these not facts? Why are yall so mad at someone speaking the truth. Tell the truth shame the devil right? A black man cant call another black man on his bullshit? If a bush or some other white dude was in the office doing these same things none of yall would be defending him. Dont yall know that the jews were the biggest supporters of the American slave trade? so both jews and arabs did africans wrong a long time ago. asians are currently exploiting africans. africans have done evil things to other africans too. Get up off the racist dumb shit. talkin bout some coon… boy i swear

        • Fuck you bitch….you will never make a liar out of THE MOST HIGH. He said he will repay and he is doing just that. Turns out the Bible is a true book after all.

          • he said? or did the ARABS AND WHITES who re-visioned the bible numerous times say that? i cant make a lie out of god and neither can u. did GOD come and tell you this bullshit personally? or are you just depending on that book again? why are you so angry that i dont want kids to be killed. you sound very evil and devilish not very christ-like at all. I thought JESUS was against war and killing kids. next time you wanna use the bible as an excuse to support murder or cuss me out just stop and think WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

            • Guess what you stupid motherf*cker,if man did write the Bible they did a masterful job because the prophecies are playing out right before out eyes. You really are a dumb motherf*cker. Just for the record,if the White man wrote the book he wrote himself into a bad situation because the book prophecies of their destruction. Now why would they put that in the book? You are too stupid to be alive.

            • tyrell, im stupid cuz i dont blindly follow that book? what prophecies are u speaking of? please enlighten me brotha. i like learning new shit when i can. now i know i am not the smartest dude but where did i tell a lie? is the king james version not a version of the bible sanctioned by king james? there are other versions of the bible. you know that dont you? are there not BABIES being killed by the U.S. war machine? where did i tell a lie? you do understand that there are MILLIONS of Christians who dont follow the king james version right? what did i say that made you so angry? do you support killing kids tyrell? or are you upset that i dont share your beliefs about the king james bible. i am really trying to understand your personal issue with me. I AM NOT DISSING GOD in any form or fashion. I believe that we should try to honor GOD by living as peaceful as possible. so i ask again am i wrong for not supporting baby killers?

            • @U R STUPID: You don’t have to blindly follow it. The book is happening right in your face and you are too stupid to see it. It is gonna happen no matter if you agree with it or not. I see it unfolding everyday. Too bad you don’t have that eye. I feel sorry for you. You really are stupid,how appropriate for you to name yourself that.

            • tyrell, brotha. my name isnt stupid. it reads YOU are stupid. and you are right i dont see the prophecies. can you please enlighten me? what prophecies are you referring to? please be specific cause i really dont know. so you really believe GOD approves of your hate and obamas murder. is the person who contracts someone to kill someone else less liable for that death? are mafia dons not responsible for the murders they hire others to commit. you keep calling me stupid but what am i saying that is false or not true? please help me not to be so stupid then if i am getting it all wrong. i am still waiting for you (tyrell) to contribute something intelligent to this convo. i must admit it is really kinda funny and sad at the same time seeing you get so upset about the things i have said so far. and really i think you need a big hug or something nigga. who hurt you bra? go find them and get some revenge on them so you can heal or something. you on here sounding real mad and crazy. but it is always hard to converse with someone likes to use religion as an excuse to commit violence. it should be the other way around. you should look at the good examples of people being kind and treating each other right. there are things like that in the bible. why is your heart so cold? and again i ask can you point out somewhere that i lied or some shit?

            • @ U R Stupid Duet 28:68 said the Israelites would be sent to a second bondage by way of Ships.My question to you is did the scripture not come to pass?We are the descendants of the people that prophesy happened to so how could the bible not be real.The bible condemns all nations that were complicit in the affliction of the Israelites to bondage including the dirty Africans and the whiteman to extermination after 1000 years of hardcore bondage.Don’t believe that lie that was planted by the Roman Catholic church almost 20 years after his death that KJames was a homosexual because the man had 9kids and that rumor was planted by the romans when KJ refused to allow his scrolls to be translated by those devils.How could you believe them when let them tell you KJ was white but he was clearly a Blackman.KJ was the King of Scots the word Scotland means Blackmans land.If they’ll tell one lie anything else said shouldn’t be taken seriously if one is a wise individual.

            • @black anastasia. king james is black now? that is straight up nonsense. the british royal family are descendants of them roman fags too. they are family like most of the european nobility. yea king james was a white homo. the stuff posted on this site proves that a dude can be with women have kids and all that and still like getting his shit pushed in. look at all these half baked DL dudes running round now. and king james was not black. thats crazy talk. his mother was mary queen of scots. he was scottish. where are all the niggas in scotland? yes we africans have a great and glorious history. we are great people but we are not above everybody else. if we are so superior why are we so f*cked up today? our superiority should have helped us defend ourselves from all of our oppressors. our superiority shouldve enabled us to rise up after we were knocked down. naw we are people like all other people. we aint no chosen nothin and neither is any other race. and why are you named after a WHITE russian chick if you hate whitey so much anastasia? why not a superior african name?

            • @U R Stupid I’m not a African and neither are you and please don’t ever associate me with a filthy hamite African. Perhaps you should look up the progenitor of the Africans Ham and you’ll clearly see that the negroes are not apart of Ham’s lineage.What proof do you have that you’re a African besides what the white man lies?What country and tribe in African art you from?Don’t be a programmed slave and believe with the fake joos have taught you in their school system because they’re the ones who financed the slave trade so do you think they’ll tell you the truth that were really from Jerusalem and not Africa?Africans sold black Americans to the Arabs and the white man so why would you claim them when they hate your gutz?I’ll stop talking to you because I can see you’re not into the truth and you don’t know whom you really are.Peace.

        • I know of many Black people who do not like President Obama, and I know of many Black people who don’t hate Cornell West. Case Closed.

      • Obama is a figurehead. Blaming him for anything is pointless because he’s basically a glorified actor. He’s told which words to speak and buttons to press. Trust me he aint running shit and that’s the real reason nothing that’s happening is really his fault .

        • you are right he is a figure head. but he does have power cuz his words and actions have a strong influence on millions of people (even though his words and actions are not his own). he is a pawn or soldier for the real powers that be. but a soldier who pulls the trigger is just as at fault as the general who gives the order. he can and should hold some of the blame for the murder and mayhem that he is the mascot for. if you are not part of the solution then you must be part of the problem cause either way you are in the equation.

          • @ u r stupid I agree with most of what u have said. However, I don’t believe that Obama gave any orders or pulled any triggers. What I will share with you is this. The hardest and scariest thing a person can do is Think for themselves. Let people find comfort in KJV, tooth fairy, etc.

      • yes Roosevelt and all those like him are war criminals too. anybody that does this type of stuff is wrong. we cant condone it cause he is Half african. you make a great point. war is death. and it is really f*cked up that so many people of all races, ethnicities, or whatever support war and death. im not picking any of these sides to support. evil is evil. it comes in many different appearances. but it is still evil and wrong. plenty of people have criticized EVERY single president that has ever lived. but the press is owned by the same folks who own the president. so in the past you wouldnt normally be able to hear these voices of dissent as much. but today we have so much tech that allows us to voice our displeasure with these evil folks. why is it absurd to call a spade a spade. the president is supposedly the commander in chief of the armed forces. he is the top dawg. you would call the don of a mafia clan a murderer and criminal if he authorizes, better yet commands his soldiers to kill kids. its no different with obama, bush, or whoever. the tea party didnt destroy his legacy. his actions did that. look at all these freedom restricting executive orders he has passed with no input from congress or us the common people of america that he is supposed to represent. and please believe me i would LOVE to have a someone in office that was truly looking out for all of our best interests ESPECIALLY IF HE WAS A BLACK MAN. but as much as we want him to be, obama is not that brotha. he is just following along the lines of all the crooks that came before him. and in my opinion that makes him even worse than the previous oligarchs.

        • You may not see Obama as a brotha, but 100 years from now the specifics of his mixed heritage won’t even be a footnote. He IS the first Black president ever. Period. And t would have been nice if his own people didn’t take so much pleasure in his failure.
          This is why we will never ever be 1/10 as successful as the Jhews. We don’t have a tribal
          support system like they do. They support their own come hell or high water.
          And answer this: if the Jhews put hm in power, and he is only a figure head, they must have a hell of a lot of power. So why can’t they get one of their own in office? I mean if they control every damn thing in the world, why cant they “fix” an election and elect the first Jhewish president, or even elect a Jhewish VP and then arrange to have the POTUS assassinated so that the VP becomes POTUS? Why? Because they DO NOT control everything. They are very powerful, but they are not capable of getting someone in the highest offices. We need to STOP ceding more power to them then they actually have.
          This country elected a man who the world sees as a black man, regardless of what some blacks think, to the most powerful office in the world. We HAVE the potential for great power and access. Was Obama the perfect magic bullet some blacks hoped for? No. But every step in that direction is a positive step.
          And the odds of having another black president would be infinitesimally greater if the legacy of Obama was a positive one.
          I genuinely believe that 25 years from now he will be accorded the same respect and regard for creating the AHCA. FDR created Social Security and he was hated by the political right for doing it. But years later, it was seen as a major boon for society and he s revered as a great POTUS. It’s sad that it may take that many years for Obama’s great contribution to be recognized.

          • I can see that the presidency of Barack Obama has changed the mindset of America for the better.

            However, did we ever get another Catholic president after Kennedy?

            Almost every President did some good things, even Nixon, even the first Pres. Bush and all did MANY bad things.

            Pres. Obama is no different. He f*cked his solid base, black folks with this open immigration (Repubs are at fault too now), he signed NDAA, you can now be strip searched for a misdemeanor and the drone bombing of civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan is unforgiveable. How is he different from Nixon bombing Laos and Cambodia during the Viet Nam War? We weren’t at war with Laos and Cambodia. He is provoking the Russian bear (unwise) and he gives the appearance that he is slow to act.

            But he did some very good things, AHC being one of them. The education tax credit being another.

          • i dont take pleasure in watching someone i had high hopes for double cross us. it saddens me. i didnt want him to be the way he is. i love my people. i wanted him to be different from the previous presidents. yea he the first black president but he is also a murderer. how does that help us? how did his presidency help any american white brown yellow and especially black? i agree we definitely need to support our own in a similar fashion that jews do. but a sane, smart and godly person should never support anyone that murders children. especially when that person doesnt give two shits about you. i know jews dont control everything. they are pretty powerful because of their wealth and solidarity. they do have their own in positions of power everywhere. they own the banking systems of almost every nation on earth. that is where the real power is. if you own the wealth you own the country. it is smart to have someone else as a figurehead to take the blame when the common folk get angry. they are the power behind the throne. the country didnt elecdt nobody. the electoral college did. these people have to answer to the corporations who own the wealth. they vote as they are told to. but they only have the power that we allow them to have. as long as we stay fighting each other over shit like race or religion or ancient history we wont come together to straighten out this mess of a world. they have no reason to kill obama cuz he is a good boy who follows the rules. if he ever stepped outta line they would JFK his ass with the quickness. i never said he wasnt black. i acknowledged his blackness several times. his blackness is what makes me ashamed of him because i feel like one of us should know better. all presidents have to do some things to appease the people. you have to throw a dog a bone every now and then so that he dont turn and try to eat you. but all the bad he has done outweighs the good. and im not just bashing him. its him and all of congress. all the presidents before him too. bottom line is that his blackness doesnt make him better or worse. the actions define a man. his actions (murder, helping out the super rich, signing executive actions that further restrict freedom, lying) make him a devil.

      • No, Roosevelt was not guilty of war crimes because he died before the end of WWII. Truman was the one guilty of the war crimes by dropping a nuclear bomb on both Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

        Yes, Eisenhower was guilty of war crimes, if not Korea, the German POWs he left to rot in open air POW camps without food, water, shelter and medical care.

        But in answer to your question, yes, Pres. Obama is a war criminal. We are dropping drones onto Pakistani civilians in remote areas of Pakistan. We are not at war with Pakistan. We are supposedly hunting for the Taliban, or al-Queda (CIA).

        Gorbachev was a war criminal for invading Afghanistan. He paid for his crime by having the Soviet Union collapse due to the economic toll the Russian-Afghanistan war cost the Soviet Union.

        The gratuitous slaughter of innocent non-combatants (civilians) is a war crime.

        Unless of course, you are Israhell. Then you can do whateva the f&ck you wanna do and cry Holocaust.

        • Thank you for your thoughtful reply, but the US dropped many bombs which killed many civilians before they used the A-bombs in Japan. Are the deaths by more traditional weaponry any less heinous than those which emit radiation? I don’t mean to be snarky or argumentative, I’m just being practical. I don’t think you can hold a president culpable for war crimes in a time of war…unless they violate set parameters. We both agree that war is horrible.

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      • 100% natural and i do’t waste my earned hard money on weave!! or giving them racist Asian and Indian b*stered my money!!!

        trying to embarrass me nice try!!! not!!!

        • wasnt trying to embarrass you baby girl. just saying that if you are 100% black your hair is nappy too. just like me and the rest of us. we have naturally nappy hair. im glad you see the advantages of being natural. but why diss him for his natural shit? im not hatin on you. just trying to understand. but i know im kinda assholeish so sorry for the rudeness on my part.

    • The way we talk about each other I think WE are the biggest racists, not Asians & Indians. I respect Dr. West for continuing to call out Obama. Maybe DOCTOR West cares more about what’s IN his head than what’s on it. Not alot of ppl his age still have a head full of hair. Stay Nappily ever after Dr. West!

  6. When was the last time West spoke out about someone white? Or someone other thanObama? Who team that nigga on? Clarence Williams the third circa 1970 lookin ass.

  7. Why should Black people care about what happens to some damn Palestinians? If they could they would enslave every Black person on the planet. Try to get a cab in NY city with one of those Arabs driving and see what they think of your Black asses. Black people need to stop worrying about them because they damn sure don’t give a f*ck about us.

    • BABIES dont drive cabs. cornell is upset about the BABIES being killed. since when dont black people love babies? i dont doubt that some of these people dont care for blacks but that doesnt justify killing innocent kids kinda sound like a KKK member with that kinda rhetoric. we as black people should be the last ones to offer up this kinda hatred and violence considering all of the shit we have been through. i would think that we would be against oppression and murder worldwide. white people said the same things about us when they were lynching raping and committing atrocities against us. it is a form of mental illness when the victim turns into the victimizer.

      • Damn dude it aint like he got the drone set on Baby. They’re called actual ties of War. Check out a Monday paper in Detroit or Chicago. Plenty of em there.

          • so if a gangbanger shoots up a house trying to kill his enemy and kills a couple of kids in the process it is ok? casualties of war are still victims. it is never right or ok to kill kids. just cuz sell out niggas in the hood kill kids on accident or intentionally doesnt make what obama is doing right. a murdered BABY is still a murdered BABY. you can not justify killing innocent CHILDREN. no matter what you call them they are KIDS. a rose by any other name ya dig?

            • U missed the point. In times of war shit happens. Did u know the gubment has put something in the free baby formula distributed by WIC that when heated via microwave in a plastic bottle f*cks with little boys and little girls sexuality? But you aint mad about lil black boys jumpin rope right? Dr West is completely silent on the deaths of US servicemen in all of the fake oil grabs I mean wars started by the Baked Bean Boys (Bush). He caps himself a prof but pretends he doesn’t know presidents have no real power. In thirty years in the spotlight West hasn’t gone after one cracka. Why go after the black guy? Not condoning killing babies. Just don’t give no f*ck bout Palestinians.

            • i got what you were saying. i just disagree with it brotha. i know stuff like that happens in war. my point was that just cuz it happens doesnt make it right. feel me? and hell naw i dont agree with the gender role reversals. i think that shit is sick as well. my wife breast fed our children. i agree that the president is only a pawn for mostly unseen power brokers but maybe cornell doesnt believe or understand that fact. but i believe he has spoken on all types of government officials not only obama. the general public believes obama is the man with the power so in speaking to the people about war crimes obama is who cornell addressed. he does talk about the system as a whole and other politicians as well but this particular clip focused on obama. and these servicemen signed up for the job of oppressing other people so they should not complain when they experience the consequences of their own violent choices. your last two sentences were really contradictions in my view. you dont support killing kids but you dont give a f*ck about Palestinians. these kids are the Palestinians who are be killed. do you mean you dont give a f*ck about them as well or only the adults. and again I AM NOT tryin to diss you bra.

            • I only care about those who care for me and mine (immediate and extended). Folks come here fresh off the boat and barbed wire hating black. Fuck em. Fuck em all.

      • Hey stupid,you just can’t seem to connect the dots. Here is a news flash for you. They don’t stay babies bitch they grow up to follow the traditions of their people. You are f*cking pathetic.

        • no tyrell, you are not connecting the dots. you havent responded with anything remotely intelligent. i know babies dont stay babies, that is if they are not murdered and actually allowed to grow up. they may grow into adults who are actually bring about a positive change in the world. they havent harmed none of us. i think your insane hatred for these CHILDREN is what is truly pathetic. who is to say that that the children being murdered wouldnt have grown up to start a revolution in their country that radically changed the way their people live. this sort of thing is not unheard of. why so much hatred coming from you? i really dont understand what you are so mad at. if you can manage to muster up a sensible reply as to why you are so angry i would love to hear it. because i really dont understand your issue with me or these murdered babies. you sound full of rage and hatred. it would do good to learn to love. live and let live. your thinking is highly illogical. you should try to be more Christ like. i believe he was against murdering babies too. again i ask you where did i tell a lie in my posts? if all you can do is spout hatred and ignorance you may need to sit back and chill and really contemplate your reasons for being so hateful. did a Palestinian child butt rape you or some shit?

          • It has nothing to do with hate. I am a realist and i see things for what they are. I don’t live my life in some fish bowl,i am in the real world. Not to mention the fact that none of these damn Arabs ever stood with us for anything. I never see programmed niggas like you get so worked up when you see the little black kids dying over in the Sudan or Yemen. You niggas are stupid as f*ck caring about a people who never stood with you on anything. You worry about the wrong shit. This if not the Black man’s fight. When we Blacks stand up for what is right do you see a single Palestinian stand with us? When Trayvon Martin was killed did you see a single Palestinian rally around Black people? I hear crickets… stfu.

            • bra im going against the program. you sound like you been brainwashed by one of these racist cults to hate everything that aint black. i get upset when ANY baby is killed. i keep telling you that. you are not listening to me. I HATE THE KILLING OF ALL KIDS. i dont want any innocents murdered. none. im stupid cuz i dont want children to die? you havent made any sense all day. KIDS bra. KIDS. i dont want any innocent kids or women to die. do you know for a fact that these women and kids hate yo black ass? and bra i get angry every time black kids are killed dont matter if its in philly or palestine. i repeat. I DONT WANT ANY KIDS TO DIE FOR THE BENEFIT OF A FEW SUPER RICH DEVILS TO BECOME RICHER AND MORE POWERFUL. how is this stupid. you just a mad racist nigga. not all people over there hate yo black ass. you are the hateful one. why? but by your logic all other people of the world should hate you cuz you aint never stood with them on nothing either. there were other races at trayvon martin rallies not just us. i care about the wrong stuff? kids? i care about kids. thats wrong? you are one angry ass lost ass nigga. and everyone lives in their own reality bra. it is every man’s fight. didnt a black man say that an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere? the devils of the world want to divide and conquer. divide the different people. keep them fighting and hating each other while they keep controlling shit and getting richer. Palestinian peasant children are not your enemy. they aint selling crack to us. they aint locking us up at crazy rates. those kids aint aborting our babies and dropping our birthrate. those kids aint buying all the jordans and other bullshit namebrands instead of investing in black neighborhoods. we are our own biggest enemy. i pray this will change i will raise my beautiful black children to have a progressive mindset so they can help facilitate that change. your anger is gonna consume yo hateful dumb ass.

  8. Ugh….I hate when these threads disintegrate into one or two commenters basics cursing each other out so let me just say this. I think its time we get this whole Israel/Palestine, black / white, american/ European mindset out of our heads and focus on this: the extremely rich set who run the so called shadow government, the big money guys who have so much power and prestige they move behind the scenes and are rarely photographed, Hate us all. do you hear me? They.Hate.Everyone. we are all expendable to them and all this race baiting and social strife and class warfare BULLSHIT is all an elaborate distraction that has been put into place while they work feverishly to bring about their real end: depopulating the earth by 2/3. I shit you not. Anyone who wants to call me crazy just research the murals at the Denver airport, the carvings on Saint John the Divine in NYC or the Georgia guidestones and ask yourself Wtf??? Just think about the amount o money someone spent on making sure these “artworks” were place where they were placed and ask yourself who likely has the money and means, not to mention the access, to have done this. Why do they want to get rid of everyone. It’s their satanic religion. I feel sorry for folks who don’t understand the very teal concept of sins of the fathers because THEY do, even if the average person doesn’t. Be prepared because right now they are still laying groundwork and p*ssy footing around but soon we will all know what all those FEMA coffins and underground bunkers are really for.

  9. you make some excellent points. we need to get past the bullshit of racism and religious hatred and all of our perceived differences and look at the bigger picture of who is really running the show and why they do what they are doing. divide and conquer. create chaos so they can instill their own form of order. i didnt want to cuss nobody out or nothing. i just cant defend obama because he is helping the super rich kill in order to further their agenda. sadly too many people can not see that because they let their hatred for different races/religions/ethnicities or whatever blind them. i know we all wanted the black brotha to do better than those who came before him but he did not and is not. he truly is a wolf in sheeps attire. he is a pawn for the super rich.

  10. Damn it really saddens my heart that so many black people are so full of hate for people that have done nothing to them. A lot of these civilians (women and kids) who are dying in conflicts across the globe are not in any position to hurt any black people or anyone else. Most of the time the women and children are the ones being oppressed the most in these kinda places.
    They have no power whatsoever. They dont make any policy. They dont have political clout. They are barely surviving. They dont even know who we are and what is going on over there. They are just as much victims as our ancestors were. I really dont understand how we (american blacks) can have so much hatred for other oppressed peoples when we have experienced so much hatred, violence and injustice ourselves. but then again i guess it is hard to have love for others when we hater ourselves so f*ckin much. As responsible black people it is our duty to call each other out on our bullshit. It does us no good to act like black leaders arent doing wrong when they are. Condoning or assisting the super rich kill others to further their own devilish agenda is bullshit and there is no wrong in pointing that out which is what cornell is doing. i usually dont even comment on boards like this but something about the way my people are reacting to this is very upsetting for me. If we truly are a chosen people or superior or whatever some of us believe then why arent we showing it? Morally, intellectually or whatever superior people shouldnt support the very government and people who have systematically reduced us to the bottom of the food chain. nobody at these high level government positions have love for us. We shouldnt support their wars or their murder especially when it comes to civilians (oppressed women and kids). Anyone who justifies this evil (especially those who use religion or “the word of GOD” to do so) are either delusional, brainwashed, confused, stupid as f*ck or just evil. i am still baffled as to why we would attack cornell or anyone else who is against war and death. maybe these people who support this shit should go and fight or have their families bombed and murdered. will they then say “hey well its war and shit happens” or “my family were just casualties so its cool”. i think not.

    • You said a whole lot of nothing. There is a world of difference between “hate” and not giving a f*ck.

    • Hi U R STUPID,

      I really want you to go read. Read the Bible, look up information on who the true Israelites are, read about the 12 Lost Tribes (including Native Americans, Dominicans, Hatians, Aboriginal people, Pacific Islanders, American Americans, Brazilians…), watch some documentaries and do your best to put it all together. God forgive me, but you are really stupid. Lol. Open your eyes. I have never seen so many dumb ass misinformed comments on any blog. Stop typing and read son. You’ve missed so many valid points because you’re too busy attempting to sass Tyrell. “African Americans” (we aren’t African) have so much more history offer then we have been taught.

      Once you’ve acquired that knowledge, then I want you to get into what’s going on in the world presently (research it)! Until then stfu PLEASE!!!! LOL. Seriously though.


  11. Question, is the ebola crisis in West Africa biological warfare? If so, is Obama and the CIA the cause of it?

  12. I think there is something strange that there is an ebola crisis in West Africa, yet Obama is currently talking about how America should invest heavily into Africa. All of us are aware that China is stealing much of Africa’s resources; especially in Kenya.
    If you want more information about China raping the African continent, read the book China’s Second Continent, by Howard W French.

    • Its a beautiful thing those stinking Hamites are being robbed by China.That’s the recompense for the selling of our people to the whiteman.That land has been cursed ever since they sold our people unto slavery so kudos for that Ebola crisis and China. * HighFive*

      • That’s right and that has nothing to do with hate. They are being recompensed and the same goes for these Arabs who sold our people into slavery and murdered countless men,women and children. Some Blacks want to embrace these Palestinians,but fact is that hate Black people. Why should we give a f*ck about what is happening over there. The Most High does not forget Deut 25:17…..he told the Israelites to never forget what was done to them by the Amalekites. He paid them back hundreds of years later.

        • Black people just want to love everyone. Many Blacks are still stuck in a slave mentality. Psalms Chapter 83 list all our enemies. The Arabs don’t have no good history towards our people. You are right Tyrell,why should we feel any sympathy for our enemies. To me that is a spit in the face of our ancestors who suffered.

          • yall keep talkin this ancient history. these people wasnt around back then. neither was we. africans dominated Arabs and Europeans for centuries. so by your logic they should be doing everything they can to harm us cuz our ancestors f*cked over their ancestors. thats crazy. i dont love everyone i strongly dislike niggas like you and tyrell. and i absolutely hate niggas like bush and obama and all these warmongers.

      • hold up miss black power. aint kenyans black? they the blackest of black. it dont get no blacker. why would you cheer on the current peoples of kenya’s destruction by asians? these people living today didnt sell none of niggas in america today into slavery. they were not alive back then. that is crazy. you are blaming these people for some shit that happened CENTURIES before any of us were even born. yall sounding crazier by the hour. yall really mustve experienced the most f*cked up lives to be so hateful. were you abused as a child? yo mama didnt hug you enough? who hurt you? get some counseling, pray on it or smoke a blunt and say wooosah wit yo crazy ass.

        • All Black is not the same dude.The east Indians are black does that make them and so-called African Americans the same?The original Chinese and Japanese were a dark skinned people. Does that make us all the same?No it does not.You have been greatly mislead and brainwashed by the whiteman and his lies.You have alot to learn my brother.

          • i know that the original peoples of all areas were dark people. i know we were the first all over the world. i know its different types of black. but we all still are from the same beginnings. we all come from the first black man right? and east indians are dark skinned but they are genetically different from us africans. mitochondrial eve comes from black africa. you can spit all that racist hebrew israelite stuff but that dont change the genetic connection you have with africa. i do believe that the people of israel were black during and before biblical times. i am not brainwashed i dont believe the racist white version of history. i dont believe the racist black version either or any other people’s version. we dont know what really happened thousands of years before we got here. i believe history is very different from what they try to teach us. i believe that there were blacks in the americas way before anyone else. you and i may be descendants of some of these folks. but i dont believe that we should be happy about africans being hurt especially KIDS. i dont believe the bible version of history either especially the kjv. you the one who sound mislead and brainwashed by that book and them crazy robe wearing ass hebrew israelites who hate all nonblacks. look from the very beginning my whole issue was the murder of children. i was gonna ask you if your GOD agrees with killing kids but you already answered that question when you quoted the bible about some crazy shit about killing kids. you take the bible as the absolute truth because you were taught that but i am the brainwashed one. i dont believe anyones religion or history but im mislead and brainwashed. you approve of baby killing but im mislead. you dont believe you are related to africans (even though everyone in the world is) but i am mislead.

            • Hey genius,Africa is named after a white man named Leonardo Sipuous Africanos so unless you are his cousin,uncle,son,nephew or daddy you can’t claim to be African.By the way, white don’t produce black so good luck claiming a whitemans name and identity that you have nothing in common with.

            • @black anastasia. where does the name anastasia come from? i may be wrong (i know you will quickly correct me if i am) but wasnt anastasia a white girl?

            • @U R Stupid Anastasia is just a screen name and it comes from the mobster Albert Anastasia and it also means resurrection. I have no knowledge of a White Russian female.

            • “By the way, white don’t produce black so good luck claiming a whitemans name and identity that you have nothing in common with.”

              “Anastasia… comes from the mobster Albert Anastasia…”

              LMFAO! You mean the WHITE mobster Albert Anastasia from Tropea, Italy?

              God damn this f*ckin board is funny as shit, I spit my soda all over the keyboard. Yo Jacky Anastasia owes me a Mac keyboard!

            • @Truth why don’t you go and drink some bleach with Razor Blades and stop stalking me bitch!Its just a screen name.I could give a flying FCK about Albert Anastasia.

            • So you picked a screen name; AKA a personal representation, from someone you “could not give a flying FCK about?”

              You have serious mental issues, it must be that “Hamite” blood.

            • @False because nothing about you represents truth.Is my screen name Albert Anastasia? I don’t think so,its BlackAnastasia and last time I check I don’t go by either in real life so have a seat before I kick your chair than slap the taste out of your mouth.Hamite blood?I taught you what a hamite was so don’t try and come at the master with his doctrine just thank me later Stupid Bitch!Only a mental Slave like yourself would believe you’re a blood drinking disgusting Hamite.Find you another Hobby before I Blacklist than Skip trace your bitch Ass!

          • Yes it does since we all came from the same origins dumbass, everybodys history started in one place Africa, and that is what connects all of humanity

            • @Anna Galatians 4:26 But Jerusalem which is above is free,which is the mother of us all.(I guess this scripture kills Africa being the motherland doesn’t it Anna?]

  13. It’s like this people. Be careful what you ask for, cause you just might get it. Blacks asked for a black President and got it! Maybe blacks forgot to ask for an honest black President that sticks to his words after he is elected. Now blacks are complaining about their black President. It’s like black on black crime.

  14. The President is in a loss-loss situation. He’s black, first and foremost-and being black is one of the most disrespected races in America and Worldwide.
    Knowmatter what he does the world will think that its okay to disrespect him, and because of that the leaders of the World will take this opportunity to challenge the USA. If we can’t atleast show respect for Our President how can he look powerful and capable Worldwide. It is our government’s and citizens fault for what’s going on. Racism is a powerful tool and its being use against the USA in the USA and outside the USA. Until the effects of racism is understood on in America we will be viewed as less capable. In addition to Blacks being considered not intelligent, Americans are also seen as not being as intelligent as other nationalities. The USA is not viewed as the superpower of the past. There is knowlonger fear of the USA–we are viewed as a has been to be challenged and defeated.

  15. England and France created this problem back in the 1910s because they were drunk with power. The Middle East does not exist, the Ottoman Empire was partitioned by the British and French governments. The so-called Jews that inhabit the nation of Israel are frauds as well. They hail from Germany, Poland, and Russia. Both sides are trespassers more or less. Turkey conquered and ruled over a vast land area, stretching from Istanbul to Khartoum in Sudan. Obama is standing idle, while untold numbers are being killed by ISIS in Iraq, Syria, and now Kurdistan and Lebanon. Drone strikes have dropped in a major way. A lot of innocent muslims and christians have died and will continue to die because Barack is afraid to confront modern day Nazis…Muslim Extremists! Palestinians need to focus their anger at Europe…The Source! Dr. Cornel West is an academic, does not live in the real world. Arabs are justified in hating Israel, but, they can’t sympathize with islamic terrorists at the same time…The Facts!! As black people, we should be worried about this. Obama is doing anything to stop ISIS, AL-QAEDA, HAMAS, BOKO HARAM, AL-SHABAB, etc. It’s going down already, WW3 is jumping off in real time…Russia & China!

  16. This FAGGOT still mad Obama won’t give him or Tavis no interviews..

  17. y r there no castles in Africa? Netan yahu is the real war criminal. obomba is a puppet.

  18. Rapper Immortal Technique said, “…practically every President is a money launderer.”

  19. Rapper Immortal Technique said, “…we have a black President but he is useless because he does not control the economy stupid!”

  20. The Bible says that THE MOST HIGH made good and evil and he controls it all. When Satan wanted to harm Job notice how he need permission to do so and was issued a boundary of how far he could go. What does that tell you people? The Most High controls life and death and every life that has been lost in Palestine was under the authority of THE MOST HIGH. Isaiah 45:7… it and relax. Nothing that is happening in this world is taking THE MOST HIGH by surprise. Believe that!

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