DL Hughley Compares Aaliyah’s Biopic To Soul Plane


Comedian DL Hughley took to social media to slam Wendy Williams for producing the Lifetime network’s, Aaliyah biopic.

Here is some more of what Hughley put out there:



    • Everything DL said was right about the movie & Wendy Williams. His comedic style may not be your cup of tea. But he still makes me chuckle & he is still getting paid.

      • I like His stuff, he keeps it 100%. He ain’t kissing no ass and he addresses stuff that other mainstream comedians are scared to touch on. He makes me laugh too. But hey to each his own.

          • And there’s the truth. The reason DL is hated here is that he dares to occasionally lampoon black women and their issues in his act. ALL comedians since the beginning of time make their wives and marriage the focus of their jokes. But the proof is in the pudding. Unlike Tommy Sotomayor, a true black woman basher, DL married and stayed married to a black woman for nearly 30 years now. That would ordinarily win him loyalty within the community. But no, he’s no perfect and he dares to crack a joke or two at BW’s expense, so off with his head!

            • Wow, you posted while I was writing, but we are on the same plane.

          • He is a comedian, plus he never said he didn’t love black women. He talks about black men, white men, his kids, old people and politics. They are jokes, everyone is fair game. I think it would be more disrespectful to NOT be married to a black woman and go on joking about them. It shows that he is just telling a joke and making light of an action or situation that he felt was funny. I never see black women get mad when white boys and even white chicks get on stage and start doing their impression of sisters and it always insinuate that black women are ghetto, loud, rude, shallow uneducated, materialstic and uneducated and everytime you see the crowd they are cracking up. To be honest, that shit pisses me off, hate seeing that. Why is it a ok for people that are not of our culture to joke about us as a people or a group but it’s a violation If we do it to ourselves. I think WE have the right to joke about US, because who knows us better than us.

            This is another example of how we have been brainwashed to hate eachother as black men and women. We are on edge and ready to attack eachother and take offense to everything when it comes to eachother. Why don’t white women find it disrespectful when a white comedian talks about white women, while having a white wife. We are the only people who go through this.

            • Thank you 11:04 and 11:23. We just need to stop and think. No matter how we feel, collectively we are all we have. Man I love my people, flaws and all. Every group has issues, we need to realize this, and stop thinking that something that we don’t know about is better than what we do know about. The green grass statement applies to more than just relationships.

  1. Not Funny! These Jiving Hip Shaking Coons Are Crusty As Hell, DL You Had Your Time Back In The 90’s, We’re Are In 2014 Soon 2015
    Just Retire And Shout The Fuck Up. Hoped You Got Some Money Saved Up Or Investments

    Because You Ain’t Making Money Anymore!!!

    • DL has his own radio show that is doing quite well. Never been a huge fan of his but I do tune in because he is actually a smart brother and occasionally funny. Just because some people are not on TV anymore doesn’t mean they aren’t supplementing their income in other ways.

      • I imagine he does comedy clubs as well.
        With a daughter in Smith College at 50K per year, he has to be working his ass off.

        • True. Worse than the race wars here at hsk are the gender wars. Women root for strippers and whores on bullshit reality shows but say f*ck a stand up comic who breaks into both Hollywood and network tv. He’s a good guy who has hosted award shows and generally made a way for his black wife and kids but niggas aint happy. We are a fickle bunch.

          • Amen. At times it seems like nothing pleases us, we never seem to root for our own. And that isn’t healthy our normal.

            • The two most overworked words in our hood are sellout and coon. Apparently it’s any black who does it different than you think it should be done. No one white is holding cruise or Pitt or hanks to the impossible give back to their community standards we do. All Hispanics root for George lopez and that fluffy comic no matter how unfunny they are. We worried about who they date, what roles they accept, who their love interest is in a damn MOVIE, critique every joke, every outfit Goddamn it’s sumptin wrong here people. Our stars couldn’t eat if they wanted on our approval

            • Anonymous 11:42 I almost had to stop coming to this site after 3 years of regular posting because I just couldn’t bear all the beating up on our own with the “coon” and “sell out” tags.
              It gives me hope to know at least someone else sees it for what it is. Like you said, other ethnicities support their own come hell or high water. ***sigh***

            • Hating on total strangers makes some people feel better about themselves and detracts from their own perpetual failures. It’s really easy to a do so anonymously over the Internet.

              I’m not a DL fan. But he has made a solid career for himself and has been a decent citizen.

    • Why the f*ck do you type in all caps? That is stupid as hell. Are you mad? DL is still relevant. Just because you can’t comprehend his logic or watch anything that is not fake reality tv, doesn’t mean he hasn’t worked since the 90’s. He has written books, had a radio show, just did an HBO special, does comedy clubs, etc.

  2. AND HE RIGHT!!! THAT WAS SOME BULLSHIT!! The family should sue, I would because that was not a good movie at all! It jump from scene to scene to quickly and who the hell choose the characters? They should be fired,that person who played Missy sense when Missy look like that? Tim character was wack Rkelly character was wack THE WHOLE FUCK’EN MOVIE WAS WACK AS FUCK! I WOULD SUE HERE ASS FOR THAT SHAME OF WHAT SHE THOUGHT WAS PRODUCEING!who the hell let wendall produce a movie? It was terrible, I know Aaliyah have to wanna jump out her grave and smack the shit outa her, this was a disgrace to Aaliyah’s memory R.I.P they should sue that was a f*cked up movie, it was worse than soul plane. Tell wendall to stick to what he knows, gossiping about other people business, not acting cause he can’t act either or producing any kind of movie because you can’t produce either. Why, who, what, when,where did yall let him/her produce a movie? It was GARBAGE!

    • Truth ontopofthangs but HSK of all the celebrities who had an opinion on the Aaliyah movie , you picked Coonish D.L. Highly. Timbaland just released his review on the Aaliyah biopic on YouTube you guys could have used his video. Anyway the movie was horrible. From the acting horrible, singing was mediocre, and dancing was horrible, the cast was just wrong. Black Twitter already went in on lifetime for their upcoming biopic. Lol!

      • I wonder if it would have been any better with Z as Aaliyah? Black Twitter got her fired from the gig.

        Wendy was the executive producer not the producer.
        There is a HUGE difference. Exec. producing is almost an honorary position-a figurehead if you will. All she did was give some opinions to the real production crew.

        • The executive producer controls the creative content a well as most of the financial responsibilities. If the movies or tv show is successful they get rich, of not they take one on the chin. She called the shots on this one.

          • Actually the duties of an Exec Prod change with the medium. In tv the EP is king. In theatrical releases it’s a figurehead title given to deal makers and screenwriters in addition to real financiers. In TV movies who knows. They are usually bullshit. Wendell prob called a lot of shots.

        • She is 1/5 executive producer I thought? She probably didnt have as much pull as assumed. Not like she is Aaron Spelling.

      • I forgot about DL’s comments just that quick. I never liked his corny ass anyway but thanks for reminding me.

  3. That was my opinion and it still stands the movie was GARBAGE! Who ever produced it wendall or whoever it was garbage! If d.l wouldn’t have said nothen I would still say it wasn’t good at all

  4. the truth is aailyah family her brother and mother don’t rights to any of her music and or likeness barry hankerson owns aaiiyah shit her mother and brother have been blackballed by the industry. they know aailyah death was a set up they were getting paid to be quiet. even if they tried to sue it won’t make it to court trust that

    • Oh just stop with that stupid “sacrifice” meme. Of all the celebrity sacrifice theories, this one is the most absurd. We KNOW why she died and it wasn’t a plot devised by Dame or Jigga or the man in the moon. Her death was so tragic because it DIDN’T HAVE TO HAPPEN. That’s hard for some to accept, but it is the truth. She died because of celebrity hubris. She and her team felt they knew what was best, and the laws of aeronautical science said otherwise.

  5. Glad I don’t have cable cause the prices are too fugged up and the quality sucks period. I rather look @ the wall then watch tv these days as nothing is real.

      • Ikr save thousands a year I had cable about a year in the past 7 years. They have downgraded the amount of channels per package while hiking up the price on Comcast n verizon

      • Basic cable should be damnit free instead of $70! Imma fix my problem. Turn in my convertible and internet boxes and get my own boxes and just pay for basic cable and basic internet. Fuck all that extra shit!

  6. Aaliyah’s fam sued for a hefty piece of change. Everyone involved in her death was sued. The family is still devastated, Aaliyah’s father is deceased now and her mom is ill. Rashad is a writer. No one is blackballed.

  7. I can’t stand Down Low Hughley. His whole corny ass set is based on disrespecting the Queen of all Queens, the mothers of the earth the Black Woman. Faggot as punk need to go blow a dcik.

  8. I couldnt find myself to watch all of it because lifetime produces garbage. I did see bits and pieces. Now was Wendy responsible for the casting because the woman playing Missy Elliot didnt look like her. Lol.

  9. I agree the family should sue. All Wendy does is talk bad about people all day. What does she know about producing. They did it for a quick buck. Shame on you!Wendy dont you dare think of producing Tupac’s movie!

  10. The facts that a biopic about a music artist was made WITHOUT their music (Only a cover she did on her first album and another song that was performed at an Awards show), the family had nothing to do with the movie, the acting was apparently shitty (As to be expected), Tim and Missy look like they did AFTER she died, no one in the movie looked anything like the people they were portraying, and fans in the movie were taking pics with camera phones was all I needed to know to not watch that bullshit…Until later maybe for comedy purposes, though the Memes over the weekend served that purpose and then some LOL

    • @Raheim

      Camera Phones Damn!!, Camera Phone Wasn’t Invented Back In 2002. Wendy Should Of Been More Accuracy

  11. Since when did anybody refer to R Kelly as Kellz back in the 90s? Correct me if Im wrong because they didnt start calling him Kellz until a few years back. The movie was trash and Zendaya dodged a bullet.

  12. Its crazy how some keep calling DL out about disrespecting black women. Smdh. Well I hope you call 99℅ of rappers old/new school, black actors, athletes, politicians as well. Oh yeah let’s not forget about the black women on reality TV. Don’t nobody disrespect black women more than they do. Yes this is coming from a black woman. I rather hear DL anyday than to watch RHOA or any of that other foolish shucking and jiving, frying crisco in the scalp bs.

  13. I’ve seen DL shows 3 times and he’s never talked about being in a gang in his monologues when I’ve seen him. He did talk about being henpecked by his mama and even being a bit of a nerd.

  14. LOL i like and agree with everything he said unfortunately Wendell will never produce a birthcertificate bc Wendell is in it way too deep. Wendell is Arsenio Halls relative or there is a stark resemblance that is uncanny. Its funny how he got back on prome after 20yrs. But anyways, they are doing all kinds of demonic things in those labs with all that fiat currency, so who knows whose who in hollyweird anymore.

    • Ikr its ridiculous people still believe in celebrities and the government. I wish I knew a millionaire we could buy a 100 acres make our own city n fuk America n jus pay they lil land tax

  15. I saw two minutes of the Aliyah movie and only bc i was flipping through the channels, and i smh and turned the cable box off. It was mot something even kids should see and it def felt very dark n evil. It was on Lifetime? Huh? I dont watch that brainwashing dumb channel. How in the world can her biop be on there? Anyway idc, i do care that their cancelling 106 ha its about time. They need to cancel the whole thirsty network their at it. Whitey done fkd ish up as usual. They always swear they will get away with imitating us and replacing up with their soulless nonsense smh. It never works. But what works is that many black youth get caught up in it with working parents and are negatively influenced by this nonsense and when someone realizes their child is a “New Black” by then its already too late. Many slip through the cracks and they count on this. If many black men werent so thirsty to sell their own little boys and girls for a come up so they can whore with babylons whores, we would be able to protect them from these dark forces. However, its always blame the woman blame the woman for any and everything if you can get away with it. Theres no accountability bc they want to be like white men that on a grand scale in currently
    a world rule and destroyed by them, no accountability. There was a Black Devil before there was a White Devil. Don’t be fooled.


  17. It was horrid. Especially the part where R Kelly was whining on the staircase and saying that they “had to wait a few years…” C’mon! The confrontation between her parents and R Kelly was so contrived, you could tell none of the actors involved were really feeling it.. They were showing ads for their Whitney bio too—the mind boggles. I hate even thinking about what Whitney’s life was really like, I sure as f don’t need the visual aids. Even the commercial made me cringe.
    I wish Lifetime would go back to their original format–when it was medical television. Just like TLC used to be The Learning Channel and showed nothing but telecourses.
    Aw hell.
    I just gave away my age there, didn’t I? 🙂

    • Ahh, I remember those days well! I remember when A&E actually was about arts and entertainment, so don’t feel bad!!

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